Best Os For Graphic Design | Imac Vs Pc – A Graphic Designers Review 2020. 🖥

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Imac Vs Pc - A Graphic Designers Review 2020. 🖥

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This video is brought to you by. Squarespace everyone knows that being a designer technically means that you’ve probably had an imac before in your life recently. I’ve been using a PC. Pcs have been really great for me for video editing because it’s cheap to change the components and you can really customize it to do whatever you need to do. I don’t know if you can tell you probably cannot we’re in a new space right now. It’s quite massive, there’s a video coming out or about it, and the main thing that I wanted to do in the space was keep things a minimal and to have a proper design studio. So in this video. I’m going to be talking to you about my decisions on the computers and the technology that I get the reasons Why if you should get it if you should get a PC or something different, So if you don’t know who I am hand Lettering, Arthas a logo designer and I make Youtube videos like this helping creatives, especially designers who are freelance get to their next level. So I sort of help them out and my sort of portfolio of computers are. I’ve got a massive desktop one that is pretty powerful. I’ve got an iMac at home as well. I’ve also got a Macbook that I use for work for when I travel. I’ve got an iPad. I’ve got a laptop from Asus because I’ve had so many computers, and I’ve got them. Still, I get to choose which one sort of are best for me and I can sort of guide you on your decision. So if you’re a freelancer or a designer or a videographer, I basically do all of these different things from video editing to video making to creating logos to designing hand lettering. I do it all, and I’ve got different places. So long story short. I bought a new iMac. It is Ill. Show you the specs right now. This iMac is a retina 5k 27 inch 2019 model. The processor is a three point six to get Intel Core. I 9 which is an 8 core processor. It’s got 40 gigabytes of DDR4 memory with 1 terabytes of storage and a Radeon purveyor 48 8 gigabyte graphics. So I recently bought this computer because of we moved into a new space. Now I could have gone for another PC, but this hour decided to go from Mac, and there are a couple reasons why I decided to go for a Mac so for the past year. I’ve been using a PC reason being, it was easier. I was in a small house. I had one room. That was sort of my office. My mancave he saw it in all of my videos in the old house, all the videos and a lot of the videos that you saw why I ever edited or captured from the actual computer itself. So there was no iMac there. The reason why I got a new computer was for faster video rendering, but also because I like to play games and that was my main sort of point of getting it. I didn’t want to just have like a work computer that I use for both, but it ended up being that. I’m a power freak, certain team that’s more powerful or SPECT out. I’m gonna use for work and play who I started to realize. Was that Pcs fail? A lot of mine didn’t fail, but it got a lot of slow of the games on the PC, and then I started to miss the way that Apple was. Apple was very simple, and I realized what an important aspects for me anyway is that I get a lot more done on Mac Os. I don’t know why it must be just because of the way the operating system is and how intuitive it is, It’s not because I’m used to it because I’m used to both PC and Mac. I’m not a fanboy of either. I both I like both of them. I would gladly have a powerful PC replacement to this. I reckon I’ve got here, But the real reason behind getting it was one. I could do more on it at work. I feel more productive on an iMac and also because their lack of peripherals. I didn’t need to buy any other peripherals. I like the mouse. I like the keyboard and the screen. Now the reason why a lot of designers tend to get Apple products like iMac, some Mac books is because of the simplicity and not only that but because of the peripherals. When you buy a PC, I bought. It’s like two thousand pounds, which is roughly like $3,500 or something quite an expensive PC. I had to get a monitor for it. Luckily, BenQ gave me a couple of monitors, which I’m gonna make a video about which would designer monitors. These monitors would have set me back one and a half thousand pounds each, so if you take on the 2,000 pound computer with one and a half thousand pounds for the monitor, then a few hundred pounds for the keyboard and a few hundred pounds for the mouse. Then you’re gonna start racking up the bills quite a lot. I’m not only that because you’ve got the customization of the computer. You can easily add more. Ram, which is I did. So I ended up going to 32 gigabytes of RAM and the only problem with all This was that he sort of came to about 5,000 pounds worth of computer equipment and the processor was fast. Everything was fast, but that 5,000 pounds unlocked now when I decided to move offices and to create this sort of studio for my work for videos for everything else I do. I really wanted something that was very simple, and I’ve always liked IMAX, and I’ve always said you never moved out into a different office. I would have a separate computer at the office and at home. So this is where the iMac came in. Finally, we got there to the story, so here’s the real reasons why. I switched back to iMac for my graphic design work, but not only that video editing. It has got all of the peripherals. It’s got an amazing screen. It is an all-in-one design which allows me to move it very easily and in a studio space when I’m doing videos and I’m doing screen capture content, It’s a lot easier. Another reason is because it was affordable. Now A lot of PC nerds are gonna start having a go at me here because everyone says that. Apple is not affordable at all, But when I was sort of pricing this up in my head, I wasn’t gonna spend money on a computer that I didn’t need it and I wanted something that was just easy and as inexpensive as I can. It was keeping it to the top-notch of power that we have today because I’m all about future proofing myself. We’ll worked out again because I spent. I think 3,200 pounds on this computer. I saved a lot of money on it, getting another display and getting another keyboard and another Mouse and all the other peripherals. I saved a lot of time in actually loading all my apps as well. Apple ish is so easy with the App Store so getting this iMac was actually thought out. It wasn’t just something that I did because I’m an Apple fanboy. It actually saved me money that you know how expensive and LG 5k screen costs. It’s a lot. It’s over. A thousand pounds means that nearly 2,000 pounds of $2,000 for one of those screens and that isn’t even with a computer. So when you look at an, I might don’t just look at it as something that is ridiculously expensive, Of course, it’s a lot more expensive than some Pcs out there, but you’re forgetting that you can get all these specs really well-priced and it doesn’t throttle down this. Imac has not throttled on me. The video rendering is quick as anything when you think about it. Yatta, getting a lot! You basically getting an all-in-one with an amazing 5k display that is color accurate for the consumer market, which is a huge win for any designer. And if you’re not new to this channel, and you’ve been watching me for a while, you’ll know that I started off my career with an investment of the 27-inch iMac, which was like three generations ago. I’ve already talked about it a little bit, but that iMac costs a lot, but it lasted a long time and how long did it last near me Six years? That’s ages in tech. Yeah, so six years. That computer lasts me and the idea of this computer here. It has no spinning discs. It’s just flash storage is not going to throttle down and although you can expand the memory yourself which? I intend to do to over 120 gigs on 120 gigs of memory. That is insane. So for any of you guys out there who are just on PC? This isn’t a dig at you, But for anyone out there who’s looking for a PC for specific creative content like design or video editing this PC does it for you really well. It’s an amazing investment to have, and it’s gonna last me a long time, and if there is ever any issues with it. I just go to Apple and they’ll fit fix it most likely that’s want to give a huge shout out to the sponsor of this video. Squarespace I’m a designer and I have been for. I don’t know, like, 6 years 7 years. Whatever it was and I use Squarespace to make my websites. If you’re a graphic designer, that was looking for client work and you need a place to put your portfolio or maybe you sell online resources. 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