How To Colorize In Illustrator | How To Color In Adobe Illustrator Like A Boss!!!


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How To Color In Adobe Illustrator Like A Boss!!!


What’s good. Youtube, this your boy Seaworld back a child again with another Adobe Illustrator Tutorial. And today I will be showing you how to color in Illustrator like I’m already looking into it because I ain’t gonna be making a video like most people. You know how they make you watch like 5 minutes into it. Then at the end of the video, they get to the point, brah. I got you angle. Do none of this, my friend John, right into it, so we’re gonna start out by. I’m gonna just draw. Just draw a simple picture. Ain’t gonna call this simple. It’s gonna be dope, you know? I’m seeing you boys just naturally dope anyway. Enjoy, what is that? Oh, what is that, bro? I know this ain’t the best looking freezer in the world, but I remind you. This is just a how to colour tutorial. Oh, my girls, you feel me so after you got some picture drawn, you wanna? Do you wanna select every time now? We’re gonna make every line that we draw. We’re gonna make it one. We can emerge every line together, so after you got everything selected, go to object, expand appearance, go to your Pathfinder and click merge. Now we made every line. I drew. We made it one, you know? I’m saying I like to grab my layer and drag it to this blank sheet of paper to make a copy of it then. I locked the top layer and the reason I do that cuz. Once I colored this layer and I started adding my shadows. I keep that that linework layer on the top. So every time I draw shadow, It’ll fall under the line where it feels so after we got the top. One lock! What you want to do is wanna make sure you got this second. One highlight it. Pick the color you want to start out with? Just start up like go, okay. You’re gonna click your box -. I mean, your rectangle tool you’re gonna click that once you got your color selected. You’re gonna drag it over the line. Work, okay, then get your pointer tool. Click your color. You just made over your lawn. Work you’re gonna right, Click it and go to arrange and send to the back and after you send the color to the back of the line work. I’m gonna highlight everything together once you got it All highlighted together. We don’t merge it together to make it one, and then after you merge it, click off of it regular. Click on through it, then, right, click on to it, then go to isolate selected group. Look, you get click each color by itself after you click isolated, selected blue. That’s why it’s important to make sure you got everything closed off. When you doing your line work so one. Delete this just outer color. Once you get the hang of it. Is you just make everything faster for you okay now! We Finna color the eye, So what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna click one eye and then we going hold shift and click the other one, so we got out two things selected at once. Then we’re gonna go to our color and move it to whatever we wanted to be once we click. OK, shoot on the clothes. You want it to change so what you want to do? Now you want to lock that layer? Come over here and get you a brand new layer and put it between it, and we’re gonna use this layer for our shadows. Now we’re gonna add one more layer for highlights, and that’ll be all. She wrote you you and there you have it. I had a color in Adobe Illustrator Man like coming. So strive. Thank yall for watching. Mohit coming soon. Stay tuned!