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9 Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers

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Is there a special someone in your life who is a creative professional or a graphic designer, whether it be a spouse, a girlfriend or boyfriend, a sibling, a son or daughter, or maybe it’s your parents or a really close friend. Well, in this video, we’re going to give you unique gift ideas for that special graphic designer in your life, and these gifts are gonna range from ten dollars all the way up to six hundred dollars. So make sure you keep watching what’s up, everyone. My name is RR abroad and I’m the founder and creative director at about creative and in this channel, I like to share tips and tools for greater professionals and graphic designers out there. And I’m super excited about this video in particular. Because I just love this season, man. Christmas season is the season of giving and of joy. Oh, my god, Santa here. I know him I know him and I know 2020 has been super hard on every single one of us, and I just want to help you scour the interwebs for some unique gifts for that graphic designer in your life, whether it’s that special someone or maybe you’re the special someone they just want to buy yourself something, you know? Treat yourself a little bit. That’s all good man now. These are items that it kind of vary some of them. I do have, and I’m going to show you, but some of them. I wish I had, and were going to go. Check it out online, so let’s start with the first item now. The first set of items are all under 50 There’s about three of them, and these are all gifts that you give to somebody. You’re kind of close to. Maybe It’s like that co-worker. That’s it next to your desk. Or, um, like somebody. You pulled for secret Santa or that cousin that you’re kind of close to, and the first item is one thing that I believe every graphic designer needs every person that works in front of computer for a very, very long time for extended hours of the day. Are blue light blocking glasses? Now there are a variety of brands out there that are blue light, blocking glasses and they range for different prices from like, 10 to 20 or maybe even more. I don’t think you need to spend more than 20 dollars. I mean, you could even buy three or four for under 20 dollars, but they’re really good for, um, just keeping keeping away from straining your eyes or and especially when you’re working. Uh, in front of a peter too much with that blue light coming into your eyes, You get headache and you get stressed a bit and it’s just really nice to put these on. I have a couple of these. Um, I have a like a brown looking one. I have a black one and I just like to put it on, And you know, they look pretty cool. You know, I love glasses. I never needed. I need to clean this really bad. I’ve never needed glasses, but I’ve always wanted glasses. I’ve always wanted to wear glasses, but I didn’t want to be like a poser. This poser still a word. I don’t know what you call it now. A capper cap! I don’t want a cap. I didn’t want to no cap. I didn’t want to be a poser and like. Oh, I just want to wear glass because I look cool, but now I have. Richard actually have a reason to wear glasses because I want to block blue light, so I’ve always liked the looks of glasses. So this is kind of cool for that now. The second gift idea that every graphic designer creative professional needs is a good backpack and backpacks can range to all these different prices. The one I particularly recommend and I have actually is the crowser backpack laptop. It fits up to 17-inch laptop. It’s only dollars, and this exact colorway is actually the one that I have right here and this is an awesome backpack. I mean, it has so much compartments. Um, and if you’re a graphic designer, if you, uh, are creative professional, you want all these compartments? You want to put your camera? You want to put your laptop? Your ipad, your headphone’s, all of that. You got one here? You got compartments right here, and you know, uh, all these things you could put, like, uh, your pens and note cards and Chargers and all these departments, and then you have a big one right here. That is actually pretty deep and pretty big as well. You can put like books and notebooks and laptops and ipads. All the things you want. I’ve even put clothes here. Upper cameras here, and it’s very padded. So, um, if your stuff are not gonna get damaged and you have, uh, back here as well. A laptop. Um, uh, where you could put a laptop now? I personally like to put a laptop here just for more padding, but you could even put here just some good padding here as well. It’s very sturdy now. This particular backpack I’ve had this for about almost two years and as you can see. It still looks perfect. I love the color of it. It has like a gray kind of stitch pattern with some brown zippers as you can see, every zipper is still intact. It’s all good quality. Every zipper tag is still intact. The backpack has nice padding in the back. I’ve went, I’ve gone everywhere with this backpack. I’ve gone to Japan, New York. Um, seattle everywhere with his backpack. I put you know, clothes, cameras and it’s awesome. It even has a, um, where’d it go? It even has a charger. So you can put your portable charger here and there is a wire that sticks out somewhere or the USB somewhere. Oh, there you go, there’s a USB. You can plug your phone here and you can have your phone charging. So this is an excellent, excellent quality backpack, crowser. It’s only 34. I trust me that graphic designer. The one you’re gonna give a gift to? They’re gonna love this backpack. I guarantee it and the next gift that I want to suggest. Is this awesome notebook? Now I love notebooks. I use them for everything. Whenever I’m at a conference, I’m at a virtual conference. I write notes. Whenever I want a client call, I write notes whenever I want to start on a new design or a new website