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Create A 3d Sphere Logo Adobe Illustrator Easy Tutorial


This is Laurie. A target design’s dossier in today’s tutorial. I’m going to be showing you how to create this very simple sphere logo using Adobe Illustrator, So let’s open up a new document and we’ll get started, so let’s go to. Let’s go to the square’s tool. I’m going to show you how to make a symbol because we’ll need that. So I’m just gonna create some stripes. I’ll select this thing and press Ctrl C Ctrl F. And I’ll drag it down. Ctrl C Ctrl F. I’ll drag it down. Let’s select all four of these. I’ll go to the align tab and I will distribute these, so they’re all evenly spaced, select all of them going to shrink them down, using alt and shift, so they’re small, and then I’m going to open up the symbol’s panel, and I’ve already created some stripes, but what you do Is you drag it in here and drop it now, maybe? I’ll do it again and we’ll call it right. This stripes too. I don’t know, I’m actually gonna do it, but you just press. Okay, and I’m gonna press cancel and your stripes should be here and you should be able to delete that, so let’s go to the circle’s tool, right, click, find the ellipse tool, pry it press alt and shift and we’ll drag to create a perfectly round circle. Let’s select it, go to the rectangle tool. Click on that, and let’s drag to create a rectangle going exactly halfway through the circle, put the! Select tool, let’s select both objects go to the Pathfinder menu. – the front now with this half circle. I’m actually going to color it. Something greyish and I’ll click OK and we’ll go up to effect 3d revolve, click preview and then click map art so first things. First, let’s go invisible geometry and we’ll click in here and we’ll look for our stripes, so here it is, and let’s scale it up and you’ll see that it’s happening over here. Put it up here, okay. I think I’m gonna move it down. You’ll see. I want a little bit of a space here and a little bit of a space here. And if they could be even that’d be fabulous. OK, it’s looking better looking pretty good so. I’m gonna click OK, And then with this, we’re gonna tilt it till we get an angle that we like that makes sense to us. All right, we’ll go with this one. I’ll click OK, And then with it selected, you’re gonna go to object. Expand appearance and a right-click go to on group right-click on group right-click release clipping mask and click off the graphic. There’s gonna be some extra pieces here that we should. Eventually there’s this one. If you find something like that, delete it. We don’t need that, ok, so lets. Grab the top pieces. This one press shift and it may be difficult to find them for and lets. Change the color! I’m gonna get the eyedropper tool letter. I for eyedropper on top. Will be a lighter pink. Go to the select tool, lets. Select all these gray pieces. I don’t get the eyedropper tool and I’ll select this darker purple color. Okay, so now you see that we have some extra segments here. I’m actually gonna ungroup. This will go object on group. You should be able to select these individually. Okay here! We go press shift to select this light pink piece as well. And if you actually want to keep this, it might work with some really cool shading. Just give it a maybe just a slightly less color than our lighter purple than this, but I’m just gonna merge them Press shift to select both pieces and merge, and that is it, that’s. How easy that is to make that. Let’s let’s learn how to do that so you could see other. Excuse me! I’ve turned the background into a gray color. You can choose whatever gradient you like. These are my pre selection choices. I’m going to go to the circle’s tool circles on the lips tool and I’m going to click and drag to create a perfectly round circle about the size of the graphic lets. Turn the opacity down in half. So we can see underneath what we’re doing, go to the. Select tool. So that’s a pretty good size now. I’m gonna move this over. I’m gonna move it. This way will create the Shred shine on the first layer. Oh, move it about here, and then I’m gonna press shift and I’m going to select the pink object. So the gray circle in the pink object will select that, and then we’ll click on the shape builder tool. Now lets press alt and click and drag through this part of the circle here and right here. Everything else looks good. Okay, so let’s go back to the. Select tool, let’s just select these pieces here. Press shift to select each one and we’ll color it the same color and we’re going to group it so object group back to the select tool. And there’s our showing right there and let’s do the same thing. I should have made two copies of that circle, but that’s okay. We’ll, just make another copy. Alt and shift will drag to create a perfectly round circle. We’ll turn the opacity down in half, so we can see underneath of it, and then let’s make sure that it’s about the same size that looks pretty good and we’ll drag it over the opposite way here. Make sure we have this. This circle selected and then press shift and we’ll select the gray object underneath and again we’ll go to the shape builder tool and well press alt and we’ll drag through this portion of the circle and up here. Let’s drag through here carefully, so let’s click off the graphic. Let’s select just these new pieces that we created press shift and select them and will group them object group and lets. Change the color to something we will recognize click. OK, and let’s drop it down. Using Ctrl + Left Parentheses control one -. Okay, so no three, four five. Okay, click off the graphic, and now you see that it’s dropped below, so let’s select all our pieces again and lets color them appropriately. Lets press the eyedropper tool. I for eyedropper right there. Drag through. And there is our little bit of a shadow here now. If you want to take it one step further, you can go to the transparency. Sorry, not the transparency the appearance panel. Let’s go to the opacity and let’s click on multiply and then let’s go back to the gradients and let’s switch the direction. See how that looks okay, so that it’s a little bit lighter there on this side, a little more subtle, so anyway, that’s the end of the tutorial. If you liked the tutorial, please like subscribe, find me on Facebook to get updates on new tutorials and as always thank you for watching you.