How To Bend A Line In Illustrator | How To Bend & Warp Shapes & Text In Adobe Illustrator Cc – Adobe Illustrator Cc 2018 [24/39]

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How To Bend & Warp Shapes & Text In Adobe Illustrator Cc - Adobe Illustrator Cc 2018 [24/39]


Hey, Youtube! This is a free extract from my larger illustrator, course called illustrator essentials. You can check it out on. Bring your own laptop calm. And if you want to follow along with this video, there’s exercise files. OK, those are free to download. You can go and download those into be a link in the description. OK, so you can play along now? One last thing is, there’s a cheat sheet as well, so there is a PDF You can download from, bring your own laptop, Calm and look for resources. OK, it’s a free PDF. You can download it. Print it up, Stick an extra computer while you’re doing these videos. Alright, enjoy the video. Bye now! Hi, there in this video. We take these simple, insignificant lines with a little bit of a gradient in them and then do this to them. Some would say exciting shapes. Some would say crimes against design gets worse work. We do with type 2 let’s learn how to turn those lines using the walk functions in Illustrator. Alright, let’s get started now. You can start with any shape. I’ve got a file open from your exercise. Files called what transform and what I’ve done is. I’ve just created three rectangles and added a gradient to them now for this to work properly. We need to group them. OK, but you can use any shape and I’m going to go six more and then go to object and go to group and let’s look at the effect and it is under WAP. Okay, so we’re gonna start with AK and yeah, it bends it around like a whop. Okay, and what’s cool about? It’s still vector, it’s scalable, it’s awesome, and and you can go through some predefined one’s arc, okay. I’m gonna quickly go through them. Just so you get a sense of them. Bulger’s cool. No, she’ll, even just like instantly. It’s doing some cool stuff with those gradients and those colors. Okay, Flag Wave. Okay, fish. I’m going through them quickly. So you don’t have to just to see what’s going in there and you can jump to the one that you love and play around with it. Squeeze cool twist now. All of them have options, so I’m gonna go back to wave. It’s kind of my favorite. So you know, it’s go to flag, okay. I love this and you can look. You can exaggerate the band. You can make it be in the other way. You can make it kind of balanced on one side the top there. You can do some really interesting stuff, like, just really hard to do with the pencil or the curvature tool. Okay, so just whack it into the effects wave, and when you’re ready, click okay. Now if you want to go back and edit it, so you kind of like it, but later on, you want to go and edit it again with it’s selected on your properties panel, There’s a you can kind of see it. There it’s an effect that’s applied. Okay, and it’s called what flag click on it and I can go in here and change it to something else. I’m gonna go back to my warp flag, man. That was cool, Let’s click OK, and next thing I might do well. The next thing to note is that if I go my black arrow and I have it selected. You can kind of see. I still have this line selected, which is weird. Okay, just the way it is, okay. The line still exists there in this kind of like and yet distortion field. That kind of makes them do this, but watch what happens. There’s an active. Distortion, okay, So if I grab and rotate these corners, look what happens, it’s still trying to, like it’s. It’s not kind of rotating as we’d imagined. It’s still trying to affect that warp, and you know, with the wave that’s going through here, so it’s kind of doing some weird stuff to it. You might like it, okay, but let’s say that. I’m gonna undo it to go back to where it was. Or is it there? Okay, and let’s say that. I want to kind of move it around now and stop it kind of reacting. Is we need to do something called expand appearance so with it selected, you go up to object and there’s one accord expand appearance and watch what happens to the lines, it kind of changes from this like straight lines that are being distorted to actually just plain old distorted lines. Now there’s no like affect them. You can see the effects gone. I can’t go back to those lines now. They’re kind of in. It’s a one-way street. But now I get to kind of move this thing around a lot. Nicer you can do it with type. I’m gonna, I’m not sure what I’m gonna do now. I’m cuz I. I feel like I’ve created genius here. I love it and okay, so I’m going to draw a rectangle in the back reason. Otherwise, cuz I don’t like the white. Go back there. Oh, it’s blending into it. It’s not cool, it’s gonna pick a dark color like Dan. Just get on with the tutorial. I promise I will in one second. That gray. All right, what I want to do? It is with the type, so grab the type tool and I’m just gonna click once. You know, type in a DS rule starting. I look pretty Eighties. These rule. I’m gonna see what I’m doing down there. Yep, Eighties rule. That’s what I’ve written, so I’m going to pick font off the top of my head and Eighties Font babie’s lust. I’ll use you, you kind of look it easy, okay. I’m gonna give it a white fill, so the same thing with type. You don’t have to do anything to it. I’m gonna make my nice and big, and I’m gonna go up to effect. Go to warp and I’m gonna play around them again. Okay, make sure previews on yours might not be on by default up. Huck is not working for me and what it’s doing is as well. It’s trying to remember the last thing. I did with this guy. I want to kind of get it back to zero, so I’m going to put you at zero and your zero and put the pin back this side and now start playing with them normally at Zero Zero. Okay, wave why it’s not really working. Kind is lets. Go for fish okay now. I’m just playing around. You can leave this tutorial now. You’ve got that you’ve got the idea, right flag. Alright, so good with the stripes, and then so bear with the type. The cool thing about the type, though is. I guess before we go is watch this. My black arrow hover above it. I can kind of type on. It’s quite hard to do and Eighties. Let’s say it’s more of a Seventies thing or yeah, okay, so it’s editable type, Alright? So that is going to be it for warping around shapes and type using Adobe Illustrator. Alright, I will see you in the next video, you.