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Photoshop Makeover: Gordon Ramsay


This beaver looks like Ross. Oh, my god, so many different things people think. I look like this beaver, that’s up there. Go the other way. Take a photo like it, okay, So this is the image we’re working with. Can we get back to the beaver back to be vocal decreased? Roi just no way. We’re gonna find the BB from this. Okay, so, okay, visually similar images, Ladies and gentleman, lots less no in there. Yeah, we’ll get the mural the mirror behind Smith. How is your your porn viewing going? Yeah, you got several a country, there’s now. Smith, you one they keep making them. Yeah, well, people can just make accounts or news image as they find on the internet like though I don’t care, cuz It’s not me aren’t word. Are you sure it’s not so saw this outside a shop in France? It’s a cross with an oversized mouth. Yeah, I can see that. Yeah, no, I can see that. Do we think we can maybe take that image and shrink down their mouth to try? And yeah, make it look more like. Ross, right, so I need to. What cut is nose and mouth? Would you want to keep then? Just try and shrink his nose and mouth a little bit first. Oh, that’s a tiny mouth that’s useful. I don’t know, I think you need to reduce the size of the nose mouth. Do that come on again close? Yeah, now pull that no, sir. This doesn’t look, right. Ross, there’s Roy. I am. It Looks less like Ross. Though should we attach it to an actual picture? My face, then? Oh, wow, what so my version? The first shot is picking up on facial features. I still doesn’t look anything I think. The nose needs to be different. Let’s bulbous. Yeah, he has more of what? I just a straight nose rather than a like, bulbous nose perfect. Looks like it’s just his face. Isn’t it so you know some there’s little? Mets, which have a face print illness All those the place gem that when faces for people who’s like lose their mouths crashes. It looks like a composite well. Yeah, we think this is what the man looked like. You need to reverse image search and see if that folks. Oh, check it out. It worked! Oh, wasn’t differ, knew it. Wasn’t there you go? It was similar enough that it just got. It just changed the mouth, that’s fine. Whoa, oh, right, that’s weird like if I just sort of slightly move our toes and Harry Potter. I don’t know what this guy did to these images, but that’s very strange. Oh, my God, ah, yeah, so there’s a guy who went into Love Island who looked he has a tiny, tiny, tiny Mountain similar to me. These guys are all like way over town. I’m gonna make David Schwimmer look like you. Ross, okay. It’s a better! Looking guy looks strange, though. Now, good thing. I don’t think he looks anything. Like rock star certified. I think he’s a better looking guy, but I mean, it’s forehead. You can even bring the forehead down, okay. Can you make me more attractive trap? Okay, impossible! Oh, thanks. Where is Alex Smith? How does it feel that when you type in your name, nothing comes up and do. I know an interesting bit of information, right, so I was coming back from France of a day and I had my past, but I went to those [ __ ] automatic check-in things, and I’m like these things never work. I’m gonna have to go around again. I know I will went up. Boop, sure, enough, please seek assistance. I leave go up to the border guard. And I’m like English guy and I’m like. Hey, just ask question. I’ve used these things probably 10-15 times, and they’ve never worked for me. What am I doing wrong? He’s like, oh, you just got a common name, mate. I’m I was like, really. You named Alec Smith like there’s other Alec Smith That might be of interest to us so we were always you in common, so I said to him like. So, does that mean every single time I’m gonna have to get manually reviewed and you start at the moment. Yeah, it will always flag it and I was like, Oh, my can I just come straight to you? He’s like no and Im. Way but but I know it’s gonna fail. I’m not gonna change my name. They said they might be rolling out a new date, a package for the gates in like a year’s time. So maybe after that year. I was just like [ __ ] we just everybody called. Alec Smith there. We go liquify. It recognizes a face. That’s a good start. Smith, make me look good looking. Draw, okay, not like a [ __ ] for you. Anyone can do the big eye thing. Retouch me. Make me