How Competitive Is Graphic Design | How To Compete With Millions Of Graphic Designers

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How To Compete With Millions Of Graphic Designers

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The world of graphic design is more saturated than it’s ever been before with millions of designers, logo design, artificial intelligence and countless template websites. So how can you stand out from a crowd as a graphic designer tune in today to find out the tips in doing just that for your graphic design career now? The first way to stand out is to be slightly quirky, and that means just being a little bit odd or just being a little bit indifferent, but in a good way, everybody’s gonna turn their heads to see this clown walking down the street. How does this apply the graphic design and your career? Now you make it start with your title because many designers use their actual names as their brand and this is totally fine if it’s done correctly, but you can come up with something really really more memorable and fun and more quirky case in points. My Satori graphics brand, the word. Satori makes, you know. It invokes interest and intriguing people and also it’s memorable to other brands such as template monster. I’ve added the word monster into the brand name to give it just an extra bit of edge of memorability and also these quirky techniques stick in the minds of the people, and they do help to make you stand out in a field of graphic design. You must choose wisely because it needs to be relevant to your business in your career and also, of course you as yourself. And this next one is crucial, and before you enter into the field of graphic design, You should understand who you’re selling your services and your artwork to, and I would a used-car salesman. Go and try and sell a cheap beat-up pickup truck to a millionaire. Nope, of course, he’s not going to do that. Because it’s a waste of time and efforts. A millionaire is not gonna buy a pickup truck when they can afford to buy a Mercedes. Or you know, an Aston Martin or something, You need to know your skills and your passion within design and then target those skills. Are the right people pretty much as simple as that. I understand the target markets, and then you can stand out within that niche itself, so this next point seems a little bit harsh on yourself as a designer in in terms of time, but I feel it’s important to push a large quantity of your time and your energy. It is something very specific, pretty much each successful designer does this, and it could be that you spend time every single day creating specific content for social media, or maybe you’re that designer who’s always following up with clients to see how they’re doing, you know, as Casa Colina about their past projects or maybe you’re known as a designer who who delivers on what they actually offer, but find something that you can be known for something very specific that people instantly recall back to you as yourself. This is something clients can rely on, and it’s also really memorable to everyone else. – nose points is sort of a gray area as a personal preference to an extent, but yeah, just use social media for business. Have a business account across the board of all platforms set. Aside from your private social media accounts, however, do add a touch of personality to your business accounts, so maybe just like, take a selfie of yourself with your work or make a gif of you creating something or maybe just a picture of you headed on a trip somewhere, but do add a touch of personality to you, some of your business posts, and I do say some because you don’t want to overdo it on a business account and you don’t want to seem like a narcissist. If you’re a business, it’s not a place to show off your life. And, yes, Of course, themes, you’re going to want to have a super established theme throughout the entire graphic design career from social media to your logo to email newsletters to everything in your business that needs a theme. There could be a choice of color. It could be a style of layouts use of shape. There are so much potential there for, you know, a theme for your graphic design career, but you really do need to try to establish a theme that works for you and your business, please do take notes from today’s video work on them and implement them into your graphic design career. I’ve got longer content coming this week. Today’s video is pretty short, but it’s useful if you actually apply these points to your graphic design career. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna get a lot more recognition. You’re gonna stand out more and you’re gonna get more clients in the process. There’s no use being that designer. Who’s you know, copying the same style, the same layout, the same social media artwork page that blends into a notion of just designers and creators. You need to stand out for the right reasons. B I’m Tom Satori. I hope you have a great day until next time. Guy’s design your future today, peace.