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The BEST Double Majors For ART DEGREES

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The best double majors for art degrees, that’s. What we’re going to be talking about today? This is a highly requested video. Lots of people have been asking me to do videos on double majors before we get into that. Make sure to gently tap the like button. In order to defeat the evil Youtube algorithm on this channel, we talk about personal finance, college degrees, careers and opportunities that are going to lead you to success, and we also go over some of the common traps that so many people end up falling for now. If that sounds like something that interests you, and you haven’t done it already, which almost 80 percent of my viewers have not subscribed for some reason. Go ahead and hit that. Subscribe button ring the notification bell. So that you never miss out. So let’s get right into this one. I’m gonna do this video really quickly. The best double majors for art degrees now to be honest with you. Your chances of getting a job doing art with an art degree are not very good. I’ve talked about this in other videos, but it’s very rare for someone to be able to get a job doing art with an art degree. This all basically just comes down to a supply and demand issue. There’s plenty of people who are graduating with art degrees, and there’s just not that many situations where somebody needs to hire an artist. However, there’s always exceptions here, and I’m going to go over a few situations where it might actually work out for you. So the first one on the list is going to be an art degree and a technology degree and, in this example, we’re going to use graphic design and computer science, so a CS degree you would expect to make around Seventy thousand dollars a year starting out and a hundred and sixteen thousand in mid-career pay with a graphic design degree. It’s gonna be quite a bit less. Of course you’re gonna make around Forty two thousand dollars a year starting out and sixty 000 in mid-career pay one career path you might go down is becoming a Web developer and they make around Seventy three thousand dollars a year. There’s a hundred and seventy four thousand jobs available and it is growing at eight percent, which is much faster than average now. There are quite a few downsides to getting an art degree. And I’ve talked about that in other videos. So you can check those out. If you want to. One of the upsides to art is the fact that it will probably never be automated. For instance, if you became a multimedia artist or an animator, there’s about a 1.5 chance, according to will robotstakemyjobcom that it’s going to be automated. So if you are able to get a job, then you probably won’t have to worry about it. Getting automated number Two on the list is going to be an art degree, plus a business degree. Now, in my opinion, business degrees overall, make the best double majors. They go with just about anything out there, and if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense because you can work for just about any business in any industry and a ton of different types of careers with a business degree. So one example, here would be doing product design mixed with marketing and with a product design degree, you would make around 58 000 a year starting out and 95 000 in mid-career pay and with a marketing degree, You’d make around 49 000 starting out and 91 000 in mid-career one career path. You might go down with this combination would be marketing manager. They make around 135 000 a year. There’s 314 000 jobs available and it’s growing at six percent, which is faster than average now. I talked about this in my video. The degrees that create the most millionaires, but business degrees made up six out of the top 10 on that list. And I think it’s because you tend to learn personal finance skills at a young age like investing, saving and budgeting. But I think it also has to do with how flexible the degree is in the fact that it teaches you skills that are really evergreen. So for instance, you might work for a few years. Get some skills, get some experience, and then you decide to start your own business. If there are one category of degrees that I would think would be the best idea, especially for an art major for you to double major in, it would be business degree. Next one on the list is going to be an art degree, plus an engineering degree now. The example, here is going to be industrial design, plus industrial engineering. It seems like that combination would go together really well, so with an industrial design degree, you’d make 52 000 a year starting out and 93 000 in mid-career pay with an industrial engineering degree. You’d make 68 000 a year starting out and 111 000 in mid-career. Another one you might consider would be architecture plus civil engineering with architecture, You’d make forty eight thousand dollars a year starting out and eighty seven thousand in mid-career pay and with civil engineering, You’d make sixty one thousand starting out and a hundred and three thousand in mid-career. Now, one career path you might end up going down would be industrial engineer. They make around Eighty-eight 88 000 a year. There’s 295 000 jobs available and it’s growing at 10 which is much faster than average Now, historically, speaking engineering degrees have been extremely good. They’re not quite as good as they used to be, but when you look at the census data, for instance, engineering degrees make over a lifetime more money than any type of degree now, of course, if they do this census data about 20 30 years from now, this could be completely different, but as of right now, engineers make around 3.5 million dollars over a lifetime compared to the average of 2.4 million for all types of college degrees. And if you look, they tend to make quite a bit of money. No matter what career path you go down. So, for instance, if you go into an arts and media career path, you’re still going to make around 3 million dollars. I will say here. The engineering degrees are very difficult on their own, so double majoring in something else would probably be out of the question for most people. Next one on the list is going to be an art degree, plus any type of degree that’s practical, so for instance, you might do advertising design plus a statistics degree now. If you look up the keyword on Monstercom advertising design degree, only about 146 job listings have those words listed, however, If you look up Statistics degree on Monstercom over 29 000 job listings has that as a keyword, this isn’t a perfect test by any means, but it’s usually a good sign if you look up a degree and there’s a lot of job postings, and that’s kind of the issue with a lot of art related degrees is there’s just not that many people out there that are going to be willing to hire you to do art and that’s. Why number five on the list is maybe you should consider not double majoring in, maybe minor. Instead, In fact, it might be a good idea to consider just taking extra classes or doing it on the side for some people. It would be great to just keep it as a hobby. But if you really want to do it as your profession, you’re probably going to have to get creative. Maybe start a Youtube channel. Start your own business, something along those lines, and I’ve talked about this before in other videos, but most people would argue that getting an art degree is not going to help you be successful as an artist. Most of the time you would be better off. If you spent those four years just practicing your craft. Then after those four years, you probably would have learned more and you wouldn’t be 40 000 in debt, but I know this is extremely subjective, and there might be some situations where getting a college degree is a good idea when it comes to art. The best thing you can do is to make a good plan. Figure out what your goal is and then figure out what steps you need to take in order to get there. So, for instance, if you want to be a professional artist, you might want to go and find people who are professional artists and ask them what they recommend that you do. Check out my college degree record in my patreon down in the description. 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