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Fotomontaje Realista En Photoshop (tutorial)


Hello, guys! My name. Is Jonathan Ramírez? I am a teacher created for him. Advertising, art, direction course. This time is to teach the tutorial with some very basic tricks in which you can have a high result quality in the silhouette of your images as you can do it faster than remain with good quality without losing resolution and how to take advantage of shadows of this silhouetted for your composition hands to work. Now, we will do it with an image that has the background of a single tone to take advantage of the shadows of it, remember that the image should be in good quality as we saw here. It has a size of 43 centimeters X 35 and a resolution of 94 pixels per centimeter, which indicates that it is in good condition resolution here. We can see them when we see it when we get closer what we are going to do. The first thing we must do is duplicate the layer as we do with the command command Jo Control, J, Depending on your operator of your computer if it is windows or smart card, then now we are located in the first background layer, and we see that it still has the lock then. It is already loose. What we have to do next to. Keeping this trick is to preserve the quality of your image and not be go pixelate when the big waves chic is then what you should do is to right. Click on the image and turn it into a smart object. That is this option immediately. You will see that a file icon appears here what it means that the image is already a smart object and will not lose resolution and quality. So now let’s go down to the background layer and what we are going to do is the following with this pencil tool. We are going to start. Create a quick outline on it and thus achieve that the image can be separate from the background. [MUSIC] Remember that it is important that the sludge remains or the line remains a little deeper than the edge of the shoe so that when the cut we have not lose, do not have white edges that will make us lose quality then. Look, guys, I’m not going to perfection in the curves or in the lines are going to see at the end, how we achieve that this can be put in any place and make part of a much more realistic composition, if, for example, here, look at the outside, what I do is that I click on the node in the line and generates a new boyfriend and pressing the fire control key control and click on the nodule. I can move if I release it. Loose control, look. I forgot to change, but look. I did not leave the tool with control. I can move the node anywhere. And then what we do is go around the shoe. Look at me here again. I’m already deep inside. So what I do is I click without pressing no key, and now I press control and what will happen is that I can move the node towards because in any direction, do not worry about the details that in a point later, we will go to a little trick that we have, and this will will allow to be much more efficient. [MUSIC] And look that I’m done here and look at the piece that gets the vacancies. What I do is I give click on it and the new. I move it with control. Remember with control command, depending on the operating system of your computer because here it is already and with control or command 0 what I do is that I can zoom out the screen. I’m going to teach you another trick being in this in this tool in this layer being in this layer, what you can do is press command or control and enter and have an automatic selection ready and then let’s turn off the main layer. Let’s turn off this and this layer what we are going to do now. It is masking mid ready as in the masked shoe in a matter of minutes. See how he felt see that I do not know nothing is lost quality. Look how it looks how it looks good. So now let’s take advantage of it well here! We have a space still with background. What we are going to do is stand down again and with this tool that your command is the short cut to get to it quickly. What we do is this. They do not allow us a thousand guys When they these elements come out, do not be scared. That is because they have the line that activates before you pay it and that’s it, then don’t worry about it. We pay it here and we continue if they want the line not to stay with a curve. Because look here what I do Is She is in a curve and what I do. Is that if the click follows curves? What you are going to do here is hit it with the alt key above, click the node on the node and see that it disappeared on the line. That was here. If you are look if you click on it, it disappears and the lines. They are going to be straight. So what you do is. I did not apply that exercise much because I am taking the new ones when It goes away. A lot of curvature is generated so there I try to make the line be straight and I go. I go to the knot with someone. Now again we are here, You know how to generate the selections command enter and we go to the layer. We go and select the layer here. It must be first in selection in the tools and here. It should be blank. So what do we do? Let’s go now, press the delete keys and see how it looks very easily because we already have the shoe, but we want to want to put the shoe in a in a bottom in a bottom in, we want to take advantage of a street and change it from a blue background that they feel a street without end. Let’s make it very simple now. Let’s put a street on it and let’s use those shadows to be able to give it. More realism are remember that the lighting should be a little more neutral because the shadows they are not so marked, lets. Look at the photo! Remember this, let’s use this. Let’s see how it works for us. Well, guys, now! We have the silhouetted shoe and we change the background. We are going to change the background to see how it works. And how that bestial özil for this We are going to have to have another image that we are going to use. I regularly drag the images to Photoshop and it works perfectly good. Now we take the photo that already we have and with com ante, look at what is generated. A selection area is generated, which can not lower it the size now, guys. What are we going to do to take advantage of the shadows that already have? We are going to duplicate the layer above as it can be duplicated easily. Press the alt key again and drag the layer down or else want up and she’s going to double ready toward any of the directions, and she leaves double or you can just press command J and it will be duplicated ready now. What do we do, let’s right. Click on the layer. We are going to erase the mask, MIT. Disable mask and erase mask. Let’s erase half again. Now, what are we going to do? Let’s go to the modes of fusion and press multiple and see that the shadows are already left, but the image this still has this margin of this color grid, blue, tonality, blue. So now! What are we going to do? Let’s press command 1 the command or the short cut to take us to lower the saturation and here saturation. We work to make look at the image already. I know it already turned to a different tone. It was no longer blue as before, but it turned gray. We give it ok now. Let’s press the coman m key, which is like NM that appears in the curves. It is true look that the photo is generating some smart filters. Then in case you want, go back, You only erase the filters or turn them off by turning off your eye, and that’s it. You will be able to go back to the back. What are we going to do here? We are going to lower this in this part. To darken the shadows, a little look at how it darkens in the shadow. Yes, and we are going to raise it here. So that the other part that does not serve us is that it becomes a little clearer. We give it ok. Look, guys here. You can turn off the filters. You have to open us up the initial image, but it looks transparent because they are last so at this point. We must do again now again. We are going to create a mask. If you see, it is white now. Let’s go here to the draft and it should be blank in the colors that we are going to make. We are going to erase not the image, but the mask here is the mask so here we are going to have opacity 100 we can lower the 20% to not erase so strongly and what we do, is that with right, Click. We give Xunta. We look at the size of the brush to erase to save with more coverage that we are erasing. You can go up to 50 if you want to have higher speed and since the integral shoe is very illuminated, then what you can do is so that it does not feel so so white, and I do not know what inside the image is that you are going to take out again. The original image to the original layer cannot be here in the mask. It must be here in the original layer and press again. Koman m. If you don’t want to do it through this, you can go here, image and curves or also saturation that, which now we want curves. Now you are going to find it here. And what are you going to do? You are going to go to the middle and lower it a little and see that it already contrasts more with the image and it already looks much more integrated. There is a point that I would like to teach you, and that is how we make the image feel more real. We can apply something that I constantly use and you can see if you want to go. Deep with the months with these montages and with these compositions, you will see in my complete art direction, course advertising there. We have all the exercise, so you can go attacked map and what you do to it every time you put it in black and white and give it OK and here in the blending modes, look at the layer to be first here in the new one’s fusion. What you do is start experimenting with each one, which applies better. Look, you can turn off your eye to see this. I think it applies perfect here. We are in the bright city or color color and to be very strong. What illuminated sitges is perfect that you can lower a little opacity so that it does not the effect feels so heavy. So this is a very basic exercise guys in the tutorial. What you can do now is learn more by signing up with me Advertising Art Direction, course in create and do not forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel. See you in my full course. [MUSIC].