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Eugenia Cooney Photoshopped


Hey, guys, it’s me. Greg again. And I wanted to show you something. It’s Eugenia Cooney. And as you can see from this picture, she’s in full recovery. That is what I’d be saying if Eugenia actually took my advice. But no as the title indicates. Maybe I don’t know what I title this this is. Photoshop, and you guys know I’m really good for being real. So I want you to see and understand this this. This person right here is super duper attractive now. I just want to say that a lot of people say that I harass Eugenia Cooney. But the reality is, there are far more people that are at stake here. So if Eugenia Cooney is really bothered by me complimenting a healthier her, then I hope that she becomes that healthier. Her, there’ll be no more reason for me to tell her audience that this. Eugenia Cooney, right, here is the most beautiful Eugenia Cooney. I mean, from head to toe. She is stunning in this picture. But unfortunately, this isn’t real like looking at Eugenia Cooney in this photo. Are you not just in awe of how beautiful she is yet? This is like an alternate-dimension. This isn’t really her. The person who did these photos is so damn talented at Photoshop that you really can’t even tell that this is not real now. I want to address an issue. That has been quite a problem. Oh, my god! I have all this redness all over my nose. I have to, I have to fix that real quick, there we go. Wow, just look at that. Almost everyone has self-image issues. And you know what you call? People who don’t have self-image issues either perfect or cancer to our eyes. Okay, so after this point, my camera stopped working. Yeah, but I still have the audio from the rest of this video. So I hope you guys can enjoy the picture. Show sorry about it. I would rerecord everything, but I think we’re all here for you. Jeannie Cooney. Anyway, Even though she likes to think that we’re not here for her. But what I will tell you is that at the end of this video. I’ll show you where to see all these images and even more, There’s some images that are a little bit too hot for Youtube, so you can just go to the author’s page and celebrate them for promoting a healthier Eugenia Cooney. Oh, that’s what I was gonna tell you all right first. Off here is a heavier. Eugenia Cooney, who doesn’t look that great in this photo? I’m being honest as usual, you know, and that’s something people say that. I remind you guys of how honest I am all the time because I’m not honest, but those same people remind you all the time that they think I’m not honest. So by that logic, I am honest or I’m not honest. Maybe I’ve ascended beyond the realities of truth and not truth. Miss any way what I was gonna tell you this that an enormous amount of my Eugenia Cooney videos are not monetized, so that can go ahead and stomp out that theory that I only talk about Eugenia Cooney for money. I’d say seven out of ten of my Eugenia Cooney. Videos have been demonetised. It’s actually kind of bad for me to talk about her or me for my channel for everything, but I freaking care. Here is an absolutely stunning. Eugenia Cooney, like, literally. Let me put it in perspective. Okay, If I dated this girl when I was in high school, she’s in her 20s but let’s just say she’s younger if I dated this girl when I was in high school, I would feel like I was dating like a ten out of ten dude. I’d be like, oh, my God, my girlfriend is so hot. And that’s what’s crazy is Eugenia? Cooney is so hot here like I’m talking about competing with Andy Biersack hotness. That’s how good Eugenia Cooney looks If she would just eat food. You know, she would just make herself better like seriously. I’m not even exaggerating. She’s so stunning here literally looks pretty much Perfect, Not totally perfect. Her face is still a little skinny but goddamn! Wow, oh, jeez, okay, so what I’m saying is, okay, because I’m polyamorous, right, My spouse regularly tells me who they’re attracted to. Sometimes it’s men. We sometimes I agree on the men. Sometimes it’s women. Sometimes it’s non-binary folk. But if you like this photo, Jesus Christ, that is an incredible looking woman like stunning. Oh, my god! I just want to say, can you imagine Eugenia? Can you being upset by this video like so, many people think. I just like crap on Eugenia Cooney. Cuz They don’t watch the videos, but but more often than not. I’m like practically talking about how stunning this woman is on a regular basis because she is in scenarios where she’s well fed and she’s healthy, and you know what’s Freakin tragic is if we continue doing nothing about her. We’re gonna lose her. This woman will no longer exist, And that is in sanely. Sad oh! I hope there’s no more photos like this because that one made my heart flutter a little bit. I was like mom, we’re hard. Wow, yeah, no, this is. This is one of those Jesus. That’s just perfect. That is the perfect body. If you guys have ever wondered, what is the perfect body? This is the perfect body. Look at her! She has the perfect size legs. The perfect size waist, the perfect size. Everything her hands are a little bit skinny. Ish, her face looks actually pretty well-defined like. Seriously, that is ideal. That is what you want to be. And and I also want to let you guys know. I don’t think. I’ve been in contact with the author of this Instagram, but right here. If you click this button, they show you the picture of Eugenia before the photo shop. I can’t show you guys because Youtube would get really upset with me. And if Youtube gets upset with me, then no one sees this video. No one hears the message, etc. But if you click that little button there, it’ll show you Eugenia before. Just