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How To Justify Text | Illustrator Tutorial


Hey, everybody, this is. Spencer, from Pixel & Bracket. And in this tutorial we’re going to learn how to justify text in Adobe Illustrator, And if you want to support the channel, even more stick around for some of the bonus content at the end, Halas, the one Stuck-up opposition, refused to pause. So I’ve opened up a new document illustrator. You can do that by going to file new. And then I selected a 1920 by 1080 document size for my artboard and then hit create so here we are so to use the text tool. All you have to do is click on the text tool and then or click on the type tool. And then you can click anywhere on your your artboard your canvas here and you can start typing, right, but you’ll notice that as you keep typing, it just keeps going and going and going and going right and you could hit enter and maybe do another secondary paragraph down here, however, if you click on this and then click on a corner, you’ll notice that it skews your text, right, and then if you click on any of the paragraph options, yes, you can align it to the center and to the right, but if you click and try to justify any of these, you might be noticing that they don’t work. So how do we justify text? Well, there’s another way to create a text box. You don’t just click on your canvas, You actually click and drag on your canvas on your artboard. Whatever, and once you let go, it actually fills that in if you’re updated and fills it in with lorem ipsum if not, it might just be blank and you can start typing, so we can type a nice little paragraph here, and once you have your paragraph typed out, you can align it left on its center. Align it right, notice the difference here, though. When I use my selection tool and click on the edges of my text box, my text will expand to fit that I can also go up to paragraph and use my justification. I can align with the last line line to the left, align to the center line to the right and I can also justify all the lines you’ll notice. Let’s just let’s just go with the justifier. With the last line aligned to the left as I expand and contract the text box, it expands and contracts the word spacing as well as bumping words up and down as so, that’s how you justify text in Adobe Illustrator. Pretty simple, right. If you guys found some value in this tutorial, please like the video, subscribe to the channel, and if you want to support me a little bit more. Stick around for a little bit and I’ll show you how you can create using justified. Text, a cool little justified text poster like this one. Alright, so before the break. I talked about creating a justified text poster. Just like this one here. Let’s do that right now. I’m going to create another artboard so that I have this artboard here with all this. So we’re just going to copy that by going to document setup. Edit Artboards. I’m going to have an artboard here. I can move it around if I hold option. Click and drag and hold shift. I can. I can drag that our board out and duplicate it over here now. I’m just going to go back to the selection tool and I’m going to go ahead and delete everything. I have here so I can show you guys from start to finish how to create this little poster effect. Alright, first thing I want to do is create my background. I’m going to select this loop. I’m going to select this yellow color up here, and then I’m going to select the rectangle tool. Click in the upper left hand corner of my artboard and just drag down to the lower right hand corner, so there I can let go and I have a background for my artboard use the selection tool and I can click on it and then align it and make sure it’s aligned to the artboard, not the selection and then a horizontal vertical and we will lock that in with command 2 so now. I have a nice yellow background. So how do I create this little effect? Here and says, says be creative well. I’m going to create a text box like we did earlier. Same way about the size of that, you know? I want it to be on here. It’s going to fill it in with a bunch of text. That’s okay, let’s go ahead and type out be creative on the used capsule. I can just do be creative. No spaces yet now. I’m going to highlight that I’m going to change this to the font that I have. Which is program. That’s a Typekit font, and I’m not sure why it’s showing up all the way down here, but I’m going to click on the bold so program. Otzi bold, you can go to the type kit and download that, or just find your own bold font, so we have be creative written out here now, remember? I can actually justify this text by clicking on paragraph and going to justify. We’re going to justify all the lines perfect now. I want to scale this up. Let’s go to 50 I’m just going to kind of guess guesstimate until I find that. Maybe 75 and might be a little much well. Go, well back it down to 70 I have the text justified and it’s sized about right. I’m going to go to paragraph and turn off the hyphenate. So now I’m going to break this out in the same way. So Row two, and then three, three and two, so I’m going to hit enter, go ahead and hit return on that, and then I’m going to hit enter after the CR E and hit enter after the in between the I and the V and I have my text, but why is this so separated? Well, that’s because it’s all justified what I can do is add a character, so let’s say we just add like a – end, and that’s going to bump that B over, so it’s lined up with the center column, and then I could do the same thing. After the e down here, enter in a -. I’m just going to line that a up with the center and the V is already justified. Left and the EF here is already justified, right, so we’re all good if I want to preview this while it’s still editable, I could take those little hyphens and change their color to the color of the background now to make them disappear. Sort of they’re still there, but you can’t see them so you could preview this, and then, you know, edit it later, however. I’m going to go ahead and bring that back because I’m going to show you how to line this up. So you notice that I actually have this lined up pretty well? Everything’s centered, but look this. B here is actually out of line with the R of the eye. Over here is out of line with the e so we’re going to want to. Center those up and sort of finalize this. But before I do that, I’m going to make sure I got all the sizing and spacing correct by clicking on our text box, and then I’m going to bring back that that background color with that we that we locked earlier on the hit option command. -, it’s going to bring back any locked layers, and I’m going to select both of these the text box and the background. I’m going to click on the background, and now I’m aligning to that background as a key object, So if I hit the horizontal align Center and vertical align center, it’s going to line up that text box and the very center of this. I think it’s a little close to the edge here, so I’m just going to click on that text box and hover over the edge of it here in the very center, and I can adjust the centering of this. But if I do this just like that, I’m going to have to recenter it up, so what I can do is actually hold option while I click and pull that in, it’s going to pull it in from the center. So now I can just line this up and get the spacing that I want. Maybe I want a little bit more line spacing here, so I’m going to go up to character and then underneath the letting settings here. I’m actually just going to increase that a little bit well. Try to match the the poster we had before. That looks good so now we’re all lined up. I’m going to outline the text next that way we can. Center everything up, go up to type and then down to create outlines also shift command O. And what that does is. It basically creates a shape out of each one of these letters that we had before, so it’s not editable anymore. So at this point, you’ve kind of gone past your finalizing your design. You don’t have an editable design anymore from a from a type standpoint, this is all grouped together, So I’m going to ungroup it with shift Command G. Also, I can right, click and hit ungroup, and now we can start to align this stuff. First thing we can do is actually delete our -, so we can just get rid of those guys delete and then. I want to line up, maybe everything on the C R and the E we’re going to select everything in this column by clicking on it and then holding shift and clicking on each object, then the let go of shift, click on the E and you’ll notice it’s highlighted now that means we’re aligning on that as a key object. I’m just going to hit the online centre. That’s going to bring the iover into the center of the e. Let’s do the same thing with each of these hold shift. Click through each of them, then click, let go if she have to click on the R and we’ll do the horizontal align. Center, it’s going to bring everything centered up on that. Our will do the same thing here to see shift. Click each of these click on the see horizontal line. That’s just going to line everything up. So the last thing I want to do is probably just group everything together, except for the background, so I’ll shift. Click that to deselect it. We got all my letters selected, lets. Go ahead and hit command. G it will group them together now. I can sort of move them around and I’m going to shift. Click on my background and then click on it without shift to highlight it. Make it the key object. I’m going to make sure everything centered up horizontal and vertical. There we go, so that’s how you create this kind of cool type of graphic poster with justified text. Hope you guys learned something once again like this video. Check out the rest of the channel. Subscribe if you want to. Thanks for watching, take care. I’ll see you guys later [Music] you!