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Blick Illustrator Markers Review + Demo!


Hey, guys, mr. Khurana here today? Welcome back to another video today. I am reviewing the bleak illustrator markers. This is the 24 color, twenty four piece set and from what I can tell. I think the 24-piece set is discontinued. Because I don’t see it online anymore. However, the Topi set is still available for $14.99 On deck comm. I’ll leave a link to that in the description box, and that’s really cheap and a really good deal because it goes for about a little more than a dollar per marker, which is super good deal, especially for alcohol-based markers and so to get started here. Actually, the colors. I had to open this up and check. If any markers were defective or like any of the inks like markers are dried out, but none were so that was good and I’m happy with that so here, actually, the markers and from what I can tell, they have a barrel. That’s really similar to a Copic. Ciao, so it’s round. These are actually a little bit thicker, and they have two nibs, so they have a typical chisel nib that you would find on a burger and a brush nib. So here’s for that and so actually. I’m gonna go ahead and let’s go ahead and Swatch these. Okay, so I actually Swatch the 24-piece set here are the colors that come with it and I really like these colors. These colors are really nice and actually blendable here is the 12 piece set, which is also really good. There’s actually some wonderful colors in here as well. Some regular companies. They just give you like a rainbow, and then you’re just like. I don’t know how to put these, And in this case, it’s really nice, and I really like the colors are chosen and cashew fun with these so actually blended a little bit here and you can tell that these markers are pretty good at blending, which I’m really proud of them for her because they’re like a buck, and I think that’s a really good deal. They also really nice anything. They lay down really flatly as well so. I really do like that, however, one card I’ve found so far. Is that these markers? If you’re trying to find a cheap marker with a spongy and flexible brush nib like kopecks or like touch markers, principal colors and so on, these are not the ones for you. They do not have a spongy brush DAB is actually quite firm. It’s rather kind of like a huge bullet of innocence. The top is spongy, but the bottom is not. It’s just super super firm, and here’s like in comparison. This is like a Copic, and then this is like super spongy and that these are not, but for like a dollar markers, it’s really good and these are actually some of my favorites. I’ve seen, so let’s get started with the demo. Okay, pass me. That was a lot of weird editing, But anyways, let’s get back to on track here, and I just absolutely love these markers. I kind of just fell in love with these. Despite the firmness of the brush nib, which I’m not that used to, and I don’t particularly like on markers. These actually worked out really nicely. It didn’t really affect their blending ability all that much, which is really cool. Um, they just blend like an angel. I don’t say that much about markers and these planets so nicely. It didn’t need that much ink and here. I was just like testing out as many colors I could, so I made the hair Kinda like cotton candy ish. But yeah, they’re really nice and the nibs to call. Um, the nibs. Sometimes with firmness. You get frame these don’t. In fact, the bottom of them are a little bit spongy, which is kind of interesting kind of depends on the color. I think, but they don’t fray, and at least for now they don’t fray with some other markers. You do find likes fraying, so these don’t think so just great. Another pro about these markers is that they don’t even have that much of a smell. They’re pretty much odorless with me and my sensitive nose. I can’t work with markers that spell terrible and these. Don’t they don’t smell at all, it’s just great. I just really love these markers. The only con I have is just that they have a firm nib, which is not really to my liking, but that’s just a personal preference, and if you ever see these out like a blick store or something, definitely go pick these up because these are really fun to sketch with, and it’s just really great. Okay, so here is actually the piece that I made of these markers. I really like these as you can tell and just before anyone like things. I’m like faking it. I really actually love these. I was not paid at all to this. Who would ever pay me? Did you do okay well? The only complaints actually do out there about these markers is color selection. Now you’re only kind of limited to tall pieces, which was really, really really bad and another thing is that they’re not refillable. So you’re gonna have to by completing the new marker if you run all these if the ink runs out, and that’s another thing, which kind of house up over up, but and it’s in the end, it’s actually really good, um. I just think that these are a really great starter. Set if you don’t want to spend like five hundred dollars and like Copic markers, touch markers and whatnot. Um, these markers really great start. I absolutely love these. They have pretty much the exact same feel other than the fact that they don’t have a flexible brush nib, in fact. I actually like these better than the spectrum or illustrator. First I did review. I’m linked to that. We’ll also be doing the description box. If you want to see that too, but these are but definitely my top marker for beginners to try out just to get the feel just because number one. It is super cheap $15 get to 12 markers. That’s a really good deal and also just like seriously. These colors are great and the ink is is really nice as one of the better markers that. I’ve tried and I really like these, so definitely try these out if you see it wonder like a black near you. So, yeah, that’s really my two cents on these. Keep it by this is more like a first impressions as well. I don’t, I haven’t really used these. It blip does come out with new colors. I won’t definitely want to buy these so yep. That’s pretty much the end of my review. Feel free to ask any questions if you do. I’ll be happy to answer and Ill. See you guys in my next video. Thank you so much for watching, please, like and subscribe if you have it. And if you like this video as well and. I’ll see you guys in my next video. So bye, guys.