better looking. Give me a wider jaw. Can you make it so the photos in focus? Hold me up! Yes, yeah, look at me. Go, yeah, giant oh! God, well, what’s happened to my body? Oh, it’s what they may be too bulky. I’ll be believable. Smooth them out completely smooth me out, lets. Get done smoothing process. Oh, wonderful because that red blemishes, l-tron blemishes for this. Can you [ __ ] Get a picture of Gordon? Ramsay, move all of the Structured Sun. Smooth them out, all right, smooth. Now get [ __ ] trowel. Yeah, just smooth me out. Opacity, low and Carmen meets coloured smooth. Look, it’s kind of doing it painting you in flat me out so pretty. I want to be flat this mess. This is amazing news. You have made him look better. This is a big moustachio. Yeah, he’s doing, he’s joining or he’s coming. I like you, actually. I like it. Have a droop down. I don’t hate it. I don’t hate it. I look like some sort of Russian dictator now. I look a little bit like Saddam. Hussein, pull back! I look like Saddam. Hussein, it’s perfect, yeah? I got a sharpen there. Sorry, can you get the neck the neck as well? These two need to do a line, unsightly lines, right. Yeah, my apologie’s so. I certainly post it on. The hip film subreddit saying this guy looks likes to me. Maybe we should do that now. Yeah, just make make like a fake account and post it on already and see what happens. Oh, yes, make a make a cut. The [ __ ] hang out. That’s [ __ ] great. Can you replace the green with like a scene from Iraq? Oh, well, I could just a dusty like this. Yeah, like the dusty. No, okay, the Iraqi countryside or something? Oh, we done! Thanks so much! What, you’re there? Why don’t some making me look prettier, true? Yeah, that’s what I requested I would. They say blur the background slightly, so it makes it like that saturation chart. This is really good. Okay, perfect, all right. Save that trot. That one’s gonna go into the reddit. What’s why you ain’t gonna be groundbreaking on school? Focus, okay. Does this look like wow really comes alive? Doesn’t really does what you see it like every time. I see it now. It’s just fresh, it’s good. This is gonna get reported immediate host Who knows now on our subreddit. Helms fat down. Smithy, The one final thing that I want trot to do is to grab that picture of Gordon Ramsay and Smooth that [ __ ] Forehead out move, and then Well, Ramsay all that day. Hey, Sal! Oh, yes, because my matching is catching some wrinkles under the wrinkles. Oh, god, it’s really stubborn, stubborn wrinkles. Yeah, deep one’s eye takes a lot of calculations as a smooth outlast. [ __ ] lips! You need to bring those lips are plump and tender, those lips liquefy in and liquefy. Now, let’s get seeing beneath the merge that. Yes, you wanna comp nose? You’ve started look like that guy from. Big Brother. Who’s the living, Kendall? Have you seen that guy made by that guy? Oh, my god, oh, there he is! Oh, he said the n-word three times already having for the house. Why what possible reason is? He got to use the n-word. It was oh! I don’t even know the context of it. I saw narco Where said that he’s already said it three times. He’s he’s been let off for the warning. What have you done to poor old? Mouthy boy. We’ve smooth them out and then we’ve pumped him up. Are they are really taken out 20 years. Oh, my god, what you’re adding! I’d have you do. Nothing we’re like it’s, um. I really [ __ ] up. You have your eyes when you look at his face because you’re not sure which? I is realize see what we’ve done Is. We’ve improved Gordon Ramsay. Is it getting weird now? Yeah, say! I feel free to think of title suggestions for what this all mess of the video could be around. I’m asking the audience here. Don’t be a title for it by the time they know knocked out for this video. I mean, a title for, like, we’re doing whatever the [ __ ] This is, okay, cuz we don’t [ __ ] know wasting time. Yeah, yes, time, wasters time wasters, so thanks for watching. Make sure to subscribe to our. Channel, it’s always a good thing to do and like the video. If you want to see more [ __ ] like this Wall, [ __ ] like this, youll. See you next time go. Gordon, we’ll see you every in your nightmares. There he is. I just wanted a smooth Gordon, and this is what we gain. Oh, we asked our smoothes. Gordon, we got [ __ ] up called Gordon. Oh, yes, smooth. Oh, it’s back again before bye [Applause].