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Adobe Illustrator Use Parts Of An Image – How To Cut Out Parts Of An Image


And low. Youtube’s GSM smart here in today’s video, We’ll be showing you how to crop out or cut out parts of an image that you only want to use in your design and illustrator, so you don’t have to keep on going back and forth between Photoshop and illustrator and do all of your cutting and cropping. You can very easily do your own cuts in Illustrator here with a few extra steps, but it can turn out just as great. Hey, everyone, Geoar’m smart here today. But another brainy video for tutorials of GS and welcome back to another video. If this is your first time here on the channel. I hope you enjoyed the video. We have plenty of other tutorials on a channel regarding image editing, video editing, audio editing tutorials in audacity Photoshop Premiere Pro After Effects, all kinds of cool things. So if you’re interested in, that would highly encourage you to subscribe and also make sure you hit that. Bell notification icon in the bottom of the video. So you can keep up to date with all the latest videos. So what we see here is? I have a little card design, here’s. My background here are my words and here are my outlines, now say. I wanted to take this vector design, and I wanted to put it into my card. The thing is, though, is that we wanted to drag this in. We could drag it in like this and essentially is the same thing as a place, however, we’re gonna go to file. We’re gonna go to place. I’m gonna go ahead and select our graphics here and when I go and place it now. If you only want to get a certain piece of this artwork here say, we only wanted to get the bottom corner. We don’t want to use this entire graphic here. We only want to use the bottom corner here because it’s very big we want may want to resize it as well so. I’m going to resize it just a little bit, and I think that’s a bit of pixelation going on, but that’s not really the purpose of this video, So I’m gonna go ahead and put it here and I want this graphic to be part of this layer set here, So not only have our graphic in the question is. How can we get only this part of the graphic? So it fills this square and you can very easily. Do this with a clipping mask. So if you grab your rectangle tool here on the left and you can also do this with your. You can draw a shape around the selection that you want to keep. However, the rectangle tool works great here because we have a rectangular art board here, a rectangular area that we want to crop to so grab our rectangle tool and we’re gonna start just making a box here and I’m just gonna go ahead and drag it out to the edges of this card because that’s where I want it to end. I wanted to go underneath these borders and not go past it, and I also want to drag at the bottom here all the way down to the bottom line and what I can then do is I can go to. This is my shaped I just created and this is the design that I have if I go and select both of those go and select them by selecting them. You have to close little button here on the right side. Hold down shift and select this one as well and you should have both of these selected. Now if you go up to object, go down to clipping mask and click make you’ll see that the design is now only included within your clipping mask boundary, which is exactly what you wanted, However, the other problem we have now. Is that’s also going inside the middle border? So what happens if you need to clipping masks? What happens if you want to keep a part of an image? But you want to keep a part of an image on the outside and then you raise something in the inside and then also have like two clipping masks, taking out two parts of an image but keeping one part of an image. You can do that too now. If you want to use your pen tool and draw some sort of shape around here, you can very easily. Double your pen tool, however. I think there’s a better way to do this, lets. Go ahead and delete our shape and listen. These are rectangle two again. This time we’re gonna go ahead and draw several rectangles now. I’m just going to draw one recto rectangle, but several ones, So I’m gonna go ahead and do the same thing that I did before now. Go ahead and speed us up real quick. So you don’t need to watch all this so all. I basically did here was create several shapes, you know? I just consistently made. New shapes with my rectangle tool and there are all their individual layers here as you can see. So now we’re going to select all of our shapes here. I think that’s it. Yeah, just these four shapes make sure you select them all, so make sure the buttons on there on the right side here selected, then go up to Windows and go to Pathfinder and Pathfinders right here, then on the path fire dialog box, there should be a one button that says unite and there’s a unite button go and select that this will automatically turn all of your shapes into one shape and then very similar like we did last time go and select both of these layers. Here, your design and your shape, you know, make sure you have both of them selected. I’ll select both of them. You’re clipping Mask won’t work so have both of them selected, go up to object clipping mask again and make, and when you look at that now, we have the design, not on the inside where our title is but only on the outside where our borders are. So that’s kind of how you do it now. If you only wanted to get a portion of an image say, for example, we have this vector design, which you just used in our other card design. But say you only wanted to use this portion here and say you want to export this. How would you do that well? We grab a pen too, And very similarly, we just start drawing a shape around the things that we want to keep so just draw a shape around here. Essentially, you going to do the exact same thing. You’re going to make a clipping mask. The only difference is that when you export, you’re gonna export a bit differently than you usually would in Illustrator for certain designs as you can see, we made, we made our entire selection. Here you can go grab your black arrow key. You can move it around and see that’s one whole thing and ctrl. Z to go back again, though. So once we have that very similarly, we go ahead and grab our design shift and make sure both of these layers are selected and we can go up to object again. We can go to clipping mask and we can press make. Now when you export this. You want to make sure you export as a PNG, you know, expert is a and get this huge white border around that we don’t really want, so we got a file We go to export export as and we can keep the name like this, and we make sure we hit. PNG this is a PNG. We can go ahead and click export and make sure that your background is transparent here. If we go and press OK on that, you’ll see that we have a picture here with only the bottom right, So we’ve essentially cropped out in Illustrator. Even though this is something to use that you would usually do in. Photoshop takes a bit more steps. But if you don’t want to go back And for the Photoshop like I said then. This is a great way to do it now. The other problem you may also run into is that, you know, say you’ve completed this design here. Say you have what you want. You cropped everything out. You only have part of the picture here that you wanted. But now you have this giant other piece of the design of just being hidden by a clipping mask. This is still going to get exported in your export, In fact, if you hit ctrl. Y on your keyboard, you’ll see that there’s actually still content outside of your artboard here that’s going to get exported and you’ll see that when we actually export this, you might run into the exact same problem you click export as and, you know, just let’s say we save it here and we save it as a JPEG, for example, here’s JPEG. We go ahead, export here, highest quality, That’s fine, and if we open this up, you see, we have this huge white space, the White Borders. Why is this happening if we already cropped our image in Illustrator? Well, the reason why this is happening is mainly because you have to export a certain way you have to in a file, you go to export export as and you want to make sure you hit use artboards and you can keep all selected. Make sure you check this box. Then you check this box. That whole problem will be solved now. If we go ahead and click. OK, on that again. Our picture is actually the way we want it to be without the white borders around it. So that’s basically how you crop things or how you cut things out. If you only want a certain part of an image, that’s how you do an illustrator. It takes a few more steps in Photoshop, but it is still very possible and doable, and if you want to avoid keep on switching back and forth between Photoshop and saving things and loading things. And this is how you do, illustrator, now if you know of any of the better techniques, and if you know of any other easier waste news, definitely even in the comments section below because it would definitely help me out. Oh, definitely help a lot of other people out watching this video as well. So if you’re watching, please check the comments section, cuz you may be someone who has found another really cool, smart way of doing this, and it may be a lot easier and a lot quicker as well and that’s pretty much the tutorial for today, and if you like this video, go ahead and leave a like, but really appreciate it. You have any questions or comments? Leave your questions down below in the comment section. I’ll be down there in to any questions you have, and if you haven’t subscribed to channel, go ahead and subscribe. We have plenty of other tutorials on illustrator coming we have. Photoshop tutorials, video editing, tutorials, all kinds of Adobe Tutorials, as well as tutorials on free programs such as and Audacity and OBS So lots of cool software help on this channel. If you’re interested in that, I would highly encourage you to subscribe, and if you want to check in on another video that might interest you. Go and hit the annotation right here. 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