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A Bob Ross Tutorial, But In Photoshop!


Barbra’s must have been the happiest most optimistic person. This earth has ever seen from his hair to his happy little stuff. He beat the devil out of it so today. I am going to do a Bob Ross Tutorial in Photoshop. If this is your first time on this channel. Hi, I’m Benny Benjamin Benji. Call me whatever you want to call me. Oh, and subscribe. I hereby present a Bob Ross tutorial in the Photoshop, but but but wait, wait, there’s a few rules because I have to use stock photos and that’s actually a good thing because I really suck at painting stuff in Photoshop, the thing is. I haven’t watched the video, so I have no idea what to expect, And that means I have to find my images while I’m watching the video because guess what I only have one hour and the original video is half an hour. So that seems fair to me. Oh, and this video was sponsored by invader elements because guess what we can only take images from innovative elements. And if you don’t know what and vital elements is well, let me know well. My friends and fellow elements is a website where you can find over 2 million stock assets for photo editing, video editing and pretty much any kind of digital creation. Tell ya think of stuff like stock video photo music, sound effects, graphics, templates, fonts, Add-on’s brushes. Photoshop actions and more. Well, my dear friend. Then you’re lucky because Enviado has to be exact 26 thousand five hundred eighty-four images of spoons, But you sure can. If you get yourself a subscription right now, you can enjoy unlimited downloads. Hello, Benji, are you? There must have died of a heart attack or something. Oh, well, you, who are guys get an anvil subscription from the best and largest collection of stock elements. Click the first link in the description. Alrighty, lets. Just begin the video, hello. I’m Bob Ross. If this is your first time with us, then let me extend a personal invitation B to get out your brushes and paint along. I’ll tell you what, or just drag up the old easy chair, so I’ll tell you what let’s go on up here to the canvas and get started. I’ve already covered the canvas with a nice, thin even coat of liquid white. The liquid white just makes the canvas with a sling lets. Start off today with an old two-inch brush small amount of the phthalo blue. Let’s start right up at the top, and we use little crisscross strokes to make my sky. I simply use a gradient later, added a layer mask to make it fade out some more that easy, so that way it blends automatically as you work downward and that easy, we have a. We have a very nice little sky now. Maybe maybe we’ll have a little water in this painting, then for the water. I just well flipped that same thing vertically and edited Greeny stone to it all across there. We go in this little area. That’s left in here if everything and for that light thingy. I used a white solid color with a mask and at this point. It seemed a bit too easy. Let’s wash the brush. That might be the most fun part of this whole technique. Shake them off, have a box down here and I just shake the brush into the box, and we said we’d have a happy little cloud in this painting. Then he started adding clouds and the stress started kicking in and just make little circles, just having those circles a little tiny circles. I couldn’t find cloud similar to his so I just picked a random cloud image and try to put those in my sky and it looks Okay. It just wasn’t anywhere near Bob’s painting. You can do anything that you want to do. Let’s build us a little mountain today. What the heck then he went for mountains and I just assumed they were gonna be snowy since he usually does that, and I was lucky, just right into the fabric and we want to grab it and pull it. I’m still applying a great deal of pressure. Here, grab it! Pull firmly down. I do placated my mountain a few times and tried to make it look like one thing. The side of the mountain. You apply a lot of pressure. It’s gonna look just like you’re icing a cake That’s breaking in there if the holes left and then fantastic that you can build it all that easy, and you really can now. We want to help create that illusion. If you just out here, oh, we’re doing is tapping just tapping following the angles and lifting up reading. So I may be back in here. There’s some little trees a bit far away there. They’re happy little trees that live in the distance and all you have to do is tap down, see there. Luckily, for those trees. I found a reasonably usable image and skilled transformed and warped it to get it to look all righty in your world when you’re painting in this technique. I just sort of you. Let your imagination go such a mind. Wander because you can create any illusion that you want. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy being here with you there all. I’m doing here is taking that color and pulling it straight down, But for the reflections, I just flipped it and added motion blur and that actually works pretty well gently gently across and we have instant reflections. Go right back up here. Maybe back in here. This a little grassy area to live in bristles for the grass. I used grass which obviously was easy to find and again transforms warped and duplicated that to make sure it covers the entire tree line lets. Take her knife then. I started to lose hope because we all know that this looks like absolute garbage. I’m touching the liquid, right then. That white water stuff actually looked pretty cool, so it didn’t give up on my dream just yet, and then you started talking about people being touched, so we’ll like your little touched. Maybe in our world, their lives, but make evergreen trees. Once again! You can do this very nicely with. I wasn’t really satisfied with the tree image I found, but in that short amount of time, I just couldn’t really find anything better, so I masked it out and duplicated it a few times and made it look darker and a bit more blueish. There, lets. Give him a friend. You know, you paint with me before? I think everything needs a friend time. Even the trees and the bushes let’s get. Let’s get serious. Let’s take the old two-inch brush and go right through that same color take with a rounded corner up, give it a little push, grass indications and Bush indication as it makes just yeah for that. I just started throwing in some bushes all over the place to fill up that lower space, and I mean, it’s not, it’s not that bad. Is it think about each individual? Bush now? Then I’m just gonna take just use a corner of the brush and put in the indication here and there of some highlights for the highlights. I just used an exposure adjustment layer. Nothing new. There looked a bit cracky, but well. I mean, right. Maybe we want the indication here and there of some sticks and twigs. I scraped right through the paint now. I did want to say to you. Tube ops process. At least a little so far, those sticks and twigs. I used bevel and emboss of them. Decrease that layers fill to 0% because then you only see the applied layer styles, which is crazy and that works. Some highlights in here. Give a little push gentle does not take a hard hit. Then some more highlights same as before with a nice, thin paint. [MUSIC] They come, they’re there. I won’t pick up some Indian yellow, bright red and we can put a bush at here. It has a little red flowers on it. See, they’re that easy. You can do anything out here anything. I tell you one tell you one, so let’s build us a little path and go right up here. You have to make a big decision now. Maybe it comes right around. Do it just fly to the brown paint? My bath looked absolutely pathetic at first. Get it pathetic like with it, okay. I’ll just stop talking. I used black pains to do this and it looked horrible decrease. Then the lighter stuff didn’t make it better at all. Whoo, that’s nice gives you cold chills. It works so we’ll see, you can do that. Bring some of those bushes right over it. Okay, man, let’s go to the other side of the path is a happy little tree that lives right here, and he hangs out right over the path. He just lives here. Sort of hangs out, sees it now. That path disappears back here in the bushes, and he’s got a friend lives here and just go around later. I just replaced it with a real path because it really started to annoy me. At this point that helps show distance in your painting, lets. Go right up here. Just a little stick here and you could put a few of these and then. I made that little stick with just black paints and well. I guess that’s pretty much it. I added a quick Camera. Raw filter to try and match the colors with the original As good as I could. And there we are and I call sign. Is painting there. We her! I think we’ll call this painting, finished and from all of us here. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it. So happy painting, and God bless Ill. See you next time beautiful. So at the start. I had little faith because well, I mean, I feel like if you were to show this to some random person, and you would ask what it’s based on. They would definitely say, Baras, but that’s probably because there’s mountains and trees well. I think I did pretty well for my first time, and then it’s time for my favorite on hashtag Benny review this week is by a sheik. I’m sorry if I pronounced that wrong. This is really cool to me. It’s really stylized and just solid, it’s pretty. It looks nice period. Wanna see your edits on my favorite Instagram post? All you gotta do is tag hashtag. Then you review in your next post anyway. Thanks again to envato for sponsoring this video. Get a subscription today. It’s really freaking awesome. 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