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Control Curves & Anchor Points In Illustrator


[MUSIC] Hey, guys, your Joukowsky! The place to be to develop your creative skills and in this tutorial, we’re gonna take a look at how we can control curbs with anchor points or in Adobe Illustrator, So without further ado, let’s jump into it. We’re going to be creating this kind of Wiggly line shape thing. This is really cool. I mean, I think so you might not best find, but we’ll jump into Illustrator and I’ll show you how to create it anyway. So now an illustrator you can see. I have a new artboard 1920 by 1080 pixels. And this is what I’m going to be creating in this tutorial now. The purpose of this video is if you’re looking at this shape and thinking, hmm? How did he create that? Then this videos for you? It’s just another look at how we can use anchor points and modify them in the latest version administrator to create shapes like this. Because, of course, there is no tool in Illustrator to create this specific shape, but we can use a particular tool in combination with another feature, modifying anchor points to create this shape, so it’s kind of learning the different tools and how they can complement one another. Anyway, let’s zoom back out first of all. I’m gonna create some swatches, so let’s click on this. Grab the eyedropper tool and well just sample that go to my swatches panel here and just click new Swatch there we go and we’ll sample the orange as well. Then go down to the bottom some pool. Okay, yep, great, and if you don’t see your swatches panel windows swatches, there you go. So those two colors are there so next what I’m going to do is I’m going to hover over the rectangle tool, left-click and hold anger now to the startled just left, Click anywhere on the artboard and I can enter some values. I’m just gonna change the points to 4 4 and click OK. And then what I can do is I can scale this up holding shift. If I don’t hold shift, it will do this and distort out of shape, which I don’t want, so let’s just move that around. I’m positioning it roughly in the center and then we’ll just swap the fill and the stroke and then if I go to the properties panel on the right, I can just bump up the stroke weight. Now if you don’t see stroke or anything while you’re on an older version of Illustrator, you don’t have this properties panel. Just go up to window down to stroke. Here we go and all of these aspects that you see in the latest version. Are there in that window menu at the top? So now we have this four-sided star What I’m going to do is with this selected. I’ve got the main selection tool active. If I then click on the direct selection tool. That’s the lighter one alongside it. I see all of these different little circles, Pop up, see circles here and I can click on these and I can round off the corners. So what I could do is I could round these off something like this, and if I click on them well, what it does is. It continues to round all of the corners off, however, if I hover over one of them and single, click on these little circles with the direct selection tool, you can see it changes color. The outside becomes bolder, and that indicates that just that one is selected, so what I can do now is hold shift and just click on all of these outside ones here, but then leave the other four as they are. So now when I drag out or towards the center, I’m literally just bending these lines, so we could do something like this. I can bend it, maybe bit more inwards, and then I could do the same here, so I could click on these OOP. So if I want to deselect, just click anywhere outside, go back, select with the main selection tool switch to the direct selection tool. And there you go, you see, those points appear so we can select these for holding shift, and then I can go and maybe bend these ones a bit more, so you could create something like that. If you wanted so essentially, once you’ve done this just then select everything by dragging over it. Go to edit copy edit paste in front back or place. It doesn’t matter which one and we’re just going to rotate this. You can free rotate or you could hold shift and it will snap to an increment of 45 degrees, And then what I could do is well. Go in, well, let’s go and double the stroke on this one. So there we go a 40 point stroke slightly different to the example. But, you know, get creative with it. You could even add dashed lines or anything if you want and then what? I’m going to do is just hover over where the star tool is left. Click and hold. It brings up the menu And what I can do is then just draw a rectangle. We’ll swap that fill in that stroke and then with the fill selected here. I can just go over to fill all my swatches panel and just click on that dark brown color and then just go up to object, arrange and center back just so we can actually see what’s underneath it, and then I can delete the example, and there we go we’re done Righty-o. So there we go, That’s a look at how we can get creative with curves and anchor points and essentially combine different tools, select the startle and the direct selection tool. In this example, we combine them together to create a shape that is quite original, and it’s just really an example of how you can create more complex shapes by combining different together so. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you’ve got any questions or comments, you know what to do. Drop those down below, but as always like this video for you either, take care, see you. [MUSIC].