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Real Resume Review | Graphic Designer

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Uh, Ramon, does all the the graphics for the channel. He doesn’t do our emotes. Um, that’s Dana who’s? I don’t think is here this morning, but he does all the overlays, as well as our thumbnails on, um, Youtube and, uh, very much. Appreciate, Ramon. So I like your new resume a lot better. It’s got a little bit of color, but it’s not overwhelming. I love the be sure to click the link. That’s super clever. Um, I. I love that you have links on your resume to all your main like that’s. That’s very clever. Um, this resume is very clean. Some of the text blobs are a little big and dense, but generally the resume is very clean. So now let’s read. Oh, hey, 924 987 Thank you for all the gifts. Uh, that’s awesome. Thank you very much for gifting to the community. Welcome, uh yeah. You got more than five gifted subs worth of advice. Well, I hope to deliver that value and look if there are those of you who feel that you got lots of value and you’d like to give back to the community. I do really appreciate that because I have a good job and I only donate the money to a good cause. The Washington Trails Association. I don’t spend a lot of time calling for subs or asking people to sub, but I certainly appreciate it very much, and I like gifts because they go to the common viewers of the channel. And so if you feel if the spirit so moves, you do know, it’s deeply appreciated and I do know to be honest that I’m delivering thousands of dollars of value to people here because I get paid lots of money to do resume reviews. If you go look at my website, I donate that money too, but if you actually go look at my website or fill out the form that chat will pop up here. Um, people pay me Several hundred dollars to do the resume review. I’m doing now, and you’re getting it all for free by watching so young, curious designer, desiring to learn story driven, branding through identity design grow and develop design oriented marketing strategies that produce the highest user engagement. That’s more a statement of philosophy than an objective. Is your objective a job? What kind of job is it? If your objective is freelance work. What kind of freelance work? This is a statement of aspiration. It’s nice, but it doesn’t help me know. Are you a fit for a job? I have you need to spell out what it is. You want you can work? Some of this? In objective, highly curious designer desires full-time role, creating unique branding for whatever to drive user engagement. That’s an objective. Um, this is who I want to be. When I grow up, uh, I would never put the word young in, uh. I get it, But just young is a negative like young means inexperienced. Um, you know, I just wouldn’t do it. It leads to age problems. The Powerpoint is not shared on discord at the moment. Uh, we might do that later. What, I’m actually going to do so you all know is I’m going to hang up and go skiing, but I might do that later tonight. If you still want it or if you join the discord and talk about it, so because our ski slope is still open, And if I put on gloves in a mask, I feel like I can go skiing. Uh, then we get to experience. This is good! Uh, so Devon Nesh is a link. You might need to explain that more because most people outside of twitch aren’t going to know what the hell a Devin Nash is. I would call it. The Devin Nash show that gives people who don’t know more of an idea or the Devin Nash live broadcast. That gives people who don’t know what the hell twitch is a little bit. Um, more of a sense and then head of graphic design, cultivating a team of designers to produce Youtube thumbnails with the 10 plus click-through rate, There’s a result cultivating’s a little bit weird leading. [MUSIC] leading driving [Music] something cultivating. I don’t know you’re not a farmer. Guiding mentoring mentoring is a strong word if you want. [MUSIC] leading or mentoring, I would replace that with, uh, and then I’d love to say what a 10 plus click-through rate is worth. So if I’m not a youtuber. How do I benchmark that, um, because a 10 click-through rate is huge, so I would try and turn that into a result, um, estimated Six-hour turnover rate for the Youtube thumbnail designs, That’s what the hell’s the turnover rate estimated. Don’t you know, um, just say, uh, routine delivery of quality thumbnails in less than six hours, that’s a lot faster or, um, consistent delivery of new product in less than one day that’s strong. This is confusing, generated and estimated again you’re estimating, Can’t you look it up? Um, but you may have to estimate generate an estimated 25 000 subscribers since joining the team. Uh, from what if Devin Nash has 400 million subscribers. Then you suck if he has four, then you’re amazing. So bench Market percentages are good year over year growth is good. Um, just realize there’s no basis for comparison Because nobody knows what a Devon Nash is except the nerds here. Um, and Devon is our awesome. Um, streamer, Who really helped me get going along with shadowfox and a couple others. All right, freelance designers. Yes, uh, he does, in fact design for me. We told that some other people, um, word for word edit here. Developing branding assets for content creators such as Devon Nation Ethan Evans, with an estimated increase 100 viewer lift. Um, I like the estimated increase here. Um, produce keynote decks. I’d make that like a separate bullet, but you know, you’re the graphic person. I just find this paragraph. You’re breaking the design Standard of separating different ideas so develop branding with an estimated increase is one thing and produced keynotes as a second. I think you need to make them two things. They can all be in the same section, but the way it’s written. I want to assume that the keynotes are part of the Devin Nash work. And then I have to learn that there’s something else, so I’d separate that a little bit, Uh, Northern Virginia County or Community College Loudon graduating soon. You got recognized, You’re on the Dean’s list, and you know, stuff. Generally, it’s a good resume for a student. Um, you need all the meat, though. The stuff that’s going to get you, Um, two things I would change that are going to matter. Tighten up those tighten up. Three things tighten up your objective, the wording and the experiences and in your cool thing on the left, where it says, be sure to click the link. You don’t give me a why, in other words. What am I going to find? When I click the links just telling me you have a website. Uh, and what the hell is? A behance like I’m confused the thing you need to do to make that left section that you’re dedicating half the page or a third of the page to, and is so strong visually is what am I gonna find there? Be sure to click the link to get our portfolio. Click the link. You don’t have to say, be sure to click the link to see my work. That’s power. Click my click the link to see my work. [MUSIC] Sweet [Music].