Fill Pattern Illustrator | How To Create Pattern In Illustrator And Fill It In Shape, Stroke And Text

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How To Create Pattern In Illustrator And Fill It In Shape, Stroke And Text


Hello, and welcome to another Adobe Illustrator Tutorial in this tutorial. I am going to show you how to make a pattern and fill it in different shapes, strokes and text you can after making the pattern, we can fill it in shapes in this stroke and in the text, so how to do that let’s get started to see it. Create a new document of any size. According to your choice, I am going with 1000 by 1000 pixels now. Create a rectangle of the artboard size, fill it with black and there will be no stroke and lock the selection. Okay, now choose ellipse tool and make a circle, fill it with orange color and give it a stroke with white color like this, and now hold on Alt Key and click and drag towards right side to make a copy. Press ctrl D to repeat the action. Now select all again, hold down alt key and click and drag towards downside. Make one more copy. Lets press ctrl D to repeat the action. Okay, now select all go to object and choose, expand now select shape tool and make the shapes like this select all go to windows and choose Pathfinder and then trim now ungroup select these two shapes this one and this one and move, drag them out and delete the all other shapes now decrease the size and go to object, choose pattern and click on make click. OK, decrease the preview so that so so that we can see and now decrease the values of width and height and near the near them like this do not overlap, keep keep the small spell space between the cells like this and then close the panel and double click to apply. Now you can see that we have created our new pattern here, delete and select these shapes and delete them now. Create your shape. I am creating a star, hold down, shift, key and click and drag and then fill it with return that we have created. Okay, we have filled the our first of all. We have created our pattern and then filled it in the shape like this, not only in shapes, but we can also fill this pattern in stroke and text as well, so if I want to make a stroke with pen tool and fill it the pattern in the desktop. So how can I do that? So let’s get. Let’s see it choose. Pen tool, increase the stroke size, something like this and swipe refill, swipe fill and straw by clicking on this arrow or pressing shift and X key. There will be no fill and now make a stroke. You can see that. Our pattern is filling in the stroke. You can increase the size of the stroke. As per your choice again, you can continue the shape like this. Similarly, we can also fill the stop in our text, lets. Do let’s do that. Choose type tool type your text. I am typing cell increase the size change, fill color to white change. The font type like names bold or maybe another ball formed now, right, click and choose create outlines to convert our text into shape once converted. Then choose our pattern and you can see that we have filled our pattern inside the text. Click, right, click and choose ungroup, and you can easily move any character and you can even do editing in. This is for your choice like like this. The pattern will apply accordingly. Okay, so we have created the shapes filled with and filled the so we have created the pattern and then we filled the pattern and shapes like star and stroke and in the text. Okay, so that was a tutorial. Thank you for watching. If you like my videos, please subscribe like share and comment. Thank you for watching. Take care and bye you.