High Fashion Graphic Design | Day in the life of a NYC Graphic Designer | WFH & zooming with Jessica Alba

Cierra Miller

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Day in the life of a NYC Graphic Designer | WFH & zooming with Jessica Alba

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Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. So for today’s video. I’m going to be doing a little working from home day in my life. Obviously working from home because of coronavirus. My office does plan to go back. Um, I think September 14th so I’m very excited for that because I love going into work. Um, but I’m going to show you my day from when I wake up to when I finish up work. My day typically runs from 9 30 to around 6 oclock, and I get like an hour break, Just like have lunch or like. Go take a walk or something like that. Um, but yeah, I’m going to show you guys, everything I do. I have a very exciting day at work today because I have a zoom session with Jessica Alba, which is like, really exciting. I haven’t done any events or anything like that. Obviously because coronavirus, I normally have events like almost every day when I’m back in New York, so I’m really happy to get back in the groove of like doing an online event with a celebrity. Um, they’re promoting the new honest Beauty Lip glosses, but I will show you guys everything like that. When I show you guys what I do for the day. Yeah, I hope you guys enjoy watching my working from home day in my life. Okay, so I started out my day by getting this package from honest beauty and Jessica wrote that cute little note to me herself, which was really exciting. I’m gonna keep that forever. But they sent over their new lip glosses that she’s gonna talk about over the zoom meeting and they sent over this really cool like Crystal, Um, ornament that they’re also gonna talk about, so I was very happy to receive this package. Also just wanted to show you guys my comfy little loungewear outfit. I always wear loungewear when I’m working from home and I always start my mornings by going through my emails. I get about 30 that I have to go through and respond to, so I do that first, and then I get onto my art request, which is like highly. Um, requested for you guys to see. So I get a ton of art requests from my editors. Um, who are writing stories? And I do the artwork for the top of the story, So this one is based off of Beyonce’s street style. I think is the title of the article, so the editor just wanted me to do a picture of Beyonce and just had fun with it. Um, nothing too specific. So I just grabbed this picture and got some smoke behind her. Added some glitter to it. Um, and I just kind of like to experiment. It just takes me a little bit because I like to just tweak a few things. These normally take me around 10 minutes to do depending on the task, obviously, but for little feature images like this takes me about, like, 10 minutes. Um, so yeah. That was the Beyonce. One I’m gonna show you guys me doing my next one. Which is, um, a voting story because voting, um, season is coming up. So this is on like voting apparel. So I actually really liked this one. I turned it into a gif like a moving gif. So, um, I just got three of the products that the editor placed for me and placed them in the center of the little feature image cleaned them up. And then I put this really cute red, white and blue background with glitter on it. Um, and then I turned it into a gif. So if you guys want any tutorials on how I make Gifs, let me know it’s very easy. Um, so, yeah, I just label it. And then I upload it to the, um, editor. And then she puts it on the website on the top of her story. And then the last one. I’m going to show you guys today. Is this new Sephora product One which is really fun? I love doing beauty ones, so I picked the three products that I thought would look the best together, so I chose the colors, pink, blue and yellow to go with the products, so we source our stock images from Adobe, which is really nice because they help me. A lot just saves time so here. I wanted to just make the background a little bit more stretched out for the canvas, so I’m just like fixing shapes to make it look bigger. Give that illusion of the, um, background like fitting the whole page. Um, so, yeah, that’s what I’m doing here. Just fitting the shapes color, matching them and doing the same thing for the yellow side, and then I love to add a drop shadow background on all the products. It just gives it more of like a 3d realistic. Look, I had a meeting today. This is zoom meeting with everyone on my team. We have about two or three a week, so this is just me enjoying my zoom meeting. Okay, so I just took a quick break to do some hair and makeup for the Jessica Alba. Zoom, I’m so excited! I just wanted to hop on here and show you guys my little makeup. Look, um, I actually used the new lip gloss that she’s promoting. Um, I forgot the shade name. Let me double check for you guys. So I’m using the shade bronzer on my lips, and it’s so nice, It’s not plumping or anything. It’s just a nice gloss with a little bit of color, and then I didn’t really feel like putting mascara on, so I just threw on some fake lashes. They’re not on the best, but they’ll look fine for the zoom, and then I just did my Dyson air. Wrap on my hair. I just kind of did like a fake blowout. Look where I just like, kind of. Um, turned the ends in a little bit. Just made it a little bit more bouncy and fresh looking, so stay tuned for a tutorial on that. So I have about 10 more minutes until the zoom with Jessica. I’m so excited I’m going to show you guys some clips from it and then we’re going to show you guys what I do for the rest of the day very excited for this little zoom session we’re about to have she’s going to walk through, Um, the crystals and stuff that she is very into. So all of these names are based off of crystals. There we go, so those are all the shades swatched. They’re really pretty. My favorite is probably the first one. The one that I have on, um, and then I really like the Ruby. Um, this the one right here. Oops, this one. It’s like a pretty peachy pink. They feel really good on the lips. They’re not too sticky. They’re not too thin where it feels like. It’s just gonna wipe away like it feels like it’ll. Stay on! I really like it, so I have about five more minutes until the zoom with Jessica. And I think we’re gonna go over crystals. This pretty thing, um, that they sent us. They all