Glitter Effect Illustrator | Glitter Texture | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial For Beginners

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Glitter Texture | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial For Beginners


Hey, guys, my name is Elena and I’m a graphic designer, and this is my channel for beginners in Adobe Illustrator, and today I’m going to show you how to create this glitter background, and after my tutorial, you can to create, for example, invitations or holiday illustrations or such kind of banners or everything. What you like, And if you’re interesting, please keep watching. [MUSIC] This is our workspace. And this is our colors. Okay, guys, now, let’s create our glitter background. We need this color and the ellipse tool, and you need to create these small ellipse grid copy and paste it and put it here and again, copy and paste it and again and again great. Now, let’s align it, okay, and now, guys, you need to colorize every ellipse to the color of the square on the top. Great, good job. Now I’m going to show you how to create symbols, okay, guys, select these ellipse and in the window. All symbols, new symbol and here are nothing to change. Okay, great now again, the same symbols, new symbol and okay and the same here and the same here and the same here great. Now we need this color and rectangle tool, and we need to draw the background, great job and here, lock it good job. Now let’s select this symbol and the sprayer tool and you need to spray this symbol. Anyway, as you want and you need to spray all five symbols and time to time, change them until your background wouldn’t be Look like glitter. Now I’m going to show you the technique. And it will take a lot of time to create this background and you need to be patient, so I wouldn’t show you all the time. I created this background and I’m going to show you the results. This is our result, and now we need to create some sparkles to make our glitter background. More live here. We need ellipse, black color and black and white background here. White here, black, but here. We need brown any brown. What you like and move slider like me. Great, now, select it and put it here, not pretty, but opacity and screen. And, voila, our sparkle is ready now, select it. [MUSIC] Let’s look great look and now select it, and we need to create symbol symbol here, new symbol and, okay, great. Now, let’s look to our background, and we need, uh, to select sprayer tool and to spray our new symbol to create more sparkles. Yes, great job. And now our background is became more alive. Now we need my closer and again ellipse the same gradient. And now we need here, orange and slider like this. [MUSIC] Now copy and paste it and black and white gradient and slider move here like me and make our ellipse a little smaller and put it here now select both ellipses and opacity, screen, great job, now, copy and paste, first ellipse and make like me great. Now, make it a little bigger and fatter, great and put it here and closer and move it like me and make it a little better and copy and paste it and reflect number the horizontal or vertical the same. Okay, now, let’s look great now select it and here, opacity screen. That’s right now, group it select it and group it and move it here. Oh, great! Our sparkle is ready. Now you can play with this sparkle. You can make it bigger or smaller copy and paste it and you can put your sparkles in any place. What you want because it’s a glitter glitter background and it can sparkle in different ways. Okay, guys, our glitter background is ready, and in the same way you can create, for example, black background or pink background or red background any background? You like that’s all for today? If you like my tutorial, please give me a like, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me and see you soon. Guy’s, bye bye.