beautiful like I am not afraid to compliment people when they’re stunning, and I’m not afraid to insult people when they’re grotesque. And that is why people can trust me because I literally deliver my opinion based on everything I know and this Eugenia Cooney right here. I would be uncomfortably attracted to that person, but I’m not attracted to the person that Eugenia Cooney is right now as she is because I fear for her, and it makes me uncomfortable the way she is, all right so here. She actually still looks super skinny that and one leg is thicker than the other. The outfit’s all off-center. He’s just generally awkward. Actually, she’s not like, you know, starving herself skinny. But the Photoshop could be a little bit better. Then there’s this and you see your Jean. Unni doesn’t have thick legs, but she actually has pretty much perfect legs. I feel like this should be everyone’s goal, Like if I was a girl, I would say that is my goal. That’s what I want to look like, but I would also like workout and stuff. Eat lots of you know, a variety of healthy foods. But additionally, I would want to have that. Maybe – the thigh gap sigh gaps are kind of pointless. Then we have this Eugenia Cooney. Wow, her right wrist. Still, you can tell how thin it, but the rest of our bodies pretty fantastic. Her left leg looks a little smaller than the right, but overall she just she looks pretty good, Not necessarily high here. Not super impressed by this photo, but she looks relatively good, Eugenia. If you want people that you were into to be attracted to you, you got to realize that a heavier you is the person that those people will more likely be attracted to if you gain 80 pounds. Yes, 80 pounds. I guarantee you can get most any guy or girl. You want on the planet seriously, so if you care at all about relationships at all about love at all about your own body at all about your fans well-being you’ll gain that weight and everybody will win from it. Everyone once again, Eugenia, Looking stunning, very goth. I’m kind of into pale skin and Goths have been saying that since day one, probably because my first ever serious girlfriend was super Goth. The last photo. I can’t show you cuz you genius in a swimsuit. I don’t know what Youtube is on, really. I don’t know what what is okay or not, okay here anymore, but we’ll go ahead and go of this. Which is Eugenia Cooney wearing short shorts. She’s looking a little too skinny. Actually, in my opinion, she’s still too skinny there. I can’t imagine what would happen when I click that button. So I’m just not going to there. You go, Eugenia Cooney looking a little too skinny again? What can I say? I’m a normal chaser. Not a fini’s chaser. Youtube didn’t like this section of the video, so I just removed it, but what you’re about to see is pretty spectacular. Okay, so this is actually a disturbingly jaw-dropping like you look at this, and you go what you see a girl like this, and you’re like. Wow, you’re like immediately like. Oh, man, that’s gonna be on my mind the rest of the day. This really amazing looking goth chick. Jesus, like I know some of you guys are like palpable like a cartoon with your heart beating out of your chest because she’s so amazingly gorgeous here, like Holy Hell who made her. She looks like she’s like the sister of Andy Biersack, which yeah, if Annie Biersack had a sister that looked even remotely similar to Andy Biersack. Oh, they’re easy geniu again. She’s looking a little bit too. I don’t know, like immature. I just she looks a little too young here. I don’t really like how she looks here. But, you know, physically she’s just a bit thin. In fact, her waist doesn’t really seem to match her legs. I don’t know, this one seems a little off, but she’s way too skinny. Yeah, ha! I want to be attracted to this because it’s horribly Twiggy. I would describe this is very Twiggy, and this is like the infamous Eugenia Cooney photo and the other one like its. So bad what’s going on here is that you could still see the bones in her finger. You know, like, obviously. I would hope this isn’t triggering anyone because she’s she’s still like she’s like, relatively proportioned, But yeah, I would still say, please be heavier than this. And that’s the last of the photos. I can show you right now, but again. Eugenia Cooney looks really cute here. I would again say too skinny. That’s just my personal opinion anyway. Guys and Gals. Long story short. Please take care of yourself. Please be good to yourselves. And to reveal the identity was Instagram. So you can go. Look up all these things yourself. It’s healthy underscore Eugenie AK. Anyway, so as you can see in the comments, people are in love with Eugenia, she would literally be like one of the hottest people on all of Youtube aside from my own spouse if she just liked better care of herself. So, Eugenia? If you want your likes to dislikes ratio to improve if you want to be a more embraced by the community. If you want less drama, if you want me personally to not care to make videos about you because you’re living a healthy life, and you’re not triggering your audience any more like if you want all these good things to happen, just go to a rehabilitation center as I understand. You’re too far along to just start eating. At this point, you actually need to be hooked up to a machine and gradually introduce to nutrients, but whatever your choice. I’m sure all the religious folk are praying for you, and I really hope that you have a good, healthy recovery whenever you find yourself in a situation where medical attention is the only option so again, if you guys want to see what? I’m talking about just hit up Healthy underscore at Eugenia. It’s pretty traumatizing. Bye, guys [Music]!