How To Fill A Shape With An Image In Illustrator | How To Put Photos Inside Text, A Shape, Or A Compound Path In Illustrator

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How To Put Photos Inside Text, A Shape, Or A Compound Path In Illustrator


Cricket, hello, creative. It’s your graphics girl. If graphics girl calm best graphics with pH and death girl with no eye and 3 Rs. And I’m here with a quick tip to help you design your brand now. Quick tip videos are designed to focus in like a laser beam on one thing in a program. This way you don’t have to wade through long tutorials that drone on and on to get to that nugget thing. You’ve been struggling this but first. How would you like a free cheat sheet? I thought so header 2 graphics. Go back home to get your free illustrator. Cheat sheet. That will show you all the shortcuts in the program. Just click the link below a clipping mask is a shape called a clipping path that masks any object below it so only what’s inside of the clipping path is visible, you can text a shape or a compound shape, otherwise, known as a compound path to mask out any kind of artwork like a photo and the beautiful thing is the mask itself is still editable, meaning. You could modify the copy if you wanted to or move the photo if you want to so. I’m going to start with text, and then I’m going to show you how you can use a shape and then a compound shape or path to make a mask in Illustrator so to begin with. I’m going to break this mask first as first. I want to show you how you can break your mask and then how you can make your mask so to release your clipping mask. You come to object clipping mask release. You can see here that. I’m left with a photo and text on top. Historically in illustrator, you used to have to outline the text by coming to type create outlines, but no longer. You can keep the text editable here. I’ll bring it back to the word mask when making a mask. You want to make sure that you cover the full area so here? I would want to make sure the text is on top of the photo and that the photo doesn’t get cut off. Alright, to make a mask, here’s. What you do you select your text and you select your photo. Your photo that you import has to be behind so you could send it to back by hitting command. A ctrl shift left bracket. Then once it’s behind the text you select both by just clicking and dragging over both. We’re clicking the text shift, clicking your photo and then command or Ctrl 7 or object clipping mask, make. So now you can see that it automatically masked out the photo, so it only appears within the area of the text. I can move the text and look what happens when I do the photo underneath it runs out. Did you always want to make sure that you have that coverage so no longer? Do you need to keep the text outlined? And you can still edit it? If you are going to mask text, you want to make sure that the weight of the font is fairly thick next? I’ll show you how to do a clipping mask in Illustrator with a shape. First you have to get a shape here when I take my ellipse tool, make a perfect circle by holding down the shift key. It actually doesn’t matter what color the shape is because when you shift, click the photo, that’s behind it and then do command your controlled 7 The mask will allow the photo to come through and not the color of your shape. So once again that was object clipping mask, make and then to break your clipping mask once again are all Commander Control 7 to release and Lastly? I’ll show you how you can make a mask from a compound past so here. I’m going to make my ellipse again. But this time starting from the center, I can hold down the alt or option Key + shift and drag out from the center to make a circle. And I’ll do the same up here to have these. Be all the same. I’ll just option drag all of these circles. If I were to batch select all of these shapes, I’ve made just by holding the shift key down and clicking on the shape, and then if I were to select my background shift-click the photo in the background to make a mask with Commander Control 7th. You see here you were only able to make the mask from the one sheet controller. Command, see that undo it. You’ll see that you have to make a compound path of this shape first so to do that, you select all of the individual sheets and then come to object compound path make or Commander Control 8 now that it’s a compound path, It will act as one so that. When I shift-click the photo, then perform my mask. It masks out the photo as one big compound path. So that’s how you make a mask in Illustrator with text shape and compound path. If you found this video helpful, give it a like, share it with your friends and please subscribe to my channel and don’t forget for free marketing, branding and design resources head over to graphics girl. Calm, that’s graphics with PhD’s girl with no eye and 3 Rs. And I’m here to help you design your brand you.