How To Make Glow Effect In Illustrator | Vector Glow Effects In Adobe Illustrator

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Vector Glow Effects In Adobe Illustrator


[MUSIC] Hey, guy’s, Kerry Hawkins, here with another vector made tutorial haven’t done one in a little while I’m actually up over 250 subscribers, but it has a couple days ago. Youtube is no longer Gonna pay me until I get up to a thousand. So yeah, whatever it wasn’t like, they were paying me a whole lot, but hey, gotta do what you got to do so. I thought today I would talk about and show how to do some like kind of glow effects and some things you could do with gradients and just to make something look really shiny metallic. II maybe almost neon II that kind of thing, so let’s go ahead and jump in and get started, all right, so I’ve made a file here. Just 1920 by 1080 pixels wide here and I’m in RGB mode because I think a lot of times The colors are just going to be more vibrant when you do it that way, so I’ll just go ahead and create a black background because we’re gonna do something that glows and it’s shiny and so we’ll want to have it kind of look light up against a dark background. You know, have that nice contract. I’ll go ahead and use my text tool and type. I’m using mono time. I think that would look really good for this particular application, so there’s glow. Let’s just do it in white, so we can see it real quickly about right, maybe about that big or so, and I’m gonna go ahead and convert this to outlines. You can hit Ctrl shift O, or I believe you go up to object. Expand, will work that kind of thing, But Ctrl shift O is the hotkey and I use it all the time get used to using it. Just it’ll make your life easier. I’ll go ahead and align this to the artboard. I’m under my align tool align to artboard and a little vertically and horizontally Center. It that looks good. I think I want to go with a pink color. So maybe something maybe a little warm pink? I don’t know something along. Those lines somewhere in there that looks pretty cool and let’s just make a gradient lets. Do well do a white color for, like the hottest pop spots of the gradient. Maybe just a little bit of pink in there. Um, let’s see. I’m gonna choose like a really light, hot pink. Yeah, okay, so something something like that. You know, play what they get it to where you want it, but like that looks pretty good, You know, just to have some highs and lows and then maybe mm, maybe. I’ll do a radial on some of this. Let’s see, and maybe maybe if we ungroup, we come in here, so there’s. This one, let’s pull, okay, so what I’m gonna do is? I ungrouped everything so that I could make the gradient that I’ve applied this radial gradient. I can set it up differently for each one of these. Okay, So if I come into this one and I select this letter G and then go over here to my gradient tool or press G. It’s gonna pull up this slider. So as you can see, there’s the dark. Here’s the lightest. Here’s the dark. Well, you don’t see that at first dark level because it starts here and then radiates to there. Well, the G doesn’t really have any content until about here anyway. So what I would do is pull this out to maybe there, and then maybe pull this to halfway, and maybe just a little bit more extension there, maybe? I’ll pull this in just a little bit more, really make that a a harder line. So that’s you know something like this, and maybe for the G. We don’t like that. Maybe you’d prefer to just say well. Let’s do a radial instead. Maybe so you just do that. It’s kind of fine, whatever you want to do. Just play around with it. I’ll just go with the radial. For now, you could go in and make this radial and then you could come in and turn this into its own shape and make this linear, but you know. I don’t want to do that for the purposes of this tutorial. We’ll, just kind of make it simple for now, all right. I kind of like the look of that. That looks cool. Maybe do this so all. I’m doing right now is I’m copying the styling. I did to this gradient. So as as you can see, here’s where the dark gets. Here’s are. The light is, here’s of the dark is and when I click on this and then grab my eyedropper tool. It’s gonna simulate that exact same setup. See so that there’s solid dark all the way to here, then it, Grady Eights over to this lighter pink, and then this darker pink again, so let’s just apply that to all these and see how it looks all right, so I grab my eyedropper tool. Click on it. Yep, and then if you want to just apply, you could always hit Alt and click, and that will just apply whatever you just did now. I don’t know if I like the way that one looks. Let me see if, yeah, let’s change that up a little bit. I would move this more to the center and probably pull it out a little bit. Yeah, you’re looking more like that. See, that’s kind of cool, but again, if you wanted to go through here and actually make this linear for this section linear for that section linear here linear there. You could do that you just have to create these as separate shapes or go in and do a matte a gradient mesh, which can get a little tricky sometimes so anyway, for the purposes of this, just doing a simple gradient with a radial thing just to try and throw in some variety. I think it works fine and again. It’s quick, it’s easy. I’m all about quick and easy The other thing I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna copy this and I’m gonna paste it to the front, lets. Do the back actually paste it to the back, And if I move to the left or right, you’ll see it’s behind that black, so all I did was shift and left arrow to move it. And then I’m gonna hit ctrl and right bracket to bring it up one. So now I know that it’s above this black, but it’s behind my original and so that you can see that more. Clearly I’m gonna make it yellow. See, you can see that it’s underneath my original glow. Let me back up one step, just ctrl. Z to back up. And I’m gonna shift it back over shift right arrow to make it right in line with the one that’s in front object path offset path. And you’re gonna do tens too much, lets. Come back to about three three looks. Okay, we’ll do that so now. I’ve expanded that to being further out, right, The original is if you can see