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How To Add Bullet Points | Photoshop Tutorial


[MUSIC] Hey, what’s up, guys? This is Spencer from Pixel & Bracket. In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to create bullet points in Photoshop, and in my opinion, this is the best way to do it, so in Photoshop, there’s no just bullet point option because it’s not really a word processor. We’ve got to find a workaround for it, and I think this is the best way you can see that with this text box. I don’t just have bullet points inserted visually. In fact, it flows with the text and all of the spacing adjust, depending on how large my text box is. That’s what I’m going to be teaching You how to do today to do that. We’re gonna start a new document so that we kind of clear the slate a little bit, so I’m going to go to command in or control in for the new document. I’m going to just do a eight-and-a-half by 11 We’re gonna create that, and we’ll zoom in a little bit, so we can see this better now that I’ve got a new document open. I just need to create a text box so grab. The type tool shortcut key is T click and drag to create a text box. This is called an area type and a quick little thing. I found out the other day is if you want to switch back and forth between what they call point type, which is scalable text and area type, which is an actual text box. Click on your type layer. Go up to type down to convert. You can convert back and forth between point type and area type. The one we’re using is area type. So I’m gonna paste in here A little bit of Lorem Ipsum text that I have. There’s a return here everywhere that there should be a bullet point. So right here here here and here we’re gonna have four bullet points. I need to actually manually Add those in, so I’m going to open up. The glyph’s panel go up to type down to panels down to glyphs panel and then we’re gonna find that bullet point in our big ol panel of glyphs. I’ve got it right here already highlighted if I double click on them. It’s gonna add them into my document now. I think I want two spaces between the bullet and the first set of text of the first line of text. So I’m gonna hit space space. There we go and I’m just gonna copy that same double space with the bullet command to C or Control C Command or Ctrl V to paste that in where I want my next bullet and same thing all the way down. So now we’ve got bullets in there. Another shortcut for the bullet point on a Mac is option eight on a PC. I believe it’s Alt Zero 1:49 But the glyph’s panel will be available to anyone. No matter who you are, and you can insert anything, even if you want your bullet to be not this normal circle bullet. What we need to do now is just indent our text and reverse indent our text. I’ll explain that in a second to make sure everything lines up and then add a little bit spacing after every return, so I’m gonna highlight all of my text. Bring a guide out just by grabbing the ruler and bringing a guide out. If you don’t have rulers, command or control R will show the rulers What I like to do here is go ahead and add the same letter. Whatever starts your first line here. I’m gonna add that same letter down here on the second line. So a capital e that way. I can line these up better. Because knowing that they’re the same letter, it’s a little bit easier to know where they hit on this guide. So let’s open up the paragraph window. Drop down! Here, paragraph paragraph’s gonna open up. This first. One here is left indent. The second one is indent first line. So with this left indent. We want to kind of bump that up. You can use the up arrow key or just type in numbers and notice that’s indenting all of the the left side of the text, and we’re just gonna bump that over until we get that lined up to about where the first II was when it was a line to the guide there. I like where that’s at and what we need to do now is just reverse that for the first line indent so instead of 22 points. I’m gonna do negative 22 points and you can see that that now lines up all the text, but also keeps the bullet point lined up on the left side. Just like you would normally have a bullet point so now that we’ve done this first set. I can go ahead and just highlight everything and I can type in those values. I know it’s 22 and negative 22 and that’s gonna adjust my entire set of bullet points there. My whole list of bullet points. I want a little bit of space. Though, after you know, there’s usually more space after the return to separate these bullet points from each other. So I’m gonna make sure I have everything highlighted again and there’s. This little thing called space after that’s gonna add space after paragraph. So every time you hit return, That’s a new paragraph, and if we just bump that up with the up arrow key, you can add whatever spacing you want, so I’m gonna add eight points to that, and then we’re just gonna click on the move tool to kind of get rid of the highlight. I’m gonna drag this ruler back off the canvas, and we did it. You can resize. This text will flow this bullet point list will flow. But if you resize the text in here by resizing the point, it’s going to mess with well. That was a little too much, so if we do 10 it’s going to mess with where this text lines up. So how do you resize text now? Are you stuck? No, you’re not what you can do is just command or control. T on that type layer. So once you get this fit to about where you would like it with the flow of the text, If you do command or control T, that’s gonna bring up the transform. You can grab a corner and hold shift and scale this text up and down. It’s going to scale all of those values together so that you can adjust how large this piece of text is on your document, so that’s it. That’s how you add bullet points in. Photoshop just discover this the other day. I know it’s a little bit of a workaround, but I think this is the best workaround as far as getting it to actually flow and act like a bullet point list like this video. If you like this video, subscribe for more tips, tutorials and creative content. Thanks for watching and Ill. See you guys next time [Music]!