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Striped 3d Shapes Tutorial | Adobe Illustrator


That’s become captured. Tell me what’s happening. Wish them! I wrapped in a rafter well. Hey, guys, so in this video we’re going to be using the 3d tool within Adobe Illustrator to create these 3d should right shapes so one we’re going to work on is going to be a sphere or like a globe, sort of shape and the other shape is going to be more like a donut sort of shape and very quickly before we get into the video. I just want to remind you to go and check out my new font. Mono line script. There’ll be a link to that in the description down below and yeah, let’s get into the video, Okay, So first you want to make a document and this one is just 2000 by 2006 as a square and what first going to do is come over to these shapes and make sure we have the rectangle tool selected, and I’m going to create a fairly sharp rectangle, You know, take the filler and then replace it, so it’s black and let me just zoom into this a little bit. Make it a tad smaller and all. I’m going to do from here is holding alt and shift. It’s a quick and drag, and you’ll see that it now a duplicate. And then we need to do is just hit command. B numerous times. So I’m going to will hold it down, so we get quite a few differently. Now there we go just delete maybe one or two of these. Okay, so now that you have this, you’re going to come up to window at the top and where it says symbols, you’re just going to click this if you’ve not already got it open in your tabs over on the right which I didn’t so once you have these symbols tab open challenge can’t make any bigger. So are you going to do is highlight these all of these and just simply click and drag into the symbol sets up. I’m and just hit, OK, And now we can just move this off the document while we work on the actual shape so first, we’ll do the donut shape and to do this, Are you going to do is come over to your shape tool. Come down to the ellipse tool. Whoops, someone how did that just select the ellipse tool and then holding shift and all we can create from the center rather than it just coming out from one side, so it’s going to create a circle this size and just going to make a lighter color just so we can see what we’re doing with the lines that we made so with this shape selected all you’re going to do is go up to in effect 3d and then revolve and once this dialog box is open, You’re just going to hit preview and I can see it kind of on, like a doughnut shape with the hole in the middle is not really visible so to get that more visible. We’re going to turn this shape, so you can do it. All you can do is just click and drag on either side and it just the angle of this, and then where it says offset down here, this will actually adjust the size of the doughnut shape and the hole in the center. So if you bring this up -, you want to have a fairly decent sized hole in the middle. You don’t want to be really tight like that. Why is it look a bit silly? So just drop this down to reasonable size that looks alright and one bit more of an angle, so maybe like that. It’s fine to me, and then you going to come over to map arts, which is at the bottom here, hit that, and then come up to where it sits symbol, and then you’ll be able to see that your new symbol, which you added a minute goal B at the bottom just under new symbol. So I’m just going to hit that, And now you can see it sort of tries to fill this area so rather than just stretching it all. I’m gonna do is hit scale to fit, and now you can see it. It kind of fills this, but what you can notice is here. It kind of joins two of them together so all. I’m going to do is just drag this out a little bit about there. And now you can see that fixes that’s now. The spacing between all of these is now completely, even and then what you’re going to do is where it says invisible geometry at the bottom. Make sure you have this tick, and I can see it gets rid of the actual donut shape and leaves you with just the lines. So once you’re done, that’ll hit. Okay, hit OK again and then once you’re left with this going to come to object, expand appearance and then you just going to right. Click on group, right, click again on group. Right, click again. Release clipping mask. Now you can deselect it and all you’re going to do is click on the back piece, so it’s quite hard to see what you’re doing, but see all that the thin one here is like the back. That’s what you’re going to click on, and you’ll see it’s much like a nice chunk of them and you just hit backspace and delete up again with these bits. You’re not going to need for that, so delete that and these little parts here. You can need those sort of leave those, and I know at first. It looks a bit confusing because it’s like which part do actually delete. But once you delete one or two pieces, your stat, you’ll just start to see what you actually have to get rid of. So now you’re left with this cool shape, so you can just keep this black and white. If you want and it’s so let me just group up, so as you can see, you’ve got all these random sort of lines on the inside. And if you look at the bottom here, you can’t just select the color. So if I tried to fill that, it simply does this, and obviously that’s not what you want, so from here all we’re going to do is come in, and if you have, it all highlighted, see all these lines where it kind of goes over everything you need to click onto these and then release them from the compound path. Then you can delete that shape so. I’ll show you what I mean, so if I’m just here where there’s no shape and you come across, you’ll see it actually hits this path. Now you need to so a group. You’ll actually so don’t group it so now you just basically have to click on that, delete it, and then if it’s still there, just click again, delete backspace and again here you can see it, does it? So we delete? So you basically just got a go through and delete all these, and if you wondering where the act you can’t see where they all Are you have to do is just highlight the whole thing and let. Uvs see where these full lines