Gold Foil Texture Illustrator | How To Create Shiny Gold Text In Adobe Illustrator

Erin Gipford

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How To Create Shiny Gold Text In Adobe Illustrator


Okay, Tuesday, I am going to show you how to do the pre gold shimmery text that you see in a lot of blog posts and social media graphics seems to be pretty popular right now. So first, let’s start with our rectangle tool, you know, we’re just going to draw a rectangle doesn’t really matter what size or anything. We’ll start with a blank because I’m sure that table was for you, and first thing we’re going to do is go to our up to our menu, Go to window and then find our gradient palate, which is right here that over here so we can see it, and it automatically defaults to the first gradient, which is just white to black, so we are going to go ahead and click that square to fill our rectangle and now we’re going to customize this grade to be different shades of gold and iron. You went ahead and picked two different shades of gold that I’m going to use and Ill. Give them to you here. They’re in my library. They are, lets. See what you do? [MUSIC] Okay, right, see. CBS 4 8 and B 9 8 B 4 9 8 5 B. If you want to get those numbers down, you can to make it easier or you can experiment with your own colors. – doesn’t matter. Oh, we’re going to delete that little square that I made extremely so we are going to select our rectangle now. We’re going to go over to our gradient option panel here and to start with, we’re just going to click underneath the star A series of times, probably at least eight or nine. If you click, another little marker bar appears, so we’re just going to keep quick. Quick, quick, quick, quick. All the way down to the end now. We’re going to go in and fill these color markers with our gold colors. Well, let’s start with the first one. If you double, click on that little marker, it brings up a color palette and then we’re going to type in CC c48 which is our first color of gold hit. Enter in there. We got a third so now. I’m going to copy that color number and I’m going to paste it in every other marker. [music] Okay now! I’m going to do the same thing for the other color. I’m going to use and click on my second marker and I’m going to type in my second color of gold, which is a 4 9 8 B and let’s copy that. Make it easy and go back to every other [Music] there. We go okay, so now you can see. We have this nice little gradient of our two different shades of gold. And you think you can do this? However, you want you can do three shades of gold. You can do four. She ate the gold. It’s completely customizable to whatever you want, this is. I’m just beneath this for demonstration purposes. Okay, so now before we go any further, we don’t. We don’t want to do this. I have to do this and plug these colors and again, so we’re going to go ahead and save this gradient to our swatch palette. And you do that you go over to your gradients window little triangle, right next to the square, hit that, and then you’ll see this little icon down here that says Ed Swatches, so we’re going to add that, and then, in essence, it kind of saved it for us. If we want to call it up or use it again later, we go to a window and down to swatches and here just saved in our swatch palette right there, so we could delete this drawing box or any kind of pattern and just click this button. It would fill it for us. Super easy time-saver. So okay, now the fun part. You are going to type your text. Whatever text you want to be made your shiny gold and I am just going to use my name so type your text. Make it give you make it the same size as your rectangle so that it is on top, the color of it doesn’t matter because it’s going to change anyway. So get a font that you like. Then it’s just a series of three commands super simple with your text selected. You’re going to go up to type you choose create outlines. Click up, you can see now. Your name or whatever text you take in here is no longer a font. It’s actually lines. Okay, what we want, we can’t go in and select it anymore and retype over it, so now select your text again, and now you’re going to go up to object. You’re going to make this a compound path so compound path slide over to make, and now it is all combined into one compound path, and we have one more thing to do. We are going to select all of this text and background and then go back up to object. I’m going to make it a clipping mask. And then this little error message comes up because it’s kind of a complex object that we’re transforming, but just hit OK and voila, there’s your goal cut super simple. You can do it any way you want and you know what it’s this? If we get to this point, and you’re like them, it still doesn’t look quite right to me very, very, very easily fixable. You can do controlled leaf and kind of just back out of your step, and here’s the choose your gradient again if you want to add different colors or tweak your colors. Go ahead and do that. If you do shift shift, control the it goes forward through your through your steps. So that’s kind of a cool little tool. Hopefully this was helpful for you. And it will aid in your creation of Super Awesome blog and social media graphics. Thanks for watching.