How To Edit Text In Adobe Illustrator | Edit Text In Adobe Illustrator Video Guide – How To Make Customized Text In Illustrator

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Edit Text In Adobe Illustrator Video Guide - How To Make Customized Text In Illustrator


I’m going to show you how to edit text in Adobe Illustrator with Easy-to-follow Video Guide. Tom, here, welcome back to another graphic design. Tips video before we start with illustrator tutorial. I’ll just like to remind you to smash that like button. Leave a comment. If you find this video helpful, you enjoy it. If you really enjoy it. Then script defeated all of my graphic design videos and may be sure to someone else, you know today. I’m going to show you four different ways. You can edit your text in Adobe Illustrator to make some really cool looking typography. So we have a standard type in illustrator that you want to have. The exact font is the name. I’m sure you can find it on Google. If you want to download their first look at using the direct selection called edited hype and create outlines, it will turn your text into a path and just object and ungroup two separate individuals. You cannot take the white, our selection pool and Eddie are tech along the past in administrator. If you hold down shift and click X rated, you can get a signal in general, she decides, like now we’re going to look at using the Pathfinder window to make our texts with more unique and cool, just needed to follow edits. I’ve already created my lines and ungroup all of the letters as you can see here if you want the guys to keep things level to command our secret rulers and then dragged him from there from here, head of the window and open the Path Finder menu. I’m going to use the test and this team, an example. I was slow to us and bring it to the front of the layers, anything inappropriate letter or hold down Alt and drag to duplicate there once you’ve done that. Hold down shift and click to select those of the layers and then in the Pathfinder window. Select my friends now. When you place this back, you have this cool new effects. I’ll quickly show you one more time with the EU and they’ll follow along using the same process as before getting called, we’re going to use the Pathfinder once again to create another effect. That’s just cool, you can copy a letter by hitting command C or duplicated like we did before we want to have the tail end of the you only even enter and create shape that has a tail like this. Hold down, shift, select open new shapes and leather and in the past and the window to the intercept option to make a little city go to the object and then offset path. OK, you must use the round option that you can see. It looks better this way. I destroyed similar to mine here. I this is, in fact, now. Two shapes for anyone to select them both and unite them in the Pathfinder window position selected highlight the adjacent letter and make sure that shaped above the letter in the layer’s option. You want to minus the front? You cannot command V to paste the letter back moving into position. Use the direct selection tool between of any point shapes that we do not want you can use all of these three techniques have to show you to make an editorial. Cool-looking text in Adobe Illustrator will have just one more finishing post at if you found this tutorial helpful so far, let me know by hitting the like button and maybe share another designer artist to consider this edit text in Adobe Illustrator Video Guide. I had a line underneath. There are using a Wacom tablet, but you can use a mouse. We will make a new delivery brush here. And, of course, the settings are up to you. Were just making a line after all, OK? Mine is too thin as you can see. We can change our settings by double, taking the new brush and adjusting the settings. It may take you a few times to get it right once. You do have it. Do you want to object and outline stretch? You can play around with the hair and the direct information to adjust your line, so they have it my how to edit text in Adobe Illustrator Videos Guide D if you did into the video comment like and subscribe and turnin time in the future today.