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How To Deep Fry Video


Hey, what’s up, guys? A lot of you asked me how. I deep-fried video, so here’s a tutorial about that [ __ ] thanks, we’re gonna be using Adobe Premiere for this and all the included stuff within the Creative Cloud. Nothing that you’re paying for, in addition to that. And if you don’t have Adobe from your please to make sure you complain about it in the comment section below because we all know Adobe is not a bomb Eno’s company and they are not giving this program away for free, so you either got to get a job or find some other way to get the program. Now there’s a fine art to shitposting, and I really need to emphasize. You got to be responsible when your ship posting. So let’s start out first off. We need to find a clip now. In my experience, Deep-frying works the best when you have the right energy attitude. So in this clip, we have [ __ ] Thank Shucks. He has a lot of emphasis in the way he speaks and that works well, right. If we have a clip like this and let’s just jump into it. And then you deep-fry it and let’s just weigh. We’re gonna scale this up to the frame size excellent. We need some precision work here. Next off! We’re gonna identify exactly where we want the deep fry to begin. So for me, it’s on the word sucks. I think it’s just the perfect time to start the effect, so we’ll make a cut right on that word shucks, like any lisanna a good, deep fried video. Meme has a bunch of layers to it. There’s things we have to finesse with the audio. There’s things we have to do to the video, so we’re gonna start with the audio. Let’s right-click our favorite word sucks and choose edit in. Adobe Audition sucks. Once audition opens up, your Clips should be loaded and we’re gonna go up to effects special Distortion. Then we’re gonna use the preset maximum pain. Now that’s gonna be a little loud, so I took the liberty of muting that for you. We can just bring the game down by adjusting this knob just a little bit, so we don’t completely destroy people’s speakers, or if that’s what you’re into, leave it alone, Then we just want to add some reverb to it, so we can go up to effects reverb and full reverb use one of the presets there. You can do this to your taste, but I really like the gymnasium. One in two presets now this effect might make things a little bit louder again so we can always lower the game, but a little bit of reverb. I think really adds to the flavor of this deep. Fry, my musician friends. I don’t got to tell you. Reverb makes everything sound better. In fact, the rest of the voiceover for this video is gonna have reverb on it now. And there we go excellent. I’m sure this won’t be annoying. After you’re done with your levels in audition, hit CTRL or command S to save. And that will immediately update the audio clip in premiere. Oh, man, the reverb machine broke anyway now. It’s time to season the audio a little bit like. I said before layer is really important, so we’re just gonna take this bass boosted me when you can grab that from Youtube or anywhere. It should sound something like this. I really love the photo attached to this video. It’s wonderful anyway. We’re gonna grab that sound. Well, just layer it right underneath our edit. Now we can adjust the gains this way. It’s not just completely destroying speakers, but again, if that’s something, you’re into leave it alone, make it louder. I don’t care now. You can add some more senseless. I personally enjoy using a little sparkly, weird damage indication. Noise from the nunnery. That sound does accompany the. I glow really nicely, but for now, let’s just stick with the base, so your meme should sound something like this. [ __ ]! Thanks, now, let’s move on to the video. We got a deep fry this thing, So preheat the the cooker that free the fryer. We’re gonna open up this pit from my oven to yours. That’s a metal end kitchen cooking joke, and we’re gonna go into effects and search for Unsharp mask. You’re gonna apply the unsharp mask on to the clip and just take the amount and just boy just kick it all the way up to the maximum 500 boom right there now. This is where the fun happens. We’re gonna copy that effect. Ctrl or command C and then paste it ctrl or command V. So now you have two instances of unsharp mask at 500 you can play around with the radius. A little bit goes a long way. It starts to weirdly resemble jeopardy. I don’t really know why, and you can add another instance of unsharp. If you want for me. Two of them seems to be enough. Three of them really gets a little bit crazy and I should also warn you. Your computer might start having a stroke around now. You might need to render. Mine was cooperating to some degree, but there you go once you get your sharpening to look just the way you wanted. It’s time to go on to some big-boy color grading. This is certainly not gonna be your grandma’s orange and teal preset. Let me tell you, but it is gonna be just as simple to achieve. We’re gonna take our highlights and shadow tints and just make them both red. You go right on you. This is your discretion on how red you want to make them, and you can do other colors if you want, but I’m just I’m a big fan of those blood-red memes. We also want to increase the saturation as high as it can go. We really want to emphasize the crispy golden brown nature of this mean, and then if you’re a little bit concerned, that things are too red, and you’re losing too much definition there. You can increase the contrast and drop the blacks a little bit just to make them a little bit more prominent now. One of the final touches we can add. Is the beautiful eye glow that to me is what ties the whole look together. I found this glowing eyes effects pack on Youtube. It’ll be linked below. It was created by Purina. I don’t know if I’m saying that correctly. But the link is in the description below, so I just ripped that from Youtube and we put it in here now because we have a black background and we don’t have any sort of RGB alpha version of this. We’re gonna just go to our blending mode and set it to Screen Whiten overlay. Now screen screen is the one you can mess with these blending modes to see what works best for you. Then all we’re gonna do is motion track. The eye glow to the eyes. We can do that with keyframes and all we have to do is set up our first keyframe. Move the eyes into position. Go to the next frame, move the eyes and so on and so on and so on and there you go now, let’s say you want to get fancy and do a zoom in on the whole thing. Instead of redoing all that motion tracking, we just talked about, we can select everything, right, Click and make it into a nest now. A nest is basically a sequence within a sequence, so all the crazy stuff that you’re doing in here will live inside the nest. It’s also just cleaner on your time, But the benefit of making this into a nest is the fact that you can apply effects to the nest that will affect everything within it. It’s almost like you exported it and then brought the clip back in. Everything’s all married together in one single clip. So if I just put a scale effect on the nest, it’ll zoom everything in easy-peasy, and there you have it. It’s beautiful [ __ ] think. [MUSIC] All right, let’s give you a rapid-fire recap of this. We’re gonna bring the audio in to audition sucks. Were gonna make it really loud. Maximum pain Preset. Put the reverb on it. Save it! Bring it back into premiere. Add extra sound effects. You want to use like the bass boost or anything else like that? Then we’re gonna drop the Unsharp mask on 0 to 500 real quick duplicate that then we can play around with the radius a little bit until we’re happy, go into color and then we’re gonna make the shadow tint And the highlights in red increase the saturation bring up the contrast darken the blacks add the eye glow motion track it, and you’re good to go go forth and deep Fry [ __ ]! Thanks anyway, guys. Thank you so much for watching the video. Happy April Fool’s Day. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. People actually did ask me for it. So if you want some more meme, tutorials, let me know. I’m chock full of useless meme information as always. Guys, I upload every week. Make sure you smash that. Subscribe Button and give me a like that would help in a comment. Share the video and hit me on the Socials. I’m on Myspace, discord, Instagram, Twitter and Tik-tok and not Facebook, because well, the Facebook. Sorry I needed to get one more in there anyway, guys. I’ll actually catch you later on this week. Alright, buddy!