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Becoming A Designer Vs Developer

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Yesterday I got this email from Nico from Bosnia. I want to read it to you. Says I’m 24 and thinking about getting started in design or in Web development. I’m sorry, stock redoing those two. Don’t know what to choose. What is your opinion about the future of graphic design? I’ve read some articles about artificial intelligence, replacing a lot of designers by 2030 it’s been worth getting into design industry now. Should I be worried about potential loss of thousands of jobs in this industry in the near future and one more question? What should you recommend when it comes to programming front and then we’re back end or something else? Keep in mind that I sucked in math bleeding from Bosnia, Nagoya. All right, first of all. Thanks for reaching out, here’s what I think. I think that you should probably try a little bit of both and still you. Who would you like better and just do what you’re most passionate about in either one of them that you’re going to choose, You’ll be competing against people who are super super passionate about them. You know the best developers? I know are not those who went to the best developer. School are those who are so passionate about coding that they started when they were 13 and they’re always learning by their own and the same with design. I started in high school as a hobby as most designers kind of get started as a hobby to this, so I don’t think that you can really kind of choose rationally or by the logical choice of what you think is more future-proof. You gotta have to go with something that you’re passionate about or else you don’t have a chance of competing against people who are really passionate about this and want to become really, really good as for your question about the future of design or the future of development or a lot the loss of a job. I’ve touched upon this in a video that I probably come into superstar designer. Yes, the world is going into a place where technology is replacing a lot of jobs. So yeah, a lot of design jobs are going to be lost in the future and a lot of development jobs, you know? I’m here talking about Web flow. A lot and web flow is actually replacing frontage development. So everybody for sure will be something for beckoned development as well so in the future, yes, technology will replace a lot of the jobs but still. I think that both design and development are super kind of future-proof jobs. Because you know if you would tell me that you want to drive a taxi, I would say they can be replaced by a self-driving car. If you want to be an accountant, you’ll be replayed by software, probably, but both design and developing our type of creative jobs that for sure are going to be super valuable in the future as well because in the end, even if there’s let’s say a company like Web flow that replaces some front-end developer, there are both designers and developers working in that company to create that product. So if you are super super excellent in either design or development, you will sure have a great job in the future. Something that I truly believe in. So which one should it be again? You should probably and try it for yourself, but you’ve hinted that you suck in. Mac, which is a pretty good hint. I think the best developers that I know are pretty into math, so it’s a pretty good hint that maybe you’re more oriented into the design side, but I and I think you should check it out and I think you should give it a try, and and you know what perhaps the best future-proof thing is to learn both of them and, you know, be some kind of combination of a designer who can code or the golfer that can design. I think that will also be super valuable in the future hope. That was helpful for you. I’m heading out to my client’s office where I will be changed in the designer all day, so I probably can’t share a month, so Ill. Wrap this all for today. This is the weekend hope. You guys have a great week. I will take this opportunity to say. Thank you to webflow my awesome Sponsors, which I eat on a daily base for about three years to build website without using code. If you don’t know Web flow, what if you don’t have an account yet? That’s the time to try. I’ve showed them to trial that. If you’ve got hooked the kids, the child recently got. Oh, don’t be left inside a hot behind. You probably want to check that out and check the description because there if you’re a new user, there’s a discount code and that’s it. That’s the weekend hope you had a great week. I’ll catch you next week [Music]!