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Gradient Strokes In Illustrator Cs5 - Adobe Illustrator Tutorial


Hello, everyone and welcome to this tutorial today. I’m going to show you how to apply gradients to strobes in Illustrator CS5. Now, as you may know, this feature was added in CS6, so it’s a bit hard to even see is 5 foot and leave. It is possible as you see on these pictures right here. So you’re going to learn how to make three different types of gradients apply. The Strokes you’re gonna have gradient to go across the entire stroke is into the object. You can have gradients that go from the interior of the object outwards, so interior, the stroke outwards like this, and then you were going to do the heart’s lungs, and that’s a gradient along an entire stroke. Go from red to blue on the acceptor right there. So let’s get started now. We’re gonna begin with gradients across strokes as if they’re not fit, so like this. The first thing we always have to do is we have to click our object and this is just a spiral. You can create one by clicking on this box right here. You’re going to spiral to, and has a stroke of 18 and the first thing we do. We go to object and expand and you need to expand the stroke and this makes the stroke into an object. This is the workaround that you have to go and cs5 now once. This is an object, it’s really simple. All you have to do is either. I drop a gradient like that or use your gradient tool and add whatever gradient you want to your object, just like that. That’s a pretty cool effect, so that’s pretty simple now. The next bit is gradients that go from the interior of a stroke outwards and this is also fairly easy again. You start by clicking on your object, you go to object, expand, expand the stroke as you always have to, That’s okay now. The color that you see on the inside. This is the color that’s going. This is gonna be one of the colors that you’re gonna going to go from, so we’re gonna start your boat rent. We’ll blend it to a black or something, so all we do Is we select our object. The dolphin effect stylize and then inner glow in this fog. Follow up here now. Usually this would be stuck on a mode called screen or by default, it’ll press preview and if we select a color, whatever color we want this red to change doing, let’s say. I have an olive green, so lets. Try it! Okay, see, the color doesn’t. Come out, right, so you have to change this mode to normal. Make a change in normal turn on preview something. Our green color is that now we can reverse this by making the green go to the red or the red going through the green by switching from Center at the edge, and the amount of gradient is controlled by the blur that you have here, also your pasty. You want them to be a hundred percent to get this full color? You drop it. You see that the color slightly fades, so we keep it out of hundred-percent and the blur we can display the pick forces. It’s very high. You get the full green. If it’s very low, you get a smaller gradient and you would just adjust that manually to whatever you want, and there you go now, Of course, there’s always going to be a little bit of glow at the edges, but this is the best workaround that you can do. In Illustrator cs5. Now the last type of gradient is the most difficult and that’s a gradient along the entire stroke, beginning to the end of the stroke. What we do is we select our object Go to object again, expand the stroke, and now we have expanded our stroke now. The next thing we do is we use the knife tool. The knife tool is right behind the eraser tool. We’ll, just click and hold here and go to the knife tool and we’re going to cut this up into roughly eight pieces of aim for eight as you can and what we want to do. Is we want to cut it where we have the stroke following a simple direction, so either this way or that way or this way or that way? But so long as it follows the direction. So we’re gonna cut it like this. So now we have roughly a flat surface here this to here and that’s to cut, so that’s three seconds. That’s three cuts, five six plus seven plus eight cuts. So now we have nine segments after we do that we select our object, right, click and ungroup, and now we’ve effectively broken. Arrows up into little pieces. Now after doing this, we’re going to create our gradient just by select two colors. And I have a great aunt already Pre-made right here and we went down here. We’re going to select our gradient and go into the gradient panel and what we’re going to do. Is we’re going to add a color stops. These color stops. I can be put at a location of 12.5 Okay, so we’re going to go 12.5 and we can multiply here by going 12.5 times X one. I’m going to select that, so I’m coffee and, okay, and so now we’re gonna click again here and we’re going to put another one. The 12.5 Times 2 which is actively 25% And what this does it gives us 8 different color. Gradients, basically like mini gradients across this entire color scene. Lets again 0.5 times 3 and we just keep doing this. [MUSIC] I’m sorry there go from five times five times seven. And there we go now. We have all these stops. Good now! Having done that we’re gonna apply this great into all of these lo shapes individually by using these stops right here, so we select our first object right here. Let me press. I let me click on our object there now. The first thing you know is that it’s actually oriented the wrong direction, you see? We go from blue to red. We want to go from red balloon, so what we have to do? Is we have to change the angle here? We set the changes to 180 which means that we go from right to left. Then zero is from. Penn Zero is from left to right under. Maybe it’s miraculous, Okay, and now since this is the first block, all we do is we remove all of these little gradients. Parkers like this and we stretches across, and now there’s a very subtle difference between basically, at this point, – about 12.5% of this entire agreement along this line right here, so after that, we select your second object and do that, and now we changed the angle to 90 degrees because where you are going upwards like that, we see and in your goats and we’re on the second market here, so we just click take off these little points right here that it’s across like that, and we just applied it to the next step now. Most of these are just gonna be bread we see now. We don’t have to change the color. The direction it goes, it goes from right to left, so it’s still at zoom and we’re on the third marker. So that’s a marker right there. This right and yes. This is an annoying process, but this is the way to do it, so we select this object. I can’t apply it and here to make going down. We go to negative 90 okay, and then this is the fourth marker right here, so we get rid of these. You see? Now, the colors starting to change getting a bit darker, and I think we already start to see the movies in the next, though, that this should be the fifth market one two, three, four, five of those that we want the change in angle 280 [music] here once again. This is the six markets one two, three, four, five, six across and it’s moving upwards, So we change the angle to 90 click here. This is now a proper purple move across and the direction is correct at zero last bit. This is our eight! This is our market right here. You get rid of all of them such a cross now. We finally have that blue color. And at the end, we can just select our object and give it the blue color at the end like that. And I need to change the angle on here. You see if this doesn’t work there, we go – 90 right there, and there you have it. You have an entire gradient going along and entire stroke, just like that. So what is possible to do it in CS5? It’s a little difficult, but is you can’t? Do it and that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any comments, questions or tutorial requests, please to write them in the comments below. If you liked the video hit like you want to see more, hit the subscribe button and check out our other videos and as always have a great day.