Age Progression Photoshop | Photoshop 2021 New Feature -neural Filter-facial Age

Miguel Campos

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Photoshop 2021 New Feature -neural Filter-facial Age


Hi, everyone, welcome back for another tutorial. In this tutorial? I want to show you Another cool feature in Photoshop 2021 and that’s a filter called neurofilter and there are more than one. So this this time I want to go to beta filters and I want to pick smart portrait, so all I’m going to do is toggle this switch, and now we’ve got all of these so bear in mind one thing when you editing these images, uh, they’ll be edited within the cloud so obviously, depending on your internet speed, it may take a bit longer or not, so we’ve got expression subject, uh, and mask settings, so let’s go to expressions we’ve. I can be happier. This is me! This was taken last year, actually, two years ago. And, uh, let’s go all the way to 50. And see how happy I was because in here. They do look a bit grumpy. Even though I wasn’t grumpy, this was actually a sequence of photos. Me and my son was shooting just for a bit of fun. Just, uh, try to do a test, also for a couple of things. And as you can see, it’s taking your time and there you go look even added teeth to me. Not bad, not bad, but as you can see, it doesn’t look, right. It looks way way way over the top, so let’s go now to -50 so now from happy to unhappy. Okay, still see, you still can see that it’s me, but it doesn’t look right So like everything else in Photoshop. If you go too far, it’s too far, so let’s see now minus 20. See, it looks a bit more natural. Let’s go to plus 12 let’s say 12 and yeah, it’s not too bad that I I don’t like it, but it’s not too bad, so let’s let’s see the surprise, so let’s go all the way to 50. Again and see if I get surprised and look, look at this, there looks. This looks really awful. Let’s go to -50 now and see what that’s cool. I wouldn’t go for this, but, hey, it’s quite cool, so let’s say five on surprise. You can add a bit more expression to the person’s face and let’s see anger 50. Like I said, when you go over the top, you go over the top and this looks. Yeah, don’t look angry, but it doesn’t look, right. This is this is not one of those features that will be super useful. Uh, as a photographer, but you can have some fun and, uh, and sometimes it’s nice to just play around with tools and you might come up with something really special, you know, like, let’s see now the subject and facial age. So let’s see how old I can get. Yeah, but what if you’re doing something about that? Okay, then this is cool, and I’m going to leave it as it is, and I’m going to click, okay, Yeah, and the thing is the beauty of this. It’s actually on a separate layer as it is. So now if I want to mask something, let’s say my neck doesn’t look right so I can just come here. Let’s just bring down size of a brush and I could just try to bring it, so it looks a bit better. Now, you know, and, hey, if in 50. Years, I might look like this. I’m a happy man, so lets. Try another photo so in this case now. This photo here is me like I said it was a sequence of photos. We took like about 100 or something, so filter neural filters. Uh, and now I’m going to smart portrait. Go again and let’s see air thickness. Let’s see how it will look so it should just focus on the hair, and he’s still thinking still thinking. Yeah, yeah, definitely thicker, but I’ve got thick hair already. It doesn’t work, but let’s try something something here, so on facial age before I went to 50. So and like I said, done in Photoshop, whatever you do when it if you go over the top, it’s over the top. So in this case, what I want to do is actually go to minus 50. Let’s see look at that young Miguel here. Actually, it’s quite cool. I’m going to click okay, and, uh, okay, then you can tell it’s me that there’s a always a bit. Yeah, it looks cool. Didn’t change much my expressions or nothing. The beard, but before my beard in my hair was actually black, and I still have some grays here That can be fixed in Photoshop, obviously, but it’s quite quite a bit of fun like I said, just for be a fun. It’s quite cool, so let’s see about this photo. What can do with this photo? So I’m going to filter neural filters and just like before I’m going to smart portrait and let’s see light direction, so basically, light direction is it will emulate, um, direction of the light, so if going from one side or the other, so I’m going to go for this side. This all resonation should be fine, and I’ve got good Internet and it’s connected via ethernet cable and still taking