Adobe Illustrator Not Responding | Adobe Illustrator Not Responding When Working With Vector Patterns – How To Prevent!


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Adobe Illustrator Not Responding When Working With Vector Patterns - How To Prevent!


Adobe Illustrator froze. In this video, I’m going to tell you how I as a repeat pattern designer, especially working in Adobe Illustrator, creating Vector repeat patterns designs deal with a common issue that happens, especially when we are just stating out in designing in Vector Adobe Illustrator Software. Why illustrator freezes for vector designers and what to do about it – [Instructor]. Please note that this is only one of the reasons why Adobe Illustrator can freeze not respond or work slowly. So there may be other reasons, but this one is a very common one. So have you been creating a vector repeat pattern? For example, like this one that I created And all of a sudden, you create a swatch with it. Here is a swatche’s panel and here is a Swatch, your pattern Swatch! And here, the solid color over here next to it And all of a sudden, your Adobe Illustrator stopped responding or started. Acting very slowly started working very slowly. There is this colorful wheel on the Mac happening So. You don’t know what to do; you. Panic, you’re not sure what’s going on. I will help you in this video. So this is a very common problem for vector repeat pattern designers. As they are creating their repeat pattern tile And this is a tile. And this is a tile. And this is a swatch right here in the swatches panel. Just so you know if you are new to to creating. And what happens is to create this kind of Swatch. You need to crop your tile or there are other ways to do. It not covered in this video, particularly. But let’s say you can crop it. Make an exact repeat pattern design. Let’s assume that you already know how to do it for this video. And then you drag it and drop it into the swatches panel. See, there is one more appeared right here. But what happens is that when you drag and drop, this stays selected. Like so So accidentally. Then you want to test this Swatch and so what you do is you click? I will not click. Because I don’t want my computer to start freezing while I film this video But. If you have this selected, this is deselected. This is selected. And then you click on a Swatch. Let’s say I click on this color because then it won’t freeze. See it colored everything. So now it colored I will undo. But if you click on the Swatch this, every tiny detail in the pattern will start filling independently of each other with this pattern, So it will start freezing your Adobe Illustrator, Especially on slower machines, slower computers. So this is one of the main reasons why Adobe Illustrator starts freezing. Especially if this pattern is even more complex than this one and very complex. So this is basically why it’s happening. I just wanted to show you guys What’s going on, so, you know, and this same problem can happen if you are not a pattern designer, but you have swatches in here, and then you’re working on an illustration complex design. And then you accidentally want to color something. You select your illustration and then click on the swatches and accidentally click on the pattern. This same problem can appear. So illustrator starts usually working very, very slowly thinking for a long time, freezing or crashing. So that happens. This is common. And in this video, I wanted to show you how to avoid this problem of Adobe Illustrator becoming too slow, So the first thing is avoid clicking on and swatches consciously while you haven’t checked if you have anything selected. So if you want to create a simple shape, let’s say a rectangle like so filled with solid color and then click on a pattern. You see, it fills no problem. There is no lag and no freezing, but a complex illustration will start filling. All these tiny details with this pattern will create a problem. So avoid doing that. It number one tip for me. Just learn not to do it. Especially as a pattern designer. It happens a lot because you’re already working with these complex patterns like that. If this already happened to you, the second tip is;. If this is going on right now, Adobe Illustrator is working slowly. I recommend going into Adobe Illustrator Icon over here and pressing down the right mouse button and then option + Alt and then force quit. I do recommend doing the force. Quit too often, but if it’s really not stopping or freezing everything for too long. This is the option for how to stop the problem with Adobe Illustrator and restart. The only thing that you need to have your files saved, of course. And it is important to do so for your work. So get in the habit of saving your file correctly. And saving the progress of your work Next another way. If your file is not super super textured and complex. Let’s say this level as I have right here. What you can do is you can just wait if you have a chance. You can wait until your Adobe Illustrator processes this request to fill everything with the pattern and then it will stop freezing all of a sudden and hit Command + Z. Undo basically to go back to this version And then save, of course. Make sure that everything is saved. So two options Force quit Adobe Illustrator and start over from the saved file or, of course. Just wait patiently until it processes this request. Alright, you got it to work. I am so happy! And please remember to save your designs and progress every time because you don’t want to lose those amazing designs. Don’t we? Alright Now that you know how to prevent the bug of Adobe Illustrator Freezing from happening, especially when you’re working on repeat pattern designs. I am so excited for you and I hope it will save you lots of time and frustration in the future. If you want to create more repeat pattern designs now that you have more time. I have an amazing trick for you. In my free workbook that download by clicking the link in the description box below. And in that workbook, you will know how to take one pattern that you just created and turn it into 15 more patterns. Does it sound awesome? Yes, it does. This is how I grew my vector Repeat pattern portfolio to ten thousand patterns in a few years. And it has definitely been super super helpful for me and for my students. I hope it will be helpful for you too. If you like this video, please give me a like by hitting that like button. Subscribe to stay tuned to the Pattern Vibe, and, of course, share with your friends. Because the more the merrier. Enjoy your day and I will see you in my next video. Grow love and create Bye.