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How To Make Simple Clip Art In Photoshop


[MUSIC] Okay, everyone, this is. Mel, from fun creatives today. I am going to be making clip art of a little doggie that I drew. And now you’re gonna see me work on it as I make it, though this is him. I drove him on a piece of paper. There was an eighth full size on the side, which is a sort of the US leader size as well and then and I scanned him and opened him up on Photoshop, so I opened him up on my USB stick and dragged his picture on it to Photoshop now. This size here is a four. That’s how I normally like to use this canvas. That’s nice and big for me. The monitor us later. I’m going to draw this dog but make him perfect on both side as in mirror each side. So I don’t have to draw the whole thing. I’m gonna go up to the view, so I look up to view here, and then we go right down to rulers, and so we can see the rollers pop up here, so I’m going to get a ruler which should go down here a line in the middle line of symmetry, so I need to go back up to view, and then I’m gonna go right down to new guide and this little box pops up, and I’m going to go vertical rather than horizontal. I’m going to go down that way and I’m gonna make it team that seem to meters so boom and this little line pops up now. He’s not directly in the middle of the doggy. So I’m going to move the line. I’m gonna go up to this. Little cursor the move tool. Click on that. Grab it and move it sort of in between probably about fear. It’s not perfectly with a nose. Er, so much to do work on that guys. I now need to go over to layers because I can’t really do straight on this layer as it’s not gonna work out for me. So go to layers. I’m sorry about other all that. It’s other stuff, but I’m gonna go to new layer two little icon next to the rubbish. And voila, I’ve got into a new layer, but as you can see, that’s the old layer. This is the new layer. I’m now going to get rid of that. That’s out of my way and now. I’m going to go over to the brush tool over here. Click on there and you’ll see that I’ve got a brush, which is at 20 which is the perfect size for me, but it’s arms soft. It’s on soft, but I really want to have, so it’s nice and clear, so that’s great. I’ve moved it right over here to 100% Set 20 put. Now it’s not quite done yet Because I need to make this smooth as I draw it. I’m not gonna make it all Zig zaggy like this. I’m using a mouse by the way, not a Wacom tablet, So I’m running up to smoothing, and I’m going to click on it and move up to about 45 However, you like it, it’s just better. If you put this on now, flow is a hundred percent and opacity. I plots 15 that’s not going to work. I need to make it 100 perfect. Make sure we’re on the right layer. Yes, we are, we’re not on the actual drawing layer. I’m on made a layer that goes above it and I’m going to start from here as you can see. I’m drawing has hid and it’s going to stop just beer. It’s a little bit over, that’s okay. I’m going to draw his snout Sort of thing. It’s not perfectly aligned to that. That’s okay and his nose now. That could be perfect. I’m gonna get rid of that, so I can either. Rub it out using the rubber there race at all, or I can go up to edit undo brush tool and that’s gone, so I’m going to redo that, but I now need to zoom ins. I’ve gone over to the zoomin magnifying Duda. He tall go back up to the brush and the next maker’s nose a little bit. Yeah, hopefully that works so far. So good as you can see, it’s not being on the eye, that’s okay. I’m just making it better and this particular drawing now. I’m going to do the ear a bit leggy and up. That’s cool moving down. You can hear the clicking of the mouse that I’m using and his front paws. They’re big, cuz He’s a puppy, lets. Put the little clothes in because ya know, puppy. Dog’s, your clothe’s. Okay, cool. Now that’s really all. I need to create my puppy dog on this slide, but I need to mirror and reflect it on to the other side. Zoom out back there. That’s great, so what I need to do is to get rid of this back layer because I’m done with it. Go back to layers. Click off the eye that shows that layer and I’ve got this last layer left, and this is really easy to do all you need to do. I’ll get rid of this is to go up to edit and we’re going to go to copy now. I’m going to go back up to edit and paste special. And what’s happen is that it’s repay, stood on top of itself, but now I’m going to go to free transform, and I was just show over here with the lasers. It’s doubled itself. It’s duplicated itself on it on two different layers. So that’s quartz, exactly what? I want move this back out of the way, and now I’m going to tree transform and move the puppy dog over here, and that’s pretty cool and what you go up to do. Is you place it in place? There’s a bit of a gap, lets. Go up to this little move tool. Grab the top layer and move them in, okay. I might move them in. Even further can make them cute as you want. Okay, so that’s that I’m happy with him. That’s how I like it. Go back up to layers to make an all one layer. All you do is you go up to the above layer. Which is this layer, not the Sun. This one here and you need to right. Click, and then you go down to merge down. They have joined up now. The two layers are now one. So now if I go to the move tool, he’s a one little puppy dog. Okay, so cute, but this line’s now annoying. I’m gonna get rid of it, so I’m gonna go back up to view, and now I’m going to go to clear Guides, voila! I’ve got my cute little puppy dog, and I’m going to color him in really, really easy. All you need to do is make sure you’ve got the color. You want in the foreground, so I might start with his nose and then go up to the bucket and you just fill them in. There is a bit of a white line, so just click on it again and it’s gone. Okay, so now. I’m going to give Greg Vector might go a little bit lighter. So what, you can just pick your color, so you click twice on that this box will come up and I’ll go for that color and I’ll put his body as that color, and I might just change his snout A little bit lighter, and, yep, that’s good and his ears, A little bit darker. Go back to the same color and go to a darker color that I like that’s perfect, okay again. I’ve got little white lines. Just click in there clicking. They’re gone, right. I need to do the eyes. I’m going to find white and do those and just black for the other for his actual eyes. Okay, here’s my papa dog colored, and he’s not quite perfect around here. I’m gonna go back to the little brush on black, and I’m going to actually zoom in, so I don’t miss this. Go back to the brush, okay, so might be a bit thick around here, so I might just go and collect. I’ll get the picker collector’s color and then just sort of just smooth that out again, remember? I’ve got smoothing going on and it’s at 50% so it’s not a zigzaggy and this is with a mouse, not a Wacom tablet. Okay, again, not perfect, but I’m not really looking for perfection. I think he’s cute as he is. Let’s go and put some highlight in his nose, and I might just put a little and I think he’s almost done, so there’s my cute little puppy dog, and he’s now clipart if I wanted to make him small, all I need to do is do this, and so I go over to the rectangular marquee tool, so as you can see using the marquee tool, which was the square one, it is now selected easy-peasy to crop this, go up to image and then go up to crop, he’s cropped. I can deselect which is under select and then I just go to file export export, and then I can name it doggy clipart and save it on my desktop. Cuz that’s right, wonder it’s a PNG with a transparent background. [MUSIC] video guys like and subscribe and share and in my next video. I’ll show you [Music] [Music]!