Arrow Illustrator | How To Create Arrows In Adobe Illustrator – The Easy Way!

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How To Create Arrows In Adobe Illustrator - The Easy Way!


[MUSIC] Hello in today’s tutorial. I’m going to walk you through how to create an arrow Three different ways here in Adobe Illustrator. So the first way that I want to show you is by using the Pen tool? So right over here on the left hand side we’re just going to click on that Pen tool. And all you’re going to do, is you click one time and it’s going to bring out this line. And what you can do is if you hold down the shift key, you can move your line in like, 45 degree increments, but we’re not going to necessarily need to have it straight like that. But we’re just going to drag it out as long as we want, and we’re going to click and hold and then we’re going to drag our mouse And when we click and hold and drag our mouse that pulls these handles off of the end of that node and we can make our arrow this line curved or straight or you know? We could even continue it over here if we wanted to keep going and have it be like a really wild, crazy looking arrow. But for this tutorial, I’m just going to keep it in this one line. Now it’s not looking so much like an arrow at this point because we have our Fill on and our Stroke off. So what we need to do Is we need to flip flop Those if I click this little arrow right here thatll. Flip flop, both of those. So now we have a line here, and then I can make my stroke a little bit thicker so that we can see the line. So I’m just going over here. If your Appearance window is not open, you can go to Window and click on Appearance and that will open that little window there. Okay, so now we have the line part of our arrow. Now we’re going to go back to our Pen tool and we’re going to draw the triangle up at the top and I’m just going to click once. Click again. Click and click. So I don’t necessarily have to click, hold and drag. I’m only going to click hold and drag the handles if I want something to be curved. Okay, And then I can keep it as an outline or I can. Flip flop them. Because now I want it to be filled and I want the Stroke to be gone. So that’s my first way to get an arrow. But if I do Control + Y if I were to save this, just like that, it’s only going to cut the line. It’s not going to cut the outline. So let me show you how to fix that. I’m going to select both my line and my triangle that I just drew, and I’m going to go Object Path, Outline Stroke. Now I have a outline on here, but if I go back to. Control + Y I notice it’s still two separate pieces. So what I need to do is I need to select both my line and my triangle go to my Pathfinder tool and Unite both of those. And now I have one smooth arrow on there, okay. So that’s option number one of ways that you can create an arrow here in Adobe Illustrator Option number two is, I’m going to go back to my Pen tool and I’m going to click, and then click again and pull out that handles to create a line. I’m also going to flip flop my Fill and my Stroke. Just like I did last time. I’m going to make my Stroke a little bit fatter at about a nine. I’m going to go to my Selection tool, and now, instead of drawing in the own end of my arrow, I’m going to click right here on the word Stroke. And when I do that, this menu pops up and here, I can actually change the ends of that line. It’s hard to see now, but right here, it’s a flat line. And this is telling me that the end of it’s going to be curved now. You have the option to add in Arrowheads. So I can add in an arrowhead and it’ll add one in right there on the end of that line. I can add one in on the other side as well and it gives you lots of different options of things that you can use for your arrow heads. So without having to draw anything in now, I have two arrows right there on the end of my line. Now, just like I did on my last arrow. I need to go. Object and I need to go. Path Outline stroke. So that that way my cutting machine knows when I save this to cut the outline, rather than just that one single line And I also need to unite those so that it’s not three separate objects so that it all becomes one object, okay. So that’s way number two here in Adobe Illustrator that you can draw an arrow. Now option number three is I’m going to use my shape’s tool. So I’m going to go right over here to my rectangle tool And I’m just going to draw a long, skinny rectangle, and then I’m going to go to my Shape’s tool and I’m going to go to my Star tool and I’m just going to click one time. And when I click one time, it brings up this menu And my triangle. I want it to have three points on it. And then this tells me all the radius and stuff, so adjust this to three and then click OK, And that will give me the endpoint of my arrow. And so now I can line these two up if I want using my Align tool. And then I need to make sure I union these. Because I don’t want my cutting machine cutting that line. I want this to all. Be one object. So I’m just going to go. Pathfinder Unite. And now I’ve got an arrow. So here are three different ways here in Adobe Illustrator that you can create arrows to be personalized and look exactly the way that you want to kind of add some flair into your designs. Thanks so much for being here and I’ll see you back in the next tutorial. Bye [music]!