have a different meaning, so yeah, but it’s a makeup product with skin care benefits and to be able to sort of look beyond the glossy exterior and know that over time, there’s more to it. There’s more to this product. Um, it nourishes your lips. It has vitamin C for antioxidants, pomegranate and jojoba seed for fuller lips and then the coconut oil nourishes and then hyaluronic acid, which really locks in that moisture so usually with makeup products. You you age, so how I mean I’ve been using this? Um, glossy lip, really for, like over like a year and a half. It does take that long to develop a formula. Um, source all the raws get the bulk. Get your packaging and, um, and all of, you know, regulatory and all this fun stuff. Okay, So I kind of just want to do a little overview of the Stylecaster website, which I’m in charge of like all the art for so I did this art that you see in the front. I switch these every two days. Um, it’s called the primary for us, so it’s like the head story that’s running. So if you click on it, it brings you to the story that one of our editors wrote. So I do all the art That’s on the website. So if you scroll down everything that’s like, um, looks like it’s been made like, for example, this this anything that’s like a stock image. I obviously don’t make, um, but I make all like the moving Gifs and anything that looks like art like this. Olivia Culpo. Um, art video. I did the art for, um, yeah, and basically, I do all of the creative stuff for the Stylecaster website as well as, um, some branding tools like logos and like sign up banners IU. I do gifts as well for our Instagram stories. Um, I make banners for some of our. Um, like, certain, um, categories on our website. I do ads for Instagram. I just want to show some of you guys. Some of the issues we’ve done. I’m really proud of these. This one was the pride one and our cover star was Bretman Rock. So I did all the graphics for this all of the motions and everything you see. Um, this is all of my art, and then, um, each one is a story that one of our editors did so what I do is. The editor gives me art requests. Um, on a day-to-day basis, so these are all stories. Our editors wrote, we also have freelancers. But I do all the art for everything. Um, so yeah. This is the pride issue, and then this is the Lana Condor Self-love issue. So she was our cover star for this one, and I did all the art for this. This was a really fun one to do. I loved this one, and then some of the stories we featured. We also had Lily Reinhardt involved. I was actually featured in this. Spread, which was really fun. I did a beauty shoot with Ulta and our beauty editor Nikki. So I was featured in this article, which was really fun and yeah, so that is the Self-love issue. I did, and then there’s one more. I want to show you guys so for this one. We actually just did an entire spread on Cat Mcnamara from the show arrow. Um, so it was all about her. We did an interview with her. We did a personal photo. Shoot with her, which was really fun to go to and see like all the styling happen. And the beauty and everything. Um, so yeah, like we did it very interactive like you could shop her. Look, so, yeah, that is, um, just a little overview of a lot of the stuff. I do for Stylecaster, So another thing I want to show you guys is. I do some illustrations. Sometimes, um, depending on the story, obviously, and then I also do. Um, I use illustrator Photoshop. Um, premiere for ins for Youtube and I don’t really use indesign. It’s mostly just Photoshop. Um, if you guys want me to do like tutorials, I could do that too, but I also make mood boards for our photo shoots, which are really fun to make like I’m obsessed with making mood boards. I actually have another one. I want to show you so. This is another mood board that I made for the new shoot that we have coming up like fall inspired. I love this one. Um, also, my major was studio. Art and my minor was graphic design. Um, and then I learned graphic design through my internship that I had for an artist and an interior designer. When I was in school, I started my sophomore year interning. I really taught myself all the skills I know. Now it’s just a lot of practice and just testing things out, but I really love my job. If you’re looking for something similar to what I do, I would definitely look into, you know, like media companies PR companies, They always have like fun events and stuff like that, But I do love that Stylecaster is such a small team. Um, we have seven people on our team, so when someone can’t go to an event, it’s usually passed to another person. That’s why I’m able to go to so many, which is really fun. Um, but we are. Um, owned by PMC. So our sister. Companies are rolling stones, women’s wear daily variety, A lot of big names, which is really really fun to see how the other media companies work because rolling stones is like a few floors down for me, so it’s really cool to see. We have a lot of celebrities coming to our building all the time. That’s why I totally missed going into work. It’s like I love the atmosphere there and just like being at a desk and like working with my team, so working from home, like isn’t my favorite thing ever, but I’m really lucky that I can do it. Um, and get paid and work from home. Um, so, yeah, that’s basically everything that I do for stylecaster, it’s really fun. Everything creative. It’s really fun because I love fashion and beauty and entertainment, and that’s basically what I’m designing for. So It’s very fun like I just said so. Yeah, um, let me know if you have any questions. It’s definitely a very competitive environment to get into. I was very lucky to get this job right out of school. If you have any questions down below, I’d be happy to film a whole separate video doing like a whole Q A on. Um, your guy’s questions on like how I got my job. Um, how to get internships and all that kind of stuff. Okay, guys, so that’s a little sneak peek of a working day in my life at home. Um, I hope you guys enjoy it. It’s not that exciting! It’s kind of just what I do on a day-to-day basis. All my art requests are different. Every single day meetings are different every day and obviously stuff like the Jessica Alba. Zoom like that’s not every day obviously, but I was glad to bring you guys around my little work day. I’m very excited to show you guys a work day when I’m back in the office and everything is normal, because that’s obviously a lot more exciting. And, yeah, bye, guys.