it if I hover over, you can see where the original is is blue line, and this is the expanded glow behind it that I’m gonna change the fill to here. We’re gonna do linear, and I shouldn’t have a stroke on me. I’m going to get rid of that. So now it’s linear, but I kind of want it to be different. I’m gonna do a little bit different of a layout for that, and I’m gonna go. I don’t know if left to right. Is the best lets. Try it up to down and just see what that looks like. Okay, so that’s kind of cool. Because then the center parts a little hotter and the outsides are darker. So they’re a little cooler. It just adds a little extra element to this letter. So what the other thing? I’m gonna do is grab. Let’s see, let’s just grab all of it, so I’m grabbing everything – the background, which if you want to, you can just can do ctrl – and that will lock that, or you can put it in its own layer under layers and lock the layer like this if you wanted to do a new layer and then just lock it, you could do that as well when I’m only dealing with a few elements, I don’t care about layers like that slows me down, so I would just lock it here, and if you ever want to unlock it, you can just control Alt in two, and it unlocks everything now. If you’re working with multiple layers locking and unlocking multiple things in the same layer is time consuming, so I would recommend using layers If you’ve got a lot of pieces, but for this man, all right, so I’m gonna copy everything. I’m gonna go ahead and paste to the front, which is Ctrl F. And then I’m going to group it all together. So Pathfinder and just click this first one, which is unite and it will group everything together for me, just like that, all right, cool. I want to make this all the same color, so I’m just gonna grab. It’s currently this gradient. I’m just gonna grab that dark pink and click on it and then click this last color to set it as the full color here so then. I want to do like an effect. Maybe let’s try a Gaussian blur and see what that does 10 pixels previously. What that looks like, um, that’s something that’s enough 20:30 we’re starting to get somewhere. I think 30 looks pretty good now. I still want to see what’s behind this in the gradients that I just did, so I’ve got two selected and I’m gonna hit Ctrl left bracket back back back back, and I’ll probably need to do that four more times or just once an easier way to do, it might be just to hit Ctrl shift left bracket sends it all the way to the back and then take shift off and just do control right bracket, which brings it up one. And so, you know, it’s behind this when you hit Ctrl shift left brackets all the way behind the black background, and if you hit just one more ahead by hitting control, right bracket, you know that in front of the black because this is our back most player right or again, you could do it in layer palette. Whatever is easiest for you, so I just added a little bit of a glow. So cool thing is you’ve got the glow kind of natural from the the gradient effects, and you could change those up as much as you want. You get a little extra glow from like the the beveling effects kind of make them look like they’re raised. Maybe sort of like a stove top. You know, and then? I’ve got the glow effect in the Gaussian blur. The other thing I would do is probably just add a gradient to this. I want to go ahead and have this pink so here. I am let me walk you through this. I’m just using the direct selection tool here a to select a gradient, which has that dark, darker pink. I want to go ahead and grab this and make a swatch out of it. So just grab and and all any of your swatches here. We go and drop it in so there. It is, there’s my pink now. I’m grabbing my black here again and I’m gonna create a radial gradient with that. Well, nice thing. Is it already had that pink in there for me because it was using the last gradient already did, but if it didn’t you just grab it and put that wherever you need to and then. I just want to do the reverse of this. I want black on the outside pink on the inside, so we’d do reverse and then for this. I think you’re gonna want to add a bit of black to it. Make it a darker pink. You know, something something along those lines and then maybe the other thing. I would probably do is take this select. This background hit your gradient tool. Bring up the sliders! If you click on this button right here, this little cursor that changes you can change the shape of the gradient so that it’s more, which is really gonna, you know, suit the the text better, so it’s only glowing in this section instead of in a huge circle like it was. So that’s pretty cool, and you know, you can play with this get. All sorts of different looks doing this exact same tactics. I just did like you. Don’t have to follow my exact example. I mean, just a cool thing is once you’ve got it in here. You can change things up, so I’m grabbing the the topmost layer here, and I could go in and and change these gradients to be linear, And maybe I have the linear gradient. Go from top to bottom like that. So maybe you prefer that look, which isn’t bad, actually? I think I do prefer that. Look over though. The radio stuff Only reason I did. Radio is because of the roundness of these letters. But yeah, I actually kind of prefer this linear. Look, and then you could do the same thing with the background. If you wanted to do something else there, but anyway, if you wanted to, you could do multiple of those. Gaussian blurs and you could do different degrees of blur. You could go in and set the opacity to different opacities. If you thought that blur in the background was just too strong, you could come in and and change it to, you know? Instead of a hundred percent, maybe it’s only 50 percent boom. There you go, It’s not quite as severe now, but it’s still there. You know, play around with it. Let me know what you guys thought of that tutorial. If there are some other tutorials that you’d like to see, leave those comments down below, Please be sure to. Like, and subscribe trying to get my way up to a thousand subscribers So that I can continue making some income off of this and and make it worth my while. And so that I can inform you guys. Alright, until the next video. See you later?