How To Make A Gif In Illustrator | How To Create An Animated Gif: Part 1 – Adobe Illustration

Tim Hykes

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How To Create An Animated Gif: Part 1 - Adobe Illustration


[MUSIC] It’s Tim hikes here and today. We are going to create a jiff. Give hot everything hell you say it. That’s what we’re gonna create, um, so? I saw this while I was going through dribble and I really liked it. I thought it was something really simple where I can show people how to do this, and it’d be pretty cool. If you create it because then it would be something that you can put put up, but I am gonna say we’re not gonna create it exactly like this. It’s one thing to steal. I like, but it’s another thing to steal it. All exactly and then be like oh, you know? I created this. You at least got to make some changes. You at least gotta say that you were inspired by so we’re trying to create something that were inspired by so lets. See what we can do? Yeah, let’s see what we can do. So pull up your illustrator. So this might be a to pour 2.0 tutorial on, um? Jana jiff. Something like that. And since I am going to put this in dribble, I’m going to create my artboard to be 800 by 600 completely simple that I want to name this. I want to name this. If my pixel’s gonna be 800 and by 600 which is the standard size for dribble and next, I’m going to hit create. So I have my artboard here and I’m ready to go. So let me do this, cuz. I’m gonna forget I’m totally gonna forget this, so I’m gonna pull it up. So I have something to reference. If it’ll come up, Yeah, I have something to reference here. Pull it off screen, so let’s see. I want some colors, so I’m gonna go to my handy-dandy website that I like to use for colors. What is it, color? Hunt it you in teeth. So I’m going to color hunt. I like to use this when I’m like, just doing something sporadically and I don’t want to think too hard about creating colors. Yeah, I’m doing free advertising for someone Nails. Don’t want to search new, but I do want to look at Pop. Do we have here hopefully? I want to get something. As three completely different colors, not necessarily in the same hue. I always use this color palette here. I don’t that might be it. That might be it for me. Yeah, let’s do that, so I want to have those references here on the screen and so on the original piece, there are four colors itself. That’s what we’re gonna do for create this. Look boxy. Yeah, please, and I’m just going to duplicate that. I’m hope command and hold. See the DCD. Do two more times here so now. I have my boxes, the color that I want to work with. I’m going to turn off the stroke on all of them. Turn it off! Great there, right, so you can’t see them. Damn it, it’s right again. Why everything has to be white now? I’m playing, um, so yeah, so now. I’m going to add do it, did it. Oh, my god, oh, my god! I’m gonna add the color in my boxes. So I have them present from. Oh, now this right this well, it’s like well. You can kind of see that kind of may not be too good and in my next color and oh, wait a minute. Yeah, that’s it. I just don’t want to work with be have a clique in command. Be it okay there. We go alright and the very final color. Is this pink here? Command C to copy it from color? Hunt, right. I need to select and put that in there. Okay, so cut this all together. I have my colors. I’m gonna sit these outside of my artboard. So, BAM, sit on my side of my art board now for The Strokes. They were pretty simple, so I’m not gonna do any type of diagonal. I’m gonna do an up-and-down type thing here. Let’s make it really simple. So Bam Bam Bam! Wow, I don’t know what wait to make these, Uh, okay, but I don’t want to start with. Maybe I want to start repeating. Maybe I don’t wanna start with blue and then to get them to have that. Nice little round. I’m going to mess with a little bit with the radius. Right there, there we go. Yes, Yes, Popsicle sticks, popsicle sticks and I’m gonna duplicate that, so I’m gonna hold down Command. Hold shift, sort of drag in a straight line. Oh, shoot and it did nothing. Okay, there you go. I’m gonna select my eyedropper tool. Hit I BAM! I can create the next one. I don’t know why I didn’t create all of those at the same time. I just simply do not know why. I hope not command CD now. I got our fall from here. Let me do that! I hit that hit V. Which is command shortcut for my little selection tool here, but I hit V and I’m gonna hit. I again to select that last color now. I’m looking at it and I don’t know if I necessarily like the placement of these colors. I’m gonna play around a little bit that that is a lot better. That is what we did that. What if it was like this? [MUSIC] I don’t know, I don’t know, maybe this. This is almost close to the second. Maybe we had, uh, let me see. I did. I think this is a lot better. This color, though. What if it was like? Purple really is gonna have to be like a tint of blue to make it work like, let me try this eyedropper tool blue. Let me go in the blue. Let me drag this down down down, dragging it down, dragging it down ugly. Oh, my god, that’s so ugly, okay, okay. I’m stick it to there. We got our ice cream colors. Um, yeah, so this is. This is good! This is good next. What he had was a paintbrush. And so we’re gonna create that paintbrush easily by taking a