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Is Your Design Resume Still Relevant?

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Hello everyone I’m Chris and this is Jose Today’s topic is how to design your resume Into the beginning… Welcome back Japanese cute scissors hand… The theme of this episode is resume, aka… Resume Design 101 before the start I want to thank everyone for supporting this show We have 8,500 fans (cheers) Our hope is If you like our show I think these shows are helpful to your career Please follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Instagram or other social media Forward the content of this show Now I hand over the microphone to Jose Let him help us explain the elements on the resume The first thing I want to say is The resume is designed for the 20th century It summarizes your skills Experience and educational background Today’s society focuses on goals Talent and attitude in other words Compared to software or hardware skills or experience People pay more attention to your goals and ambitions How do you treat these goals as an employee or collaborator And how is your attitude As we discussed at lunch For example, are you willing to make adjustments based on the situation Or you would rather stick to yourself Let me illustrate the common mistakes people make This is my usual advice Don’t make these three common mistakes the first A mediocre resume Looks like a word document template The most basic typography and the most basic information Who are you and… Your goals and experience The second biggest mistake is Your resume has no focus For this resume At the top it says that this person wants to find a job in a media company In order to give full play to his expertise By the way, this resume is true I changed the name and other information C: The phone must be changed C: Because it says 5551212 here But this resume was used by others to solicit my opinion I just changed the name Take a look at his first work experience Does not match the job he wants to do He used to be a masseur at ACME Hotel And then the production assistant Followed by an internship Then there is the work of Pasadena City College Then I will remove the first work experience Write the production assistant directly Then consider making other experiences relevant If this is the job you want to do You may want to write as many details of the project as possible This might help you From the goal There is a spelling error here To the previous experience This experience does not meet the recruitment needs of media companies No focus-I often see in my resume The goals on the resume do not match the experience Some people wrote about high school work experience And irrelevant work For example, “I used to work at Taco Bell” If you want to design, don’t tell me you worked in a restaurant Unless the restaurant’s experience is design-related C: Do you know how I feel? C: Can you switch the camera to us? C: I feel you write out all the information Even irrelevant information It’s your lack of confidence in your abilities So you write as much as possible Because you think the more experience the better But for me it is a flag Yes, if it is related experience, even if there is only one It’s enough I would think, well, you have some experience Although not much, it is better than nothing It’s much better than writing it all in a mess A design-related experience Nothing else I will be very confused… My first job was a school cleaner But I will definitely not include this in my resume Third error This is what our designers often commit Write a resume with software skills as the core This person writes software skills Working environment (system) and meeting software, etc. It’s good to have these skills But these should be written at the bottom Experience should come first Design skill point second Maybe start from the goal And this person directly started writing software proficiency These things to write But some software is the foundation, you should know This point needs attention I give you some suggestions This one is worth discussing Make your resume unique Make your resume look different from others Don’t apply templates I want to show you Nina Mufleh’s resume You can search if you don’t recognize her What attracts me is… This is a real person, a real example Her resume went viral on the Internet She works in the marketing department Want to hop to Airbnb I want to show her resume She made a long page They are all pictures, and no complicated skills are required She may use ps to cut the picture It may also be exported directly in ps I want to work at Airbnb Like many talented people “In order to show my ability, I want to…” I will talk about her ability profile in a moment In general… She described the contribution she can make to Airbnb And what is its meaning What she can bring to the team Based on years of Airbnb experience So she is already a senior user of Airbnb “Why should I work at Airbnb” I think if you really want to find a job This is the correct posture If you want to join a company like Airbnb You should spend time preparing like him Based on his experience, she wrote a case analysis Here is the white paper she wrote Initiatives on how to do successful marketing If i am a marketing specialist I opened the page to read this white paper This is the talent I am looking for If you are a designer, you can also do a Case analysis of the products you have made in the past Then your worth will increase a lot This will also help you stand out Of course this is not a personal ability defect Because of our education Doesn’t make us good at summarizing We are not like market planners For example, Nina is so good at summarizing But carefully study his techniques and methods May be helpful for you I want to highlight this, focus on value This is crucial Yes, you are proficient in certain software Yes, you are highly educated But in the final analysis, what can you bring me Who are you communicating with Who do you want to send your resume to Take a look at Nina’s profile “I want to work at Airbnb” Then he wrote… “To show the experience I can bring to the team “I decided to take the initiative…” “Write my opinion on the global travel market” This is the point-take the initiative! The third suggestion is to use the Internet What does that mean? There are many online platforms that are much more effective than paper resumes For example, you can post your resume on LinkedIn Others are… can use infographics to enhance the visual effects of your resume It is also a tool to beautify your resume You can also use Twitter or Instagram to talk about your experience Or the work you are doing This is the interface of He can help you visualize your resume He has various tables and infographics based on your achievements This is an example of the president C: Where does this information come from? It was