Change Opacity In Illustrator | How To Use Opacity Mask | Illustrator Tutorial (text Effect)

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How To Use Opacity Mask | Illustrator Tutorial (text Effect)


In today’s Adobe Illustrator Tutorial, you will learn how to use opacity mask. First, we will create paper cut out background, and then you will see how to create stunning design with opacity mask and how to easily edit and change it. After this tutorial, you will understand how to manage with opacity mask and will be able to experiment with it in your own artworks. You are watching. Tingy tutorials let’s move on and create a new document select print a for horizontal orientation in advanced options select RGB and click on create. You can download this image reference and colors by the link in the video description, just create layers for them and place them like so first of all, let’s create a new layer. Let’s bring this layer on top and rename it to paper cut eye for eyedropper tool. Let’s pick this color before pen tool and let’s just draw a first shape like this. Lets press B for selection tool. This Allegra’s shape lets. Pick this color now before pen tool and let’s draw another shape. Just don’t create too many points as you can see. I have only 6 points in this object. You should have close amount of points or exactly the same amount of points be for selection tool. Deselect this object lets. Pick this color before pencil. Let’s draw another shape. Deselect this one. Let’s pick yellow color again. Let’s draw the last shape like this, lets. Bring this shape down. I will pick this shape for direct selection tool. You can pick any point you want and move it like, so, bring this layer up. I do this just to make design. Look more interesting now. Let’s select all these objects effect. Stylize drop shadow. Click on preview and I will enter 0 in this windows. Click on preview again. You can play with glory and with opacity as you can see, we’ve created paper cutout effect here. If you want to make more realistic and complicated paper cutout effect, you can watch paper cutout landscape tutorial right now. Let’s create new layer and let’s rename it to opacity mask. Let’s pick this color and for rectangle tool. You just draw a rectangle like this. Depot selection tool. Deselect this rectangle. Now you can type anything you want here now. We want to apply this text to this rectangle as mask to do this. Select this text ctrl C to make a copy. Delete it select rectangle properties, opacity. Click here to make mask click here on clip. This rectangle means mask mode, and this rectangle means normal mode, so let’s select mask mode. Let’s open layers panel, and you can see that we don’t have any where’s here because we’re in mask mode, and for now, we don’t have any elements in opacity mask mode, so let’s add our element. Lets press ctrl shift V to place our text directly in place where it was before it was deleted. Now we can see all objects through this mask. Why can we see all objects through our mask because our object is in black color? Let’s click here on color palette. I will select grayscale mode because in mask mode, there is no colors, mask and war, only with black color, white color and all grades of gray from white to black. Let me show you this. If we will apply white color, we won’t see anything if you will start to move this slider to some kind of grey colors, it will be more or less transparent. If you wanted to be fully transparent, just apply black color like this. This is not all in opacity mask mode. You can add even more objects as many as you want and play with combinations. Let me show you this first that you need is to pick black color, for example, or white color before Pantsu. Let us just draw a shape like this. You can duplicate this shape, and as you can see, you have unlimited amount of variations to play with your design. This is very handy and very quick In opacity mask mode. You can’t pick any other objects, and that is very handy. Also, you can create any shapes. You want, move them like this? You can build rectangle like this here. Bring it down like so, lets. Select this text and apply white color. So you can play with these combinations like this. You can make this design look more interesting, lets. Delete this shape before pencil. Let’s draw a shape like this. Let’s bring this layer up for direct selection tool. I will delete this layer. Let’s pick this text layer, apply black color again. And how can you return to normal mode with this text selected properties, opacity and click on this icon, but my personal recommendation to work faster, you should click here on window and select transparency. Now you have this menu here, and if you know that you will experiment with opacity mask a lot, you can move this window somewhere here. It will be always active now. You can quickly change modes why you might want to switch between these modes because you can open layers, lock this layer and move all other objects like this. You can quickly play with design. You already see result? Let’s change proportions like so, and now you’ve decided to change something in your mask. You’re unlocking this layer, selecting it and clicking here on opacity mask. After you applied some changes, you might want to edit something in normal mode again. You’re simply clicking here as you can see. It’s very fast and easy to switch between these modes when you have your transparency panel somewhere here, also what I wanted to show you. Here is that with opacity mask mode, you don’t need to expand text and then use Pathfinder to see all objects through this text. We are simply applying masks, then we can switch to masks, and after this you can change text to any text. You want like this in conclusion? I would say that you use opacity mask quickly. You need transparency panel active to easily switch between modes. Everything else is a matter of experimenting and practicing. 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