Halftones In Illustrator | How To Create Halftone Effect In Adobe Illustrator


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How To Create Halftone Effect In Adobe Illustrator


[MUSIC] favored by diseases. Vittorio’s my name is Alex. And today we are going to explore the hospital effect inside the village data, and I will show you a three possible ways how to create customs in other beliefs, traitor. And the first is to use the Built-in feature called pixelate so less creating the document. I’m going to grab my rectangle tool and create a rectangle that talked a lot none and I want to set seal to default gradient and change the angle of this gradient to 90 degrees. If you can find a gradient panel, go to the windows and you can find it here. Our next step is to go to the effect under Photoshop effect. Find pixelate, colorful stone and here. I want to end up with weak values. I want to set radius to 16 degree. I want to set value of all four channels to poor here and click. OK, you can play with this number, but I want to show you basic wholesome, So we created this, like all other Photoshop effect. This effect is Raster Raster based effects, so we need to go to the object expand appearance in order to create Bitmap image. Then I want to go to the object and image trace and make an expand. Now that we have our vector. I want to ungroup this scale A little bit my ass rock and choose magic round. I want to select every single white pixel of white Im. Sorry, right path inside this. So I want to select this And using backspace. Delete all of my lights. Then I want to select all of them, group them and go to the object. I actually don’t want to group. I’m sorry, good welcome to Sergey Compound of make or a use. Ctrl 8 Now. Now that we have our compound path so we can apply not only a solid color, but also a gradient for all high stone dots, so we can change the color now, and you experience this with this issue to resolve this issue. We need to go to the color panel. If you can find your color panel, go to the windows color and click on this little menu in the top. Right, keep selected your artwork and here you can choose. Cmyk color option. And now we, we have been able to recover our whole stone effect inside Adobe Illustrator, and we also can apply the gradient. Let’s say I want to this guy gradient. It looks very good, you can use it and it’s very simple, but I also want to show you another technique. It’s not a hot stone in the streak minerals world, but it could be far far more powerful. You can even create a very pattern. This is technique, first of all create rectangle, then fill it with any color You want, go to the windows, then? Go to the swatches Panel and influencers panel. Google click on this small, tiny icon on the top left library and from the library. I choose the button and then basic graphic and then basic graphic dots and here. We have a bunch of dots that you can apply these. These these these any dot you want, you can achieve any almost impossible hearthstone effects as you can see here. So we have ended visit preview – effects in Adobe Illustrator, and let’s create a – from scratch. You can control almost any and size color of this – and for doing these, let’s start with a new document sizes with 1920 1080 pixels, it’s important to click create, then start with the ellipse tool, A hidden bands on your artboard and link between this and height at that beats and high 256 pixels click. OK, now I want to align horizontally to the left and radically to the top. Get rid from this. Drop clicking on this slash. Use any color. -, let’s say it all red color then. I want to go to my move tool. Double click on your selection icon to open the move data thoughts. First, our values, Gorizontal set it to 0 and I want to set vertical value to the huge 1528 pixels and click copy to produce a duplicate far away far as it goes far beyond my our artboard then. I want to go to my transform bottle here. Is it if you don’t link link between these and height? I and here I want to set. Get rid of this file and set the are matter of vision high to six pixels, so we have very, very small, very small circle here and because logic, so cook here in the top left corner of our art, but we need select. Both of them as you can see. Both of them are selecting. I want to go to the object and blend them. Go to the blend option. And in the blend options, I want to set specify specified depth of 40 and click. OK, then Ctrl Alt P. Or comment option B in order to produce this blend, our next step is to use live effect, go to the effect, distort and transform transform and we need to create a bunch of duplicates a number of copies 558 so the horizontal value 252 you can play with this number in order to achieve different heights tones and different gaps and different progressions and hype tones, so we can preview as you can see. It’s a very nice effect, but what? I’m going to do not now. I want to rotate it to 55 degrees. I chose it to the right, so hold Shift key and rotate this land and I want to set the middle into the top left corner of our artboard to the middle of power first circle as you can see, let me increase the funnel or all sides of one way as you can see, we have as this blend here and we can control the select the first circle and let’s say move it to this color. This create this awesome fact you can control. You can rotate this in order to, and maybe increase the gaps if you rotated 30 degrees and other stuff, so you can absolutely manually control this kind of heist on the set, My last step is to create rectangles. It covers the entire artwork, entire art bottom story and select my artwork this rectangle and make even masks, and this is my sense how you can create a custom constant inside Adobe Illustrator. So if you liked this tutorial, please do not hesitate to somebod subscribe and share it with your friends. I want to thank you for fallen. – they’re here a nice day [Music].