are. It’s like these ones here where it’s like split in half. You can just ignore those it’s blondes or it’s the full line sort of orbit over the top of everything so. I should quit. Do we see what the next one is? So we’ve got some down here. We we stupid chef. Rats, we’ve got a few more. It’s quite a tedious process, but if you want to keep it black and white, then you don’t even have to do this, or you can just select the color before you actually come to this part of it, so it looks like we’ve got everything and the way you can tell if you’ve got it all is if you look at the color palette at the bottom here, you’ll see that it’s now actual course, So now if I just click this, I can make this whole shape. Whatever the colour I want to now. These are actually separate shapes because of the way that it’s made. So sometimes if you come down to the Pathfinder task here and then where it says shape modes and then come to unite, sometimes you depress that it will get rid of all of it and it will just merge it, but sometimes it won’t, and if it doesn’t, all you need to do is come to the shape builder tool here and where the line was like split is simply click and drag like that over the line. Little merge the shapes together, But if you get lucky and it does what system with me then it should be fine and from here. What you can actually do is add a gradient so luckily, because of the way the shape is and these are all being colored separately and not not as one big shape, it actually creates, actually helps with this sort of 3d kind of look, but let me just give you an example of if it was all one shape. And if you wanted this all to be one one solid gradient color. I’ll show you how you can do that, so make sure to duplicate that by holding alt and shift and dragging so now. I’ve got another copy here, and if I want this to be one full shape or and so basically, I have to create a compound pack, so I’m going to hit command eight, and now as you can see, it’s one full shape, so the gradient goes from all the way on this side to the left, so you can see these are two. These are both using the same gradients, but wonder compound passing ones all individual shapes, so you can get different effects from that, and basically, that’s how you create this effect and you can delete the front ones and leave the back shapes, so the be sort of donut would be facing the other direction completely up to you, and there’s a lot you can actually do with this so. I’ll leave that to you guys to explore with that, and now we’re going to go with the sort of globe of echt and to do that. We’re going to have to recreate one of these, so I’m just simply going to let me just show you how to do that with nothing selected. Sorry, holding shift and I’ll just click and drag and that’ll cube, okay, And because it is now a symbol, just going to right-click and break link to symbol, and we should have delete most of these so only want a few remaining and a box on our rack lets. Just have it horizontal this time as well, right, okay, So now you’ve got this shape. We’re just going to drag this into the symbols tab as we’ll hit. OK, drag this over here. So it’s off, become Burris and now we’re going to get the ellipse tool again, create a full circle holding alt and shift and then hitting C on the keyboard will now allow you to cut the shape, so we’re just going to do the top anchor point in the form anchor point, and I hit backspace twice, which will leave you at half a circle now that you have half a circle. I’m just going to put it as a different color, so you can see what we’re doing. And then again point to the top effect 3d revolve and then hit preview. And now you can see, it’s made this sphere sort of shape for you, and from here you’re going to again, Come down to map are and then where it says symbol atop unit come down to your nearest symbol, which was the couple of lines that we made and scale to fit. And now you can hit the invisible geometry and you can see that it kind of creates this 3d globe. Watch it, so you’re going to hit. OK, again, hit OK again and then object expand appearance and then right, click on group one group again and then release clipping much. So now if we clip, you’ll see that you have the top and the bottom, so it basically oclock upside down but copies it themselves, so this one will be on the top and this one will be on the bottom. So what you put out? What you could do really is simply just delete that if you didn’t want it and just keep this or what you can do is make it look 3d so let’s add. Let’s make this a lighter grey color and the drug is back on top. Now you can see it as like, it creates grade like a 3d sort of shape, so that’s so you can create the sort of the globe kind of shape. I mean, you can do it. Diagonally, you can do it horizontally or vertically again with these. You can do the lights of these lines here. You could simply go like this get. Li, what’s it called free transform tool and you could just click and drag with that if you wanted. Oops liked a little bit. Yeah, so you could have it. However, you want really and just repeat the process that we’ve just done to create this. So we just read this lock in here, so yeah. These are basically results that you’re going to get from these two processes in these plenty more things you can do these instead of just having lines going one way you could create like a letter. Zed, for example, Rs. Or Lexi could just do any sort of shape and then apply it to this sort of method, and you’ll get these kind of results, but we’ve got shape, of course, so, yeah, that’s pretty much it guys. I hope this tutorial has helped you. I’m sure that some of the shortcuts and things within the process of creating this might come of help to some people anyway. So, yeah, it’d be interesting to see where you can incorporate this into designs and as always if you decide to post anything on social media using these tutorials and feel free to attack me in a blog to see what the people prayed using my tutorials, always great to see. So, yeah, that’s pretty much it. Thank you so much for watching guys, and I’ll see you soon [Music]!