Adobe Illustrator Perspective Grid | How To Use The Perspective Grid Tool In Adobe Illustrator – Part 2


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How To Use The Perspective Grid Tool In Adobe Illustrator - Part 2


Hello, today! I’m going to show you how to draw shapes directly on to the perspective. Great Plains to activate the perspective grid ever selected from the toolbar panel or press the shift and P keys on your keyboard. I’m going to modify my grid by increasing its cell size and I will turn the visibility of the horizontal grid to solid, so you can better see what we are doing. Notice that the left plane is presently selected in order to draw objects and directly onto the grid plane or move them in perspective, We need to activate the perspective selection tool to do that. Press the shift and V keys on your keyboard or select it from the toolbar panel. It is hidden under the perspective grid tool now over left. Blue Grid is active. You can notice the world on or intersect when I hover my cursor over the blue gridlines. Let’s change the field to pink and get rid of the stroke to draw an object onto the grid. First, make sure the perspective selection tool is active and then select any of these preset shapes. I’m going to choose a rectangle now. Hover over one of the blue intersections, click, hold and drag. Let’s say we want to move this rectangle in perspective to the vet. Make sure your perspective selection tool is active. Don’t mistake. The perspective selection tool with the regular selection tool. What’s the difference when I try to move this object By using the regular selection tool, the size of the rectangle will remain the same, And that’s not what we want. Let’s undo it to move objects in perspective. Make sure the perspective selection tool is active, and now as we move the rectangle along the great plane, it will keep its perspective proportions. Let’s delete it in the next several steps. We’ll create these blocks. I’m going to change the fill to dark gray. First, make sure your perspective selection tool is still active. The left brain is still selected and like before. Select the rectangle tool now click on this intersection and draw a rectangle That is four squares long and one squirtle. Next, let’s draw the same size rectangle on the right plane to the vet. Make sure the right plane is selected. We can activate the right plane either by pressing the number 3 on your keyboard or selecting the orange grid from the plane switching widget now with the rectangle toaster selected, draw the same sized rectangle, Let’s change. It’s fare to a different color. Next well. Draw a top part of our box to the vet. We need to activate the horizontal plane. You can either press V Number 2 on your keyboard or click on the green color red grid from the plane switching widget and now click on this anchor point hold and drag it to the opposite anchor point. Let’s change the third to light Gray Next. We’ll draw another box above the existing one first switch to the left plane. Make sure the rectangle tool is still selected and draw the same size rectangle. Starting at this intersection, let’s change its sphere to black now. Switch to the right plane and draw another rectangle and give it a different color if you would like to change the black color of the top rectangle to match the gray color from the bottom rectangle, first switch to the perspective selection tool and then click on the black color now, using the eyedropper tool, click on the bottom rectangle to get the same color sample and finally we’ll draw the last box instead of selecting the rectangle tool again and drawing a new rectangle, you can click on the existing rectangle and while pressing down the Alt key drag it up to make a copy. Next we need to draw a rectangle on the right plane. You could switch to the right plane and copy and paste. The green rectangle like we did before, or there is another way you can do it. With the left plane still active and the tab rectangle still selected, Click on it, hold and drag towards the right plane, still not wearing of your mouse press the number 3 on your keyboard to switch to the right plane now position the rectangle over a desired area and holding down the Alt key. Make a copy. Let’s change the fill to a different color, and finally we need to draw a button portion of our box first switch to the horizontal plane, then select the rectangle tool and draw a bottom part. Now apply the same light, great color like we use for the bottom rectangle. Thanks for watching bye bye.