Convert Cmyk To Pantone Illustrator | How To Convert Cmyk To Pantone In Adobe Illustrator And Photoshop

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How To Convert Cmyk To Pantone In Adobe Illustrator And Photoshop


-. There’s going to come a time where you need to know the Pantone colour references for your logo. This may be because you want to get some promotional merchandise printed and the printer will only print using Pantone colours. Now this could be a problem if you’ve had your logo designed and you only have CMYK colour references. If that’s the case, what I want to do is quickly show you today. How you can in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop find out what the Pantone colour references are for the CMYK colours in your logo design? So let’s pop on over to the PC and do just that, Okay, folks. So here we are, we are now inside. Adobe Illustrator. I’ve set up four colour blocks here, two red and two orange. And if I click on the red one, you can see up here on the right that there are CMYK colour references. Both red blocks are in CMYK, as are both orange blocks and what we want to do. Is we want to change these? Cmyk blocks here to Pantone colours. So what you do is really simple. Select the colour that you want to change to Pantone or find the closest Pantone colour reference. Go to edit edit Colours, Recolor artwork. And you’ll get a pop-up window up here. Then what you want to do is down here. You’ll see a little grid icon. Click on that. Go to colour books and it will open up your Pantone colour books inside Illustrator. Now what you want to do is choose, probably solid coated. That’s the most common one, so I’m going to choose that. Then I want to click. Okay, and you can see here up on this right hand box It now, says Pantone 186, So Illustrators telling me that the closest Pantone colour to this red here is Pantone 186, Do the same for the orange. Edit, Edit Colours, Recolor artwork. Choose your Pantone colour book. Click, okay, and there you go. Its picked Pantone 3564-5 as the closest. Now, if I take these colours and overlap them, you’ll see. There is a very slight colour shift between the two between the original CMYK here and here and the new Pantone there and there. Now this is one of the things that you need to accept when you are changing from CMYK to Pantone. You may not get an exact colour match. There may be a difference in the colours. It’s just something that you have to deal with when you are converting between the two. So the match is pretty close. If you separate them out again, they are quite close. And you’ll see here that in Illustrator, it’s added the Pantone swatches to my swatches panel. I’ve got the CMYK here and here. And then it’s added in the Pantone references for me so that I’ve easy access to them. So that’s how you find out your Pantone colour in Adobe Illustrator. Let’s jump over to Adobe Photoshop and show you how to do it in that. Okay, so now we are Adobe Photoshop. Now, as a logo designer, I always recommend that your logo should be designed in Illustrator as a vector file, but it may just be that. You only have a bitmap version of your logo so in a jpeg or a PNG and you still need to be able to find out what the Pantone colour references are. So like we had in Illustrator? I’ve got the four blocks again, But it’s done differently in Photoshop. To find out what the Pantone colour reference Is, you need to use the dropper to select the colour of the block and up here again in the right hand panel. If you double-click on the colour block, it will open up the colour picker and then click on colour libraries. And that will open up your Pantone books and again you can see here that its chosen Pantone 186, the same as it did in Illustrator as the closest match. So you can find out this way in Photoshop, what the closest Pantone is to the CMYK reference And so just to run through that again in Photoshop. Let’s use the orange this time. So we’re going, use our colour picker. Select the Orange Double-click choose colour libraries and you can see here, it’s telling us this is the closest orange up here on the top. We have the Pantone and below it is the original CMYK, and it gives us a quick visual reference to see if there’s a difference and how much of a difference between the two colours. So that’s how you use Photoshop to find the Pantone colour reference of a CMYK colour. So there you have it easy-peasy. Well, it is if you have the software. If you don’t have a copy of Illustrator or Photoshop, then you will want to speak to a designer or even the print shop itself and ask them if they can find out the Pantone references for you. Thanks for watching the video. I hope you’ve liked it. If you have make sure you give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to my channel. If you haven’t done so already and once you do subscribe, make sure you hit that little bell icon that you see, and that will mean that you’ll be notified whenever I release a new video on my channel. So until I see you next time, stay creative, folks.