Dual Monitors Photoshop | The Dual Monitor Set Up You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Becki and Chris

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The Dual Monitor Set Up You Didn't Know You Needed!


All right, so today we’re talking about the dual motors hub that you need for video editing. This actually changed my entire workflow, a lot of us when we set up her home office. If we have space, we have dual monitors, but you may have noticed if you watched our office makeover video which? I’ll link up here that one of my monitors is actually vertical and some of you guys might be like yo. B, what’s with the weird vertical monitor? Bro, girl misses. I blame this one, it’s my fault. I’m a radiologist. We use vertical monitors all the time and it just need to make sense. I started using this when we were in. Do you want to do this no no. I don’t I’ll be okay. Comments from the Peanut Gallery. All right, no, go for it. What, when did you start using this videos? Oh, no! I started using this monitor setup when I started radiology back in 2011 and it just seemed to make sense. You’re trying to optimize what you’re looking at on your monitor, so ie, you have text boxes. So when your bin. So why not use the bin in a full vertical mode? I love a good vertical monitor for video editing. Let me tell you how it’s changed my life. I use it a lot for actually all of the apps. If I’m working in Illustrator and I have surpriser Windows pulled up. I kind of can do some tiny ously, or if I titles kind of typed up in my Notes app, I can use it on the one side and kind of work on my main screen, but where comes in handy, the most is in Premiere when I’m editing video, so I kind of have to go to workspaces that I got to walk you guys through today. And by the end of this video, I will have convinced you to flip your second monitor verticals because it’s a game changer. I’ve got two Dell monitors that match because I’m anal, and I can’t have two non matching displays. So do you remember what the model of these are? Stand by? It’s the Dell p27 15 Q 27 inch 4k Ultra HD monitor, okay. We bought the first 4k display like a year or two ago and it’s been fantastic. It came pretty much bang on calibrated out of the box, but then we the other day. We tried to buy another one, but they’ve been discontinued and they came with a new one which replaced it, but apparently the new one isn’t as good, according to review, so we found a used / refurbished one and bought that one. Yeah, we’re trade. We’ve got both of these monitors mounted on the dual bracket from fully which they sent us. Thank you fully first. I’m going to show you guys my editing setup. The main monitor is kind of dedicated to watching the footage and editing the footage. I’ve got the main footage window here and then to the left. I’ve got the source window So that source window is where I’m going to be watching the footage that it’s going to end up in my timeline, then along the bottom. I’ve got the whole sequence that kind of spans the entire width and the bottom of the screen, And then I got my loo Metric color panel like kind of small over on the side. In case I want to tweak anything on the go And then on the vertical display. I’ve got a massive bin. That’s where all my footage is. My title is my music, everything that. I’m going to be accessing. That’s gonna go into my project. That’s all in that vertical bin when we’re working on the big series that we’re working on and there’s so much footage days and days of footage, the bin can just scroll on forever and it can kind of get like overwhelming. So we have that whole screen dedicated to the bin. If you’re editing and you’re like me, and you’re using kind of like a music service. I’ve always got it kind of pulled up in the background in case I’m, you know, editing. I’m gonna need to find a song or sound effect, and I can go back quickly. I’ve got Google Chrome set up so that when I switch over. But they still see what I’m editing on my main horizontal display and then on the vertical display in Chrome is, you know epidemics and cuz That’s what we use for our music. The vertical display is great for the Bing, great for browser window switch back and forth super easy. Second setup is my colleague Rating set up so on the vertical display, we have half of it as the bin and then on the top section. I have all my scope, so we’re gonna do separate video on Scopes because they’re so important when it comes to color grading primary Corrections secondary Corrections. I’ve got my parade. I got my waveform. I got my vector scope in my histogram and I’m using all that stuff when I’m doing my primary correction to make sure that the colors all match their neutral. There’s not too much, Magenta. There’s not too much green and to make sure that the exposure is on and then on my main display. I still have my source code on my program window up program when it was a lot larger. Because that’s where I’m doing. My color grading. We got the sequence along the bottom, and then I’ve got the lieu metric color panel, a lot larger on the right side of the screen. So I’m doing all my color correction in Lumetri using my scopes on my vertical monitor. That’s kind of how I use my vertical monitor. You guys might think it’s ridiculous, but honestly try it out. The model understand that I have actually allows you to flip your monitor vertical, and they both kind of fit nicely together, so give it a shot. And if you hate it, tell me, but if you like it, let me know in the comments below. If you’ve tried it if you liked it, honestly. It’s been a game-changer for me. I can’t really go back now. Chris has ruined me for life. Yeah, do you have anything yet? Do you have you can get add? I think it makes sense. It’s like for the same reason. People look at their phones vertically when there’s going through Web pages, it’s just its better use of screen real estate. If you’ve got text box that go from top to bottom, you don’t need much width. Why not have your monitor or shape that way? Oh, also, if you’re doing a lot of vertical video vertical Instagram stories, vertical video for marketing purposes. This is a fantastic way to watch full screen your videos instead of like a portion of your screen a lot of times when Chris and I are proofing our blogs or any other videos before we post them, we’ll watch them fullscreen on the horizontal display, But if you’re doing vertical video, send it over to your vertical display and watch it full-size and just make sure that everything looks good look. I’m not in this video. I’m just the peanut gallery. Listen, you said should. I set a camera up and be a peanut gallery and you haven’t said a word. I’ve said a lot. I’ve complained about technology. I’ve corroborated your your statements about the vertical monitor set up. It was my idea, you soul or I implemented on you. My forced on you. Yeah, well, anyway, with that said, Imma go get some work water because I’m choking for some reason, but if you liked this video, give it a thumbs up, subscribe and the bells you get notified. We posted videos. You’ll see you on the next one. Bye bye, Buh Buh buh buh bye e, look at this. It still focuses If you were like here all day with me you. V you’d want to leave after a week? No, we did that for a week after a month. You’d be like get the Jesus Batteries aren’t working. It’s not pairing for some reason. You know, you can come in with a Thunderbolt cable Thunderball camel! You’re gonna be, you’re gonna need a dongle. Dongles are the worst. I hate that I don’t. Have this dongle? Yeah, but it’s not, is it? Thunderbolt. Oh, I hate that. I don’t have dongles and I hate the Apple. Got rid of my headphone. Jack, head up to here with you. Apple, I hate the Google Home doesn’t work. This is turning into a technology rant and not about the vertical display. How was this video 15 minutes already?