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Adobe Illustrator Cc 2019 New Features!


Rightio so Adobe Max has finished illustrator. CC 2019 has been updated. There are some new features and we’re going to cover them in this video. Hey, guys, you’re watching Ganske The place to be to develop your creative skills and in this video we’re going to be covering the major updates to Adobe Illustrator. CC 2019 So without further ado, let’s jump into it. So first up, we’re going to look at my favorite new feature freeform gradients so previously in Illustrator, we could select a shape, grab the gradient tool and on the gradient type we get to select linear and it will go from one direction to another, whether it’s horizontally or vertically. We had radial gradient, which goes from the center towards the edge or vice-versa. Now we’ve got freeform gradient a new option where we can click this and you can see, it adds a point and we can move this around. We don’t really see much happening at the moment, so if I just click anywhere to add other points and then what I can do is go to the swatches panel and I can give this a color, so let’s add a few more colors in here. Different shades of blue, and you can see now. This is the cool bit. I can move these around in real time. Super super easy, and I can see how everything changes so this can be used for creating depth to a shape like I’m doing here and making this look more like a round sphere or it can be used for more complex illustrations. I could add another one here and from the color picker, go for a really really light blue just to add like a little bit of a highlight there as well so super super flexible. I can also change the draw type from points to lines and what this enables me to do is click and draw a line and then. Bend that round, so I can them. You can see it’s getting a little bit crazy here. But if I double, click on this point, you get this window pop up and then I can go and adjust the color. I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this. Okay, so we just click off and it gets rid of that so we can double click on these points. I mean, arguably, that looks quite terrible, but you can get an idea of how powerful this could be for doing illustrations, as I say, creating three-dimensional shapes with shadows and highlights, And this is gonna be a lot of fun to play around with. Okay, so the next thing we’re going to look at is global edits. So you can see here. I have lots of happy little faces and we have this chap up here. This orange one is repeated multiple times now. This could be a document that you’ve got where you’ve got lots of instances of the same thing, but you didn’t create it as a symbol or something like that, and you want to update every instance of that object throughout the entire document now? There is a quick and easy way to do that, so what? I’m going to do is select every instance of the object that I want to update. So we have this little orange face here. I want to change the orange to a purple, so I’ve selected the Orange Square now from the property inspector on the right. I’ve got a drop down here next to the global edit option and I can specify it the preferences, so I want to match every other instance of this object that has the same appearance and the same size, so I’ve checked these boxes. And if I click start global edit, you can see. It highlights every other instance of this object that matches the same appearance and the size, So now what I can do is I can double Click the color picker or go to the swatches panel and we’ll pick that purple. I was after click OK and boom. There we go. We’ve updated it, so lets. Try something else. I’ll click the mouth now and click start global. Edit again. You can see. It selects every other instance of this and we can just go to the direct selection tool and I’ll just click and hit delete or backspace on these parts of the mouth and you can see. It removes the tongue from the mouth on every other instance of that shape, another way to come out of global edit mode is you can just click this to start and if you just click anywhere else on the workspace or select another object, it will bring you out of that global editing mode. Okay, so next up, we’ve got toolbar customization. Okay, so you can see. I’ve got a new document here, and I’m using a very streamlined set of tools from this dotted icon at the bottom. We can expand this out, and we have all of the tools that would go in the toolbar in Illustrator and from the menu icon at the top you could select advanced, which would pack all of those tools into the toolbar here, but because we’re using basic, we’ve got a lot of tools that aren’t actually included, so I’m going to go through and grab some tools here and you can see. I can add these either with other tools and group them together or I can add them in-between so I can go and add whole bunch of tools here. The tools that I use most often. Let’s just add these in between. I could maybe group a few of these together and you can see if I long press and hold, it’s grouped all of these together, so you can customize this part of your workspace over here. If you want from the window menu. But you can also now fully customize your tool bar on the left as well, so that’s pretty awesome, and you’ve got some other options down here as well, so you can hide and show certain elements if you’d like to keep your tool bar super super clean or as I say, you can go up to the menu icon and just check advanced and it brings all of these tools back in the most advanced form, or you can create new toolbars so you could create a new custom toolbar and then you can manage those toolbars and easily switch between them. So if you do use illustrator a lot, then it’s probably worth taking the time to set up your own toolbar. So you’ve got all of the tools that you use all the time right there. Ready to go, okay, next up. We’ve got fonts integration, so I’ve typed some text here with the type tool. Then we can select this and from the character panel on the right you can click the drop-down and you can preview all of these in real time. We can also change the text as well. We’ve got the good old. The quick Brown fox jumps over the lazy dog and we can preview this here. We can adjust the preview size as well as clicking these filters, and we can filter fonts directly in illustrator, the same as you can on Typekit, which is now called Adobe Fonts and we could filter out and it just makes it so much easier for us to find the exact font looking for and just a side note to let you know that. Adobe Typekit is now called Adobe Fonts, which kind of makes sense and there’s over 14,000 fonts that you get for free if you’re a Creative Cloud subscription member person. So yeah, that’s pretty cool, okay, so next up, we’ve got trim view. This is something that I’ve wanted forever Absolutely love this feature. If you’re doing something like design for print in Illustrator, for example, you can see that. I’ve got these giant triangles here and these extend outside of the trim. Line the trim line. Is this black line around the edge? Here this is the edge of the artwork, and I’ve allowed this kind of space around the edge before bleed. Because, of course you could add an export bleed in Illustrator, but there’s never been a quick way to preview. How your design looks without that bleed. Well, now we can just go up to view down to trim view. And voila, so you can see. This is still here still selectable. But everything that is outside of the artboard is hidden. I absolutely love this feature. This is super cool, so yeah, well is on. Adobe for adding this. Okay, so there’s just a few more changes. I’m gonna go over now. These are slightly smaller changes but worth mentioning nonetheless, so if I go up to illustrator down to preferences and select user interface if you’re on a Windows machine, go up to edit and down to preferences there and you can see here. We have the user interface tab and we can now adjust the scaling of our. Ui, we’ve got the slider here. So we can change the size of the UI specifically for illustrator, as well as scale the cursor proportionately. Something else we can also do is we have a presentation mode, so if you are designing slides in Illustrator, for example, you can go to view down to presentation mode, and this hides all the tools, the clutter and everything, so you can present your slides and then simply press escape on the keyboard to come back out and the last two things. I’m going to mention are the added external GPU support for anyone using illustrator on Mac OS. I think that’s 10.13 or later. And also there’s over 30 performance enhancements. This is like under the hood stuff just to make illustrate it a bit more, snappy, responsive, quick and just. Oh, we’re all perform better. So yeah, that’s cool and there we go that wraps up the video covering the newest features for illustrator. CC 2019 I will add a link in the video description to the original blog post. If you like to check out the features for yourself in a bit more detail, let me know. What are your favorite features from the new version of illustrator? But as always liked this video? If you enjoyed it, take care and. I’ll see you next time [Music]!