rectangle. So we’re gonna put a rectangle over all of these. I gotta remember to stay close to the mic. So my sound like dissapear, cuz. I do that! I like to sit away from an hour. Move away from anything. You won’t hear me. So yeah, okay, so yeah, so. I have this rectangle. I’m going to put a black stroke on it. So for my swatches. I’m a hit block for the stroke for the inside. I am going to keep it to be Littler than well first. I want to put the stroke on the inside so over here in the stroke’s panel. Um, I’m gonna put chalk align inside. Wait, let me go over that so you can see that look at a line stroke to inside a lot of the stroke to inside. I believe that this one is not gonna do it, so we’re gonna increase it to about two or three Dada, Dada, and then we’re gonna take the feel away, so I’m gonna click on the field and then I’m gonna hit that for none. I would normally back slash, but try not to trying to be a real teacher here next. I’m gonna put a little dividers in between each one of those. Yes, dividers command num hit V and I’m just going to hold down my alt to just drag and drop these. No, get back over there. Nobody asked you to drag and drop. I’m gonna like all these command to would like them like the aunt and selling original. There was like a slight water radius on these just slide. It was small, it’s small, it’s real small on inside and out. I might have to do something difficult. I do like that on the inside. It does make a big difference. Maybe not maybe not. I don’t want to be excited. I don’t want to be exact. I don’t want to be exact, okay. So, hmm, tomorrow we’re dealing next. There was a highlight and highlight it’s pretty simple, because since we can see through it, you just go right here and do a little bit of that, so I made a stroke it’s black, but I’m gonna change it from black to white, changing it to white, and then within my stroke panel, I can then just change the caps to be circle, and then we want to increase it a little bit so, yeah, that works and then. I want to send it to the back, so I’m using the shortcuts here, So it’s shift command and I’m hitting the bracket and then holding shift. I’m gonna bring it back up well. It doesn’t like me, so don’t want to come back up. Yeah, it doesn’t want to come back up. It might be bestest. It’s in the back, okay. It was better to send it back and so when we go to transform this, what we would do is lock these layers. Keep it separate and we can just move this whole thing. That’ll make it really simple. Next there was a like a small, different ation of color, and I’m going to achieve that. Basically, it was a shadow and I’m going to achieve that by basically doing a some type of Hmmm, multiplying well. Maybe it needs to be black first so. I’m sure that needs to happen. Let’s do black, make it black. Make it black. Okay, go to my pasty over here and I’m going to go through. It might be multiply might be the one that does it now. Alex is not selected to do that. Sometimes illustrator does not like me and I do not understand why. Oh, it wasn’t selected. What the hell selected? No, it says multiply, hmm? Maybe needs to be directly over what I’m doing, so I’m gonna send this back. This is difficult because it’s black on black. Let’s do it overlay, let don’t worry. [music] It really doesn’t. Yeah, it doesn’t work because the pink and the orange is too close to let me try another cup. Let me let me try another color, Okay, So overlay does that these are layer masks multiplied it doesn’t. Do anything screen doesn’t do anything color. No, it would have to be like heart light that brought it back soft light. I didn’t think that was gonna do anything. Oh, don’t do me like this, so I need to find another set of colors because these two are too close and it doesn’t look like it’s a shadow or I can just change my orange out. A purple should work. It just has to be the right hue combination. Hmm oh oh oh! I’m getting something. I like. I’m getting something. I like, okay, so I’m okay with this. Don’t like hot dog. That is though, so I’m gonna do this the old-school route, so I’m gonna take off that, and I’m going to go and make the opacity of that layer and bring it down and bring it down. This is still bothering me. Cuz you’re gonna be able to barely see it, let me see. [MUSIC] Let me try to put some orange in. It might help that might help. That makes it a lot better. I don’t think it matches that. Well, but I will be okay. I’ll be okay, so that’s darker, but I think this needs to move a little bit lower to indicate a Chateau. I do want this to be thicker now. So I’m gonna increase my stroke on that now. Yaya Yaya, yes. I think I like that. [MUSIC] Next I’m going to create the handle. Yes, I’m going to Pam. Make gotta make sure this is gonna be. It needs to be the same stroke outline as our roller there. And, um, it’s going to sit about there, so right now. I’m looking at the radius of this rectangle. I’m still trying to get you used to this new illustrator layout. I don’t necessarily know where things are and the old. I did in the new. I’m kind of confused. Okay, so let me just change this to something. I can work with I’m due to all the way around, so I’m changing the radius to two, so it’s now just two, and then that would allow me to go over here into my rectangle and also change the radius to 2 so change the