your time so and see so got this. The this is as it was and in here, so the light is coming this way from left to right. So now if we go to the other side, it’s 250 it’s the opposite, and it’s not bad, it’s not bad. I think this will be very helpful. If you’re doing some compositing work. I think it will be quite cool to do it. So now let’s see something, so let’s bring facial AIDS. Let’s make me -10 just a bit younger, not too much. Just make my hair a bit thicker and what direction Olivia’s it is and lets. Make me be happy, so let’s go four three four. Something like that and see and let’s go okay and see the before and after actually, it’s it’s not a bad result. I think this is a great feature that you can start. If you want to have just a bit of fun and like for a comic sort of thing, a cartoon effect. I think it will work because as you can see, you can tell it’s me but to be over the top but to be fair to be fair to Adobe. This is this very cool. This is very cool and let’s see now. I took this photo a couple years ago. And, uh, this was grumpy, Santa. So let’s see if I can make grumpy Santa a bit happier, so smart portrait, and let’s make it fifty percent straight away. Fifty on, be happy, let’s see. If I if center gets happier, I think, uh. I think it to do a decent job. Hopefully there you go and yeah, like I said over the top. I’m going to just click OK for the sake of it. Yeah, one thing is. If you go to edit and do neural state, you can see that, uh, right here. My mustache, it was actually dodging burn, and you can see my expression I should have. I should have just got rid of the layer, so let’s go again. Happy 50. Yeah, that didn’t burn all of these I. It was one of those portraits just for fun. It was a self-portrait just for fun, and you see that there isn’t much detail because I actually don’t because my beard isn’t this white, or shall I see this gray? So let’s go and click. Okay, so like I was saying so as you can see, it’s quite soft in here, and it’s it’s down to the dodging and butting plus. This is a low res. Uh, file because I couldn’t be bothered to go and get my hard drive to where this The full resolution file is. So I just went on Facebook and downloaded my own image, but as you can see, change the expression really nicely. It’s it’s it tries, really, so let’s I’m going to just create a new layer and make just so it tries in here to compensate in here and in here, the expression, and you also see that the frames doesn’t look, right. The biggest problem now is I can. If you drop the opacity, you see the overlapping. You see what’s happening? You see the overlapping, so whenever you’re doing any filter? I always advise to right. Click, so lets. Unlock this, right, right, Click convert smart object or filter convert for smart filter. Because this way, so I’m going to neurofilter and I’m going to make grumpy center Happy again and I’m going once. It’s done, I’m going to, okay. It should any second now. Let’s see, click OK and you can see. Even the teeth are not straight, so the beauty of, uh, doing as a smart filter is because you double click. New filters opens again and you can come here and actually drop it. Let’s say nine. I’ll click OK and well, it will update, so that’s that’s a great tip when you’re using filters, always do a smart filter because it works best. Well, that’s the same thing, but basically, if you need to edit something, you can go back to the filter, so just just as an example, I’ll go filter blur Gaussian blur, just for the sake of it, I’ll click, OK? Whoops, I made it mistake, so I double Click on Gaussian Blur again and it will open the window where I can reduce the Gaussian blur to, or I can even drag it to the trash. The gaussian blur. So that’s the beauty of a smart filter. I’ve got. Also, I’ve got a tutorial about this. So if you can take a look at it, it’s think smart thing, smart filter something like that, and this is me, so let’s go to filter neural filter and see what Photoshop sees. Oh, yeah, see something, but not the face. So I think this is it. That’s it for now. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. Just have fun just have fun. I think this is there’s a place there’s a place. Uh, there’s a place out there for this sort of thing, and you can have fun. You know why not Photoshop is not only for work and it’s for fun as well and you can have some cool fun. I actually like this one, so hopefully in 40 years time, I’ll take a photo and share with everyone who’s watching this video and we’ll see? If I look this good. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time. Bye for now!