entered by you C: Oh, you need to make the form yourself No, you provide information and the website generates graphs This is the page of This is Olivia… The smile is brilliant… What do you think of the resume, Chris? C: I started from the perspective of a designer They are taking a course in resume design They spend time designing, and then send it to me for evaluation Just like other font design exercises They want to find a typographic law (C: Yes) This is my CV I haven’t applied for a job in a long time So I didn’t update this resume in time So this resume looks like this I blacked out my home address so you can’t find me The entire resume is written around my experience I have relevant experience before starting a company It says… intern experience… The experience in the advertising company includes time and other information J: A very standard resume Left-aligned typesetting, simple design The font should be Din One of my favorite fonts This is the second page But what I really want to say is If you want a good resume Don’t do your resume J: What are you talking about? It’s no use J: What? because…. The reason is that… Nobody cares Because what I need you to do is show your work If you need a resume for HR as a bargaining chip You already lost So I give you another suggestion Check online who is the art director of the company Contact them and send a copy of your portfolio Now let’s talk about the resume of the 21st century Today’s resumes are all on LinkedIn Your portfolio can be placed on Behance or Vimeo I just need a link to your portfolio I’ll know if you are the right person in 60 seconds Then let’s talk about the details I don’t care about your education background Or are you from a major Your degree, grade point, scholarship are not important Listen to me, those are not important If you haven’t finished your resume in half an hour Then your energy is used in the wrong place The above is my personal opinion I know you may not hear it often, but I want to say Don’t spend too much time modifying your resume What you should do is Improve your LinkedIn profile This is my personal page Now let me make a point Your profile is very important J: Indeed Your job title and profile have undergone an evolution Mediation changes over time Attitudes and reactions of people communicating with me Depends on how i describe myself J: There are also visitors to your personal page J: What kind of people browse your page contains a lot of information So the point is… I call myself a business design consultant Not a designer, director or motion designer Because that’s not what i’m doing I am also a planner and teacher I think these two professions complement each other I want to teach a class about business design At the same time plan corresponding activities This is a complete link Another point is that Jose also said I have published articles, write articles< I want to position myself as an ideological leader Then scroll down and you will see… Jose and I founded The Skool together And there is also a video Most people don’t put videos on it Fortunately Jose and I will make a video So you can see our work through the link To help improve our page (J: I have something to say) J: If you have the conditions to make a video No matter what kind of video Exposure in front of the camera is very important nowadays This is a self-media era after all You should adapt to this trend as soon as possible Because most designers don’t want to appear You were very shy at first, but look now… Excited as soon as I stand in front of the camera What I want to say is that it takes time to get used to being in front of the camera Ok please go on C: The next thing you need to improve is the Behance portfolio This is the fastest way I can see your talents You can spend time building a personal website You can also use squarespace What is the other one called? J: Behance also has portfolio website templates Yes, these can help you build a station Yes, there is cargo collective I want to show you This is Farm Design from a good friend of mine I want to search this company This is Farm Design's homepage on Behance This is my friend’s company, he is in Passatina Let me tell a little story These are the works of the company He used to be an independent entrepreneur In the past four or five years He decided to set up a company Now he has employees and high-quality works This is a change he started from an entrepreneur This is one of the works-Catch & Release You can browse it, it will be more intuitive There is one point, I don’t know if you will ignore it He put his design in a real environment Beautifully designed Such as this work clothes Logo composed of C and R Abstract the ampersand into a small hook Very clever design There are also a lot of photography works The whole page is beautiful Very design The output effect is very good, so the brand characteristics are obvious J: And blend into the real environment There is also a calendar New dishes J: He has worked hard on how to take pictures and how to typeset J: And the overall effect J: So here is more than just design C: I want to switch to my PPT I like this presentation method because it is not only Page facing the camera He used a map as a background Looks very oceanic Here you can see the key chain of Catch & Release And the design of the matchbox cover It's really a very careful design So what I want to tell you is Design beautiful templates J: Agree So others can see examples of the application of this design in life Put down your resume Turn to design your portfolio You can also go to sites like Creative Market Go to download a lot of beautiful templates For example, this is my account I use folders to categorize materials These templates all look good Long like this… So you don’t have to hire a photographer to take pictures Many templates have been designed You only need to put your Ai file or Ps file Just adjust it and put it in this template. You might think, it costs a lot of money But this is only $9 J: 9 dollars dear J: Buy a Chris Do package now! C: Not (laughs) J: You can’t buy it at $9 and you can’t be fooled. Stop spending too much energy on your resume If you are a designer Focus on your portfolio Put it online to make sure everyone can find you easily Then write a clear personal profile If you don’t know how to write We have a video discussing this topic, the link is below That’s what I want to say, Jose, how about you? J: I think the most basic thing is… Traditional resumes need to be different (C: Don’t) Chris directly said don’t use traditional resumes But if you are in marketing or other professions Make your resume stand out and put it online You should pay close attention to the trend of the company you want to join Build a good relationship Become a fan of this company Please like this video Don’t forget to follow and leave a message, Jose and I will reply