or maybe even a new logo. I’ll sketch it out and I have all these notebooks now. Recently, I’ve transitioned to an ipad so that I’m able to organize my notes A lot better with notion and Evernote and all these apps, but it’s still not the same as a regular notebook and this notebook right here. The rocketbook smart reusable notebook is only 43 dollars. And you get a big notebook and you get a notepad, two pens and two cloth rags and it’s awesome. It’s pretty much a reusable notebook, and it’s a smart notebook and what it’s called. What’s cool, It has these dots and that’s really big, especially graphic designers, especially when you’re sketching or writing down, you want those dot patterns and then also you’re able to erase it, but then you’re able to save whatever you wrote and then put it on. You could upload it to your computer. Uh, you could, actually you have an app that you download with your phone and you’re able to organize your notes that way. So this is a great idea that you can give to the creative professional something that’s under 50 It’s good for sketching for logo mockups for wireframes notes, ideas or even just your thoughts. Whatever everyone needs a good notebook and this is. I think that perfect notebook for them now. The next two gifts range from fifty dollars to a hundred dollars. So these are under a hundred dollars. It’s for that close friend. Maybe it’s your college roommate, but you’re in college. So you can’t buy a gift? That’s like, you know, crazy baller status. Or maybe it’s that sibling who’s a creative professional in your life. Well, these are some awesome gift suggestions from them. The first one to give you is this jbl tune 700 BT over ear headphones. Whatever you call this, uh? These look like awesome headphones. I love headphones. I particularly have some cheap ones. So for those of you for any of my family members who are watching this video like my mom. My dad, my brother, my sisters or my wife. Hey, I’m giving you hints right now. This is the headphones that I want, and by the way they’re not gonna watch this video. They don’t watch my videos. But every graphic designer needs a pair of headphones. It is good to have Bluetooth headphones. I have these on every time I’m on a computer. Everyone on my computer. I have these on. I use it to listen to music. I used to listen to podcasts. Uh, audiobooks. Sometimes when I’m designing when I’m working on something I have like my design here and my other part of my screen. I have like a widescreen monitor. It’ll be playing shows. Um, like right now. I’m really big into watching Naruto again. So I’ve been watching that while I’m I’m designing It’s super hard, though, because I don’t like watching it dubbed I like watching it sub right, so I have to read the subtitles, so I have to, like glance all the time, but I’m rewatching the Great Ninja War and Naruto! You did not need to know that, but it’s always good to have these over ear headphones that you put on, and I like over here in particular, because I don’t like it when it’s touching my ear. I don’t like stuff inside my ear. It’s always, it’s always annoying, so I like stuff that are over the ear that just goes over it and it’s wireless. I can move around all that stuff Without these limitations, so Bluetooth headphones are always a good idea, and these right here are particularly good. They’re only 60 dollars and it’s a good price. Good quality. JBL, unknown brand number five is the Logitech MX Master 3 Or if you want to save a bit, you can get the MX Master 2 now. The MX Master 3 goes right at 100 and this is an amazing mouse. If I could just say it’s the best mouse in the market right now I have the MX Master 2 and the MX Master 2 is amazing. I have this thing preset. This thing is my baby. This thing always helps me with my workflow whenever I’m designing whenever I’m working on a video whenever I’m working on a website. Whatever this thing is, my baby. I have this thing memorized like I have a button for my thumb for my scroll wheel for, uh, these two buttons right here for this button for this button and this button right here. I have it all memorized. I have a perfect word workflow with just my mouse. Trust me, that graphic designer in your life. They will love you if you give them this mouse now. This is the newer version. I have the older version MX Master II. This is the newer MX master three, um, its wireless. Its Bluetooth and the buttons are customizable. So they I guarantee you. They will love this mouse, and it comes right at 100 now. The next two gifts go in between that 100 to 200 range. This is when it starts getting into that. Like you’re pretty close to this person. It’s probably like your favorite sibling, your favorite brother or your favorite sister. Maybe you’re a parent and this is for your son and or your daughter, and you want to support their creative, uh, endeavors, even though you probably don’t believe they’re going to make that much money, but you want to support the creative endeavors or, uh, you’re a child, and you want to give it to your parent, and you’re just balling out, man, you can give these gifts as well and you cannot go wrong with a pair of air pods, especially the one with the charging case. Its 159 dollars, it comes under 200 159 with the charger case, 199 for the wireless charging case. The wireless charging case will be a great idea. Um, it comes right at 200 and you can’t go wrong with a pair of airpods. I personally like the regular airpod’s more than the Airpod’s pro. I don’t like stuff inside my ear. I don’t like in-ear headphones. I they’re so annoying to me. Some people love him and totally. I totally get it and that’s totally fine, but I personally just like regular airpods. I have these airpod’s right here, and it’s just great when I’m walking. One of the favorite things that I do. One of my favorite persons for airpods honestly is when I’m washing dishes. Whenever I wash the dishes at my home because I’m a good husband, I