Glow Effect Illustrator | How To Create Neon Glow Effect – Illustrator Tutorial


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How To Create Neon Glow Effect - Illustrator Tutorial


Everybody welcome to another tutorial offered in your marketing. This is, you know, and today we are going to create a glowing neon effect around the object. So I am going to take this bottle. This is a coke bottle that I have created just the outline of that bottle. I took the image from the Rococo images, and I drawn this line of line of bottle by using this pen tool. This is very simple and very easy, so you can if you want it, but you can download this file from my blog post, so I will upload over there. I just drawn this to save time and we are. We will work on this lines only on the outline of this bottle, and we will create eliminating, in fact or the glowing effect around the edges of this bottle. So let’s start now, okay, so before going to create a new document, What I want to do, I will just copying this layer. This is an absolute vacuum layer that our Creator, so you can see that all the anchor points are visible, so I’m just copying it and creating a new document now so you can go into the file and create a new document from here. I’m taking the size 5 inches into 5 inches, that’s. The my document, focus space and the orientation is portrait. I’m not working on the bleed at the moment. And the color mod is our RGB. This is very important to consider the RGB mod for this type of elimination. Because if you will walk on the CMYK, then we there will be a lot of difference in the final result. And I will show you how the result will be different. If you are working on the CMYK, that’s why I’m working on the RGB modded moments so and let’s start to work on with this with these settings press. OK, and now we are creating this talk – peace and I am creating a black background here. This is very important when we are going to create neon, in fact, or the glowing effect. Or if you want to eliminate something. Then black background is the more suitable background that you can take because everything that will be available or the visible over the black background will be curved. We’ll show you the more quality results as compared to any other color so just created this by using this rectangular tool and now press shift and select this layer and press ctrl -. I’m going to lock this layer. Because if not, it will not distract you to work on the other layers. So if you can do your work in a proper way, okay, so what are we have already copied the bottle outline, so I am pasting over here. Ctrl V. So sorry, the document is here what it is here so I am pressing Ctrl C error and now press control V. Now you can change the zoom in option to around 33% so you can adjust a layer around your workspace. I want to keep it in the middle of my back document, so it will. They look like this. Now it’s you can move into 150 percent, so you can easily see that what? I am doing okay, so I’m just changing the color to red red one. And here you can see, it looks like this. No, you can see that what I have done. I, actually I’m not going into the details of creating these type of the glowing effect. I’m just creating a layers over layers and provide just a form of glow around the object. Yeah, otherwise, if you want to go into more sophistical sophisticated options, then what you can do. You can clear the offsets object or going to the offset mark, and you can create the future and underscore you know some partner offsets and you can create another. Yes, and you can do these things, but all right now, if you are a beginner, if you’re learning illustrator that it would be quite easy for you to handle this to copy the layer over there and create this effect or blowing your local. Okay, so right now. The outline mode is so clear it is three points, so I’m just going to move it to five points so it will be more thicker than before. And the trim color is off so right now. It look like this now what I’m going to do. I’m doing this same step again. I’m pressing Ctrl C ctrl. C this time. I’m pressing Ctrl C and Ctrl F. And you can see. I have created another layer here, and now the cheese. And now you can change the stroke of the second layer to or one point, so it will be more thinner and more and so you can just adjust it in the middle of the first bottom layer so and change the color to white, so it looked like this. Okay, so this is a very simple and very easy. I just copied in or taking keystroke. Please get another get over that layer and change. It’s true to one point, so that’s so far. We have put on all this. No, this is the another. I am copying dinner number. Two first control, C and control app again took place in same place and this time we are going to create. The cheese is two point two four points. Okay, so it will be look like this. After changing this now, you can see that there are three layers, first layer, thinner layer the second or and this one, so we have created three years so far now we are going to change the color of this layer to bright red, Okay, so now we are selecting this layer, the copper layer because it’s on front and now going to be effect section blur and choose the option of the Gaussian blur. Okay, now you can turn on the preview more to see how things will be look like here. You can just adjust the level of the glow from here just by decreasing, increasing the pixel size. So you can see that how the District Francisco, then when I’m increasing it and so you can just just adjust it. According to your requirement, but how? How much glow do you want so? I think the 38 is OK for me, so I will press OK here. So this is a very simple and very easy and handy technique that you can use to create glowing eliminations around the objects also and it will be look like this If you are not okay with the Lord that is in the middle, and if you want to make it more, you know, a mashed with a red one, then you can figure it as well. So what I’m going to do, I will press it again and I will just select this layer and go into the effect section and here you can use the feather option and I want to use the 0.05 here and remove this one, so you can preview it a little bit apply, so you can see. This is much much, you know, mashed with the red one, so we are going to make it more. Let’s see how it comes up with you 0.01 If I will go with this, so you can see. It is quite nice with the red one. So you can place your red emeasure over the second here again and it will be look like this. This is a very simple energy technique that you can do so now. I’m going to show you how deep the press will come up if you will turn on the document Mart or the document color mode to CMYK. So you can see how the things are going. I just convert it to CMYK and you can see. There is a lot of difference because CMYK. Is you document it for more color? Mark for tip 20 and these type of elimination is more recommended for the screen resolution, So the best option is to work with the RGB, So it will be look like this after doing these changes. Okay, now what you can do, you can just copying this layer and I I just can select each and everything place it here and press control C and control app again to place in same place and just move it here by using the arrow key. And now you can change the and things as per your need, for example. I am just selecting this and here. I am changing the illumination color to red one hour. Sorry to blue, so you can see how the things are going. So these are the they’re very easyyou and a handy technique that you can use to provide illumination around the objects. You can do the same things over the text or the any other object. This is very simple and very easy to do. Thank you so much for watching. I will come back to you with another tutorial. Subscribe to my channel and have a very good day. Bye bye!