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The Best Adobe Illustrator Plugin!? *mind Blown*


Are these the most powerful plugins that you can get for a deeper illustrator? We’re gonna find out in today’s video with a 14-day free trial. And I’m gonna test run some of those plugins right here. So astute graphics apparently do have some of the best or quality Plugins illustrator and the entire bundle of 18 plugins is $119 however, there is a 14-day free trial And I’m gonna download them all right now and try out three plugins to really test the quality and the reliability of them are. They’re gonna be worth that price tag. I, of course, would try all of the 18 plugins on video, but that would end up taking a long time and probably about a week’s worth of editing. So once you commit to the downloads, You’re gonna see this widget up here where you can install all of the plugins one by one. Do make sure that you’re not currently running and illustrator, and then you can go ahead and install the plugins promise New graphics now. If you want to learn more about specific plugin, you can click the learn more tab, and then you’ll be directed to your browser about that specific plug-in. But, hey, let’s waste no more time and let’s test drive as some of these plugins this first one is called. Auto Saviour now! This is going to be a really quick plug-in to talk about because it just all to saves your work, or it reminds you to save your work. You can open up the window. Here and the options are presented before you. You can set the time to autosave, so maybe 5 minutes 10 minutes, or you can just set a reminder to save your work. And, of course there’s a backup option, too. Now this feature. I think is great because it happen times. I have regretted not saving my work, and I think most of us can relate to that now. I know a lot of you. Love hearing or seeing plug-ins that are based around color in a dear illustrator. Well, this Plug-in is probably one of the best examples of controlling color in Adobe Illustrator. Now I have a needs illustration on screen and let’s use it to explore this a color plug-in. You will notice that it does a lot of things you would expect to see in. Photoshop, but in real time and on vector say, for example, here we have the brightness and contrast sliders, and if you want to return them back to the default settings, we can just click the X to the right of the sliders and below that we have a hue saturation and lightness slider, and I think I’m going to try and make a really zany Complementary color, design of purples and yellows so again, like in Photoshop, we have the exposure setting here and then below that a temperature adjustment slider. Now you can really have a lot of fun with these sliders and also even a color overlay option. So if I wanted to overlay a blue color, I could do that and then slide to extent I would want that blue overlay to have an impact and then further down, we have an invert option and also a desaturate option again. You probably do see similarities to Photoshop here, and at the very bottom are settings relating to printing and over print, and that’s basically to do with when two different colors meet on a printing design you can, of course, look into that yourself about over printing stuff, but we’re not done yet with this color plug-in, and, of course, everything we have just done can be applied to texts fills or even strokes, which is insanely powerful when you think about it. However, one really neat option is the Halftone section of this plugin. You do have a myriad of settings that would allow you to apply halftone effects to your designs in real time. This in of itself is so so cool and in combination with everything else in a single plugin. It’s pretty amazing. I know some of you really dig the zero tone effect. Well, this plug-in can give you that in one easy action with this section here. I also do like Jewett. Hey, myself and being able to apply that to a vector design in real time with all of these settings is pretty awesome and so to finish off this second plug in, we have the curves and the levels, which again is reminiscent of Photoshop and is something you would typically expect to find there, but now you can adjust and play with them on a vector design, so I do have to say that this plugin alone is really eye-opening and there are, of course, sixteen more plugins, including the whole to save function. We looked at earlier, but let’s move on to the third plugin today. Oh, and quickly to the heads up. I’m not sponsored by astute graphics in any way. I just wanted to test drive these plugins today, but the next one is something that’s really, really useful and has a lot of neat features. And I’m pretty sure you’re going to be blown away by it and you can find the Vector First-aid menu right here, and then we can begin to operate on our design now. If you have your design selected and then you click check selection. You will see a rundown of what’s actually going on. Obviously there are too many points and also unnecessary groups among other things and this will make the design more difficult to work on and it’s going to increase my file size. So if I click fix all the plug-in is gonna work on my design. And at the bottom of the panel you can see has worked on three hundred and ninety two point types, but this is just one edition of this plug-in if I click the top left option, which is the super smart point removal, the plug-in will take a few moments to go over my design and remove all unnecessary points and in this case that are whopping two thousand four hundred and seventy one of them again. This is going to help with workflow and file size of my design. So the next option along is going to rejoin any broken paths on my design, and I actually didn’t have any today as you can see displayed again at the bottom of the panel. So when I’m moving into texts and this is possibly one of my favorite parts of this plug-in everything about the text now. If you look closely on my line of texts, there is a blue dot on the left, and this essentially means when I type tanks will be generated from left to right now in the Plug-in, I can change the dots in real time to the middle or to the right, and then, of course, my text will be generated from those points, but there is a lot more You can do with text hidden this plug-in now. I’m sure you’ve had a block of text like this, and you’ve probably wanted to break it into two lines. Well, this plug-in can do that with just one. Click not only that, but you can break the text into words and also glyphs as well, so let’s take a step further with texts like before. Let’s break up this group into two different lines and then move them into a different order. We can then actually come up to the top and unite them back into one line of text now. How awesome is that? So let’s take this text and then outline it basically rendering any edits to the wording itself as a font impossible. Now with this plug-in, we can select the outline text and then instantly revert it back to an editable font from a vector shape truly outstanding. So as I said, I’m not gonna test every single plugin because that would take so much of my time. I simply don’t have that time to do it, but from just applying this in today’s video. How do you think that this bundle is worth the hundred nineteen dollars? And of course, you guys can test it out for yourself with that 14-day free trial, and you don’t need a credit card or a debit card to actually access that free trial, But let me know what you thought of today’s video, and also, of course, which of the plugins was your favorite check back in to my channel every single week for graphic design content and, of course, click on the videos linked on screen until next time. Guy’s design your future today, peace. [music] you!