always pop my air pods in watch a Youtube video while I’m washing my dishes, and it’s like just time just goes by so fast, right, so it’s always useful to give away these airpods to give the graphic designer these airpods and it just looks cool. You know, you’re just like. Oh, did you say something? Oh, what, oh, I’m sorry, I’m on the phone this next gift. It cracks me up a little bit, But when I thought about it, this would be a perfect, perfect gift. The rentful foot massager! Now you would say what for a graphic designer? I mean, think about it, guys. Think about if you give that person who’s in their desk all day, probably sitting down, always working on designs and literally at their desk eight hours a day. Can you imagine how much the experience will change? If instead of just sitting there, they’re sitting there, but their feet are getting massaged. I mean, come on, check this out. This foot massager is only 183 dollars. It has shiyatsu and heat and compression and deep kneading. I honestly don’t know a lot of those. I don’t know the difference between shiatsu or kneading. Whatever I just know, I love foot massages. Can you imagine you’re sitting there and your feet are just being massaged and just sitting down working. I don’t know about you. I just straight, knock out. It may not be a good idea for graphic designers Anyways, because you probably just end up falling asleep, but this is a unique gift idea that you can give, and I guarantee you. They will love this, especially for their work from home desk setup. What a great addition. And then these last two gifts are just straight up. What I call baller? Status gift? I mean this. Is that one person in your life that you love? It could be your wife. It could be your husband. It could be that person that you’re just the love of your life, your soul mate, or maybe it’s yourself, you know, you gotta love yourself. You gotta treat yourself a bit. Kanye loves Kanye. This is that gift. These are all over two hundred dollars. This one! I really really want and when I say I want it. I want it to the point that every time I look at social media, These are the only ads I see. Are the autonomous smart desks now? A smart desk is a sit stand desk. That means that you can have it sitting down or standing up, and this one’s really awesome. You could have presets. Have, uh, defined presets where on what certain height you want these desks, It’s good for posture. It’s good for your, um, physical health and physical well-being. Sometimes I’m more focused if I’m standing up. Uh, I personally don’t like to do videos sitting down. I don’t know why I’m just more uncomfortable. I love doing videos. When I’m standing up, I’m more mobile. I can run around and go everywhere. There’s a smart desk too. This always pops up like, literally. I probably because I always talk about. It and Alexa is out there, spying and listening to each and every one of us that it just pops up. It always pops up on my instagram on my Facebook. Just pops up, but this desk is awesome. It ranges all the way from 379 to 739 has different presets. You can see the video right there. Different custom customizations. You can do a white top with a white frame. You can do a bamboo top with a great frame. What I personally want would be. Um, probably be a bamboo top with a black frame. That’s probably the look that I’m gonna go for, And this is just a great gift. This is, I mean, you can get the cheaper one, the smaller one for only 379 and give it to that special person in your life, and they will love you for this, and it’s also good for them as well. And then the last gift is a gift that if you have the money, you cannot go wrong. It’s an ipad. It’s only 5.99 for the new 10.9 inch ipad air. It’s only 5.99 for this ipad air. I got this as a space gray mine’s a little bit fixed up. I think I have a little more gigabytes on this one. But every graphic designer that necessarily needs one. But they would love you if you give them one of these. I got the one with the apple pen. Of course it’s always great for organizing your life with a lot of apps like notion and Evernote and all these organization apps like to do lists. It’s great for drawing or illustrating or creating sketches. I create layouts with this ipad. Um, it’s also great for even editing your photos. They have Photoshop now on the ipad. Adobe Illustrator. Um, you can edit photos with this thing and just you know? Just sit down there and draw and just put out your thoughts. I like to write down with these things. I love writing notes with this. This has replaced my notebook Because I just write everything in this. I keep it all organized, so I tell you this. You can’t go wrong if you have the money. And if that person is that special to you, get him an ipad. You can’t go wrong with that. I know the last one is anti-climactic. It’s not unique like there’s the the foot massager. But this is going to be an awesome gift for that creative professional in your life, and I actually have a video on my channel where I go more in depth about the ipad air 2020 and why I bought it as graphic designer and why I believe it’s beneficial for graphic designers out there. So click that link right here. Click that video up here. Well, that’s it for today, guys. If you want to check out any of those items that we talked about in this video, I’m going to have the links down below. I’m going to have also a kit that I’m going to prepare on my Kitco website Kit Dot Co. RR abroad. If you want to check out any of those items and these are all going to be affiliate links. So if you click any of those and buy it, it’s going to help me out a little bit. Help me keep creating these videos for you guys. I hope you enjoyed that video. If you did, click the like button and also consider subscribing in this channel like to get tips and tools for graphic designers and creative professionals until next time. Guys, thank you so much for watching. Always keep learning. See you next time peace.