Glyphs In Illustrator | Glyphs In Photoshop, Illustrator & More, To Replace/change Those Strange Characters In Seconds Flat

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Glyphs In Photoshop, Illustrator & More, To Replace/change Those Strange Characters In Seconds Flat


What’s up, Youtube? My name is John Brauman And in this video, we’re going to talk about taking strange looking characters in a font that we don’t like and how to quickly change them using the glyph’s panel. It’s super easy, and it’s a really underutilized tool, so a fair bit of warning this isn’t going to work for every single font, but it will work for probably any high quality font. That is a good font foundry that designed the font that means that generally speaking. If you paid for your font, if you got it on Adobe Creative Cloud or became pre-installed in your system, fonts like that are generally going to have way more options in the glyph’s panel. They’re going to allow you to be able to swap out characters that you don’t like for potentially another looking one or sometimes ones with accents if you’re doing different types of languages and things like that, but in this video, I’m going to show you some sort of script fonts that are a little hard to read, so you can just swap them out, so they’re easier to read, and I’m going to show you Some fonts where the numbers are kind of funny like they bounce up and down and it’s a it’s a design thing that they’ve chosen to do, but sometimes I find that a little too distracting, so I just want to even it all out, so it’s a nice number all in a row like a normal font would be so without further ado. Let’s jump into the computer and I’ll show you what I’m talking about. Okay, so here are my two examples that I want to show you of when I have some sort of, you know, funny looking characters or things that I want to change whether it be a number or a letter, so the first one here is these funny numbers. Some fonts will have this thing where the O or certain numbers are just smaller and other numbers are bigger and some will go further down this baseline and above and they’ll be bouncing all around and that can be just problematic and it can just not fit the design that you want so you can see like the 7 is way lower and things like that. Now, a decent font will allow you to change this and a lot of times in newer versions of illustrator. If you just highlight it, it will pop up with your other options, so you see that I just click that other seven. Click that other O. And so on as I highlight these, it’s giving me the alternative character now the other way to do that is to open the glyph’s panel, so we’re just gonna go to type and then down here to glyphs, and this is opening up all the other characters that make up this font. So then what you would do is you would highlight this highlight your five here, so just showing you right there that that is the five that is currently using. But as you can see, it’s below my baseline, That’s not what I want. So if I scroll through here, I’ll find another five. Nope, that’s not the one I want. I find another five still. No, not the one I want, so you keep going. And then there you go, right. There is the one I want, so go ahead and delete those ones, and now by double clicking on this, I’m bringing it back in and I can continue on now. I know if I go back to where I was there before I can continue to use the fonts in that line, so we got one. It’s annoying a little bit, so what we could do here because every time I select this, It’s popping me up to the top well. Just delete this. We’ll go over back to where we were scrolling down here, and then we can double. Click two, three, four and so on and it’s not going to pop us back to the top each time, so that is a really easy way to get rid of those numbers and fix them, so they’re nicely aligned and it’s all still fully editable, which is nice so you can go in there and you can change the number if they say ah, you know what you it’s actually five, six five. That’s an easy quick change previously. What you might have done is go in here and you might have turned this to outlines and brought things up. And then, you know, enlarged things you’re stretching it now. You’re throwing things all the way and so on, you might do that the whole way along and kind of line everything up, It’s just a whole lot of work, and it’s not that accurate and again you just have to like stretch and pull things, and then if that client was like, oh, this, this is the wrong number, you know, you’d have to figure out a way to use it and you can see the thickness of this two is all off so it would be a lot of work to make that work normally, but thankfully this font builder has given us the option of just swapping it out, so it’s nice and easy now the same thing will go again with sort of script fonts or any fonts, where the character is actually a little unusual, so you can see here in this example that I have some sort of funny flourish here to this A and you can see, there’s also a funny flourish on this E That is nice because at the end of a font, you know, it might be interesting to kind of have that, but if it’s in the middle of it, it’s too distracting. You’re causing some kind of crazy things here so again with my glitch panel open, I could go in here and I could find some alternative as and see which version I like better by. Double clicking here. So you can see there you go. I just replaced it again. In newer versions of illustrator, it’ll actually give you the options here, so you can get really crazy and add all kinds of weird swooshes or just go back to using a normal and any letter that will allow you to do. This will just show up most the time when you’re highlighting it like so, so we can make this e less dramatic by clicking that, or we can add the kind of flourish or different type of flourish. Whatever we think is cooler, and as you can see in this case, there may not be an option for another E If you refine that you don’t like that, and so you’re gonna have to go the old school way of customizing it, but this will allow you to make, you know a lot quicker changes to fonts. So there you go, That’s a good way to take a character that you didn’t like and change it to a better option really fast without having to turn this out lines and completely create something yourself. Instead, you’re just swapping it out using this handy glyphs panel. Alright, so that’s it. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you did please like it, please subscribe. If you want to see more cool tips and tricks. And if you want to learn more. I teach full-length classes at skillsharecom. John Brahma. I’ll put a link for that in the description below, and you can follow me on Instagram at Johan Brammer. So thanks so much and well. See you guys next time you.