Convert Coreldraw To Adobe Illustrator | How To Move Coreldraw File To Adobe Illustrator For After Effects Projects – 8 Minutes Tips

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How To Move Coreldraw File To Adobe Illustrator For After Effects Projects - 8 Minutes Tips


Hello, Hello, Youtube tutorial This time I will show you how. Prepare your Corel! Draw file for animation in Adobe. After Effects here, I’m going to use Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 Intermediary. Well, for the year series, I use Coreldraw, 2018 Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 and Adobe After. The 2019 cc effect now adds to the fact that you have to open the victim first. I have prepared this because it is like a tree cloud that does not Ubrug properly with what I want later in the actor and actress X virus. Oh, yeah, for you guys who want to learn to use with this file? You can also download it at. The link is below. So you guys just check it first. It’s already first. This is the size I use. 4G resolution, 38 40 times. Well, then I need this. Stable in the form of an Adobe Illustrator file. How you can save as or control this Swift ES in Adobe Format Illustrator. Well, this is acoustic with the same name as music, So I chose the one. The very top is the most recent because I use it 2017 So use support. This one is this issue. You can leave it or not. Okay, now that’s all first day. Open your folder, open the Illustrator file. Well, it’s already opened in Adobe Illustrator. The first thing you have to check is when you arrive at. Adobe Illustrator is the size of this image as usual. Hi from Corel Crew Store. The size has changed a little to this smaller one. Can you see? I click here. Even though transform transport MV0 is here. The lack is only 921 times 515 18 even though the size earlier in Corel was 38 40 times 2160 What do you do to let it be the same size? You create a new file in Adobe Illustrator with N or new controls? This will do it. The sizes are 38 40 and lately. The gift is here, so you open the new file and open the old file here. Copy control. Cing pitch control now. This is a starter. Sometimes it doesn’t work, right. You might be a center via Mini transfer now. This is an important role. The size used to be narrow, 38 40 or the forki. And this happens to be an e260 now for this. The person is 1920 X-axis and Y-axis at rejection Twenty. Hey, ah, [Music]! Ah, enter the file. Well, here’s what to do. We do then, namely you open the MI drop down list, Maam. Layer by layer. Well, this is here because I’ve separated it, so it’s really good. Later, you just have to make yuliarini on it wild. This one is your way the way you activate it. See one. Then you make this new year. The amount is not finished right first, so the difference. I myself have not calculated. How much is it for me, for example? Jaya, 22, here. I slide it up one by one. This is the temperature. Oh, yeah, this is here, for example. You forgot who was in the group or not, right. How come you can still do this here? Again, this is the skill of the trick. There are six circles on the right. So there are six small trees or you can do the bushes too. Well, this is each one of these now. 21 of these trees will scrape other. How do you just drag to the top or one by one? Sorry, not this now, can it? Well, one by one. But I’m here, I don’t want something like that. I want someone who’s in a group like that, which I made in Corel straight up. It turns out to be more or less you. So you know, you just put it in R2 So? These are the second leftovers. The layer that I can’t create a new layer yet. You guys just pay attention to this one screen. So on top of it, click. Create new layer 2, There are three invitations. Yes, later on. I’ll just let the bottom one be sad or make a fish background here, you guys. Hi to the top. Vs 2412 also now everyone has been separated based on their respective groups. Okay, now this is. What can we have to do? Next that is you sip this file that you are going to do. Put it in the aarm world of trifect now. I’ll just make this, please. Hi, more City, respirator, cie. Hey, because it’s already been tested and then you open it. There is a research bias. Oh, yeah, you guys just open the folder here Chronic. Shade escapes the rotor. Here it is, then you open Adobe After Effects. Maybe you import this file. The way is that you activate this. Part of the project. Continue to circumcise import files. Politely, this time you can do this. Okay, you choose the latest dictator. Qolbika from ya. Okay, Kicd Nahi! You change the type-c composition and our retailer size supports this now. This is the folder here So. The rails are ready for you to separate in the Android store so it could be 9 so I’m appearing like this. So you guys know that’s stuff too. Can you see the evidence there? Well, the composition has been made directly. You can get the recipe. You just have to open it. Well, that’s all, according to the example, namely the foot of the river. You can make sure you check the TA control. This is the size already fits 38 40 times 2160 So you guys really live? The animation in Adobe After Effect is for you. All you have to do is slide it around. You can or not really that already. Bro, the wind is free. Here, okay, if you guys have a question about this, Maybe there is a problem when you make Mindahin. Corel to have a biosphere effect. You can comment in the comment section below. Oh, yeah, there was something. I forgot to do at the beginning, so I went back to that. Ouch, Illustrator is very important for you. You have the right to make the file just like the one before. I will control n. Then you guys make the same size. According to first, why, because for example, I did this simulation, right, We have not separated the screen here, which still uses Magrub from Corel. So people, if you guys Hi this, even though it’s been separated all the time. You guys are late. You guys make this new file? I make control n if it’s run. Papa, that’s why it’s just an experiment. Well, you guys are already tidying up. Make it like this. But the size, for example, from forgetting to forget to check. You keep copying. All of you are just right here. Dear, your efforts because this is going to might be in again like the format is blacked out. Is it still still in one each? The group is upset, right. So this is the right. You have to be very mindful of you. Do it in the beginning. So when you just get to Adobe Illustrator, you have to immediately make this file and continue the size earlier. Then you just copy and paste the rain of the transfer clothes earlier. Like me, Lex in the initial tutorial, OK? I hope this is stuck. Useful, don’t forget to like comment share and subscribe. Hopefully it’s useful. See you next video.