radiance. Titute BAM, that’s two! I’m going to make the handle white or maybe. Should it Be brown with like a woodgrain, huh? Something is right, but it wasn’t that okay, and I am also going to put a shadow shot deal with the net. So let’s do undo the same thing if I can just, I drop her there. So I put a rectangle on there. I hit I to, I drop it. Let me go back, yep. I’m a rectangle. I hit I and it’s gonna copy all of the styles on what selected went selected. So I’m hitting I copying styles and was selected. It’s selected it’s selected. I think I want this border radius to be more now. It does kind of look like. Oh, righty, then now as you could tell, I wash Ace Ventura pet detective as a child. Alrighty, then. I need to do something crazy to get something over here, and I don’t know what that something is, but bear with me, so I’m going to pin to there. It needs to be about here. I think I’m guessing at this, you know. I’m gonna make this easier on myself, yeah? I was having a hard time. I’m going to use shapes, so I am going to take a circle. Yes, I am. I’m gonna take this circle And if this other circle, I don’t know why it wanted to come along for the ride, but clearly it didn’t. Get the memo this circle. And then what happens is. I need to decrease the size so that it accurately fits what I want to do. So let me take out the center there, so I’m looking at where this has got a hit and where I’m going to cut it. The circle is gonna come here and it’s gonna come. That’s gonna give me the straight path here. I think I might also need another circle here. This is not actually in the metals out of this circle, So I’m moving this circle down you under that intersection, so that’s gonna look real funky, so it needs to come. It’s going around, gonna come and down, Oh! I think that might work. Let me see, let me see. Okay, okay, okay. I think I think that is going to be what I’m going to do so now. I’m going to take the circle and cut out the ports. And how am I going to do that by using circle? Get out here, so I’m going to pull up a rectangle and I’m going to. Yeah, that’s what I want to do. And when I cut these gonna highlight both the rectangle and the circle and there’s this nice little shape builder tool here that I like to use and I’m gonna come over here and what you do Is you simply hold down alt or option, whichever one you wanna call it and you can subtract the one. You need to subtract so Bam! Bam, see how that happened, but then I’m going to take my own scissor tool and I’m going to cut here on here and then turn to my selection tool and I’m going to what it is, okay. What is going on here and delete that part so now? I have this part here and line it up and get it where it needs to be gotten. Okay, and that’s gonna go into here and so. I have to do the same thing here, so I want to take my circle there. Get me a nice little rectangle over here. Stop it in the middle there. I’m gonna select both of those and I’m going to get my shape. Builder tool. Gonna hold down some option here, and I’m gonna subtract these apart now. I’m going to what does the key come in for these scissors? Si si si, she’s gonna be s, but I know s does save the got this part here and I’m going to delete this. Oh, oh, Jesus, I didn’t think about that. Did I wait a minute? I’m going all the way back, cuz I. I needed more than one. Yes, I did, so it’s a it’s a half. I’m gonna turn this around and I’m gonna pull this about here, so we need this. Half it’s like the zipper from the x-man. Oh, my god, it’s x-man! Um, okay, so get my shape builder tool. I need to know this truck up to is shift in. That’s too many keys. I can’t do a shift in and I’m gonna hold down Alt like I said earlier. It’s the part you can go to. I need a half circle, half a circle, and then I’m gonna get my sister to remember. I looked at that shortcut and it was C cut here, cut here and hit V to get my direct selection tool and bam. And now I could move this to the middle there. Oh, I might have a issue. I probably think about this correctly, but I can always cut. Um, yeah, and now. I know you’re probably saying. How do we connect these? How are you gonna connect these together? Hmm, when they line up correctly, you don’t have a problem. [MUSIC] Yes, that is, that is my son. What we’re gonna do? Wait a minute, this one, this one. I’m hit command wise. I can look at these command and why, yeah, so as well. These are off just a little. These two lines are off and so. I need to move this entire thing. And sometimes they acts wonky and want to be moved from the middle and I don’t want to. I don’t want to do that, so I’m going to go back command. Why so much black and I need to figure this out? Yeah, monkey nuts, let’s see. I want to zoom out here. Yeah, it’s gonna give me a hard time So even if I yeah, I don’t want to, huh? I hate things like this. I don’t want to snap the pixel, see? If it goes up, just one. Oh, let’s go back So now we’re not snapping pixels. Don’t want to snap to point, See if that worked, and I do not want to change my my properties within sight illustrator. I mean, you zoom out. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, and it look like it’ll work, but it’s giving me such a hard time so case like this. I’m going to pull this back. I’m gonna take this nice look into her. I’m gonna connect and there’s another intersection. Here somewhere, huh? Yeah, so now it’s connected and normally. I could go back and delete one. Yeah, see what happens, yeah? I see that, did you? Did you see that so? I deleted the one that was giving me all the problems and no one would know the difference and so now. I’m gonna have to get my tool. Oh, it’s a bigger thing now. I shouldn’t say that out. Loud, there’s a bigger thing. Yes, so I’m gonna get that I’m gonna connect here and connect to there, but then I’m going to delete that. Yeah, gonna know all my tricks. Yes, okay, so this definitely look like it needs to be longer now. Not that long. Maybe a little bit longer so now. I’m thinking about the composition of West moving. I’m going to group the handle. Bring the handle to the front shift command bracket to bring it forward. That’s all I need with that. The handle needs to connect here, So I’m gonna go here and route both of these, So I’m pressing command G to group so it’s grouped. I do see another love level at issue here, so I’m going to get this my escape, so it’s in there. Don’t need nothing sticking out, and I’m going to connect that all this actually can be grouped. No here. Let’s try this again group. Okay, this is gonna be have to be expanded object, and I’m going to expand because there’s no key command or shortcut for that, but you can create one, and I want to expand that. That’s not gonna work and hopefully we have no issues and I can just group group if I did it. Come to the front! No one ever told you to come to the front oh! I know why it came to the front because these are separate and those things in the middle, so I also need to add each and every one of these now we can group and I can click on this and group, and, oh, my god, this needs to be grouped to handle two, so it’s grouping to the handle and what should happen Is we do this pam-pam? And so we’re gonna use some basic properties to animate this and such a style that it doesn’t look like it’s boring, but, yeah, that’s all we’re gonna do just gonna continue to paint and then we’re gonna have to give props to who helped us think of this so. I’m going to take all this what I wanted to do. Yeah, I could do that. I’m a group at all, and I’m going to align to the art board. Oh, it’s already there and I’m gonna hit Center and center both side so to be in the center of the artboard and so, hey, now we have the beginning, part of our composition. Let me also take the opportunity to get the files ready for. After Effects, so let me go and ungroup this main thing, File objects, Ungroup. I should still have that. Yep, still right there. These really don’t have to be their own, but this one do we need them to be on their own different layers, so in the layers. We have them here. I can now remove the colors and I’m going to save this and I also share this for those that just want to do the motion and getting you know some motion under their belt. So you better start where? I’m starting from, so I’m going to save this now. Command save. I will save it to the desktop paint – roller, cuz. No, that’s not, that’s not, they’re there and we’re save it to the desktop. Uh, yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes. I’ll probably be nice and let’s do the same thing, but let’s save it for older versions for those who don’t they haven’t. Yeah, we saved for older or say, but it’s EPS EPS. Do we, yes, if it is EPS? No, no, no, no, yeah. I’ll change this older underscore. Va, no older. That’ll be fine and save and in the options. I’ll go back to. I’m being really nice here to see us, so everything up until then you should be cool and we’re gonna hit. Okay, so you also have those available to do that and now? I’m going to go here, got all these and release the sequence. It’s what we want to do, so it’s now we leave to sequence these two sequins. Yes, what is that? Is that white the whole thing like, okay, and we need to take these out of here. Bring them up! We couldn’t delete this layer and now we want to name our layers. So we have next layer names when we get over to. After Effects. So this is the roller, our roller next one being pretty generic here. No, I’m not dissing Eric with colors, but this is going to be pink. This is purple. Next is tail. Maybe tan kind of maybe maybe it should be like khaki or something and it’s final. We’re just gonna name it. Uh, should be some like turquoise. Some with it, but I’m gonna name it blue, so we can be simple, damn! I’m also gonna be little picky, and I’m gonna make the layers that color. I’ll keep this layer. Return it to like we made this the black one block. This would be purple double up now. I’m double clicking on these layers and purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, Violet, No, for her pool. Okay, this is gonna be different because this is gonna be yellow, yellow, yellow and then blue teal is closer. The blue. Let’s do teal. Yes, great! I’m gonna save as for the older one. I said I’m saving it. I’m gonna do a file. Save as and save it again for the newer versions. Yes, I want to replace that and yeah. We are good to go, so thank you for watching this tutorial on making this nice little roller, and I will see you in the next one where we’re gonna take and make everything animate in Adobe After Effects. Thank you for watching it out. 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