How To Make Grid In Illustrator | How To Create Any Grid In Illustrator In 3 Seconds. Bootstrap Grid Action In Adobe Illustrator Cc


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How To Create Any Grid In Illustrator In 3 Seconds. Bootstrap Grid Action In Adobe Illustrator Cc


[MUSIC] Everybody you’re watching told us my name is. Alex and I have a good video for you. I think it’s good. It’s up to you to decide What is good or Wharton know, by hitting this like button and subscribe to my channel so first of all today, I want to invite all the people who are building the Web experiences in Adobe Illustrator or drawing for the Web in Adobe Illustrator and using the grid systems. You know that a lot of websites are using the Bootstrap Grid System Foundation use a grid system, their skeletal web system And so on so right now. I want to show you a simple trick. How to do it within the bank like how to build a grid system recently. Berkeley, we are using the Bootstrap grid system, twelve columns on 70 pixels with the 30 pixels cup. And the way how I want you to build. It is just by clicking this play button. This is it, you see, and we can automate this boring stuff and don’t mess around our templates and our documents. Okay, So how to do this in Adobe Illustrator? Let’s start with the new document. I want to go to the file new, and I’m looking around Web like this 1920 by 1080 click create and first of all, I want to bring up these action panels, so go to the windows actions, and I want to detach it from my panel and focus on it so by default it has these default actions. You can see this default action folder, let me! I use all of the folder and let me delete the Bootstrap vid because we are going to our create this from the scratch. First of all to start creating any action, you need to create the folder, So click on this icon create new set and I’ll call the set Bootstrap. Click a key inside this folder. Files selected, go and create new action. We are going to record our action Just right now, so create new action, click on this icon and call it. Let’s say 1200 pixels. I chose this name because a bootstrap has different cone of leads for different breeds, so for this that called desktop size in swap grid system, it started from 1200 pixels and going, so click the court and we start record our option and we need inside our action code. Create a column right, so head over to the rectangle to grab the rectangle tool and holding alt or option heat on the empty spot of your canvas to bring up the rectangle dialog box here. I want to set beats 70 pixels and hi to Sampson are really great, so around 2000 3000 pixels. All be ok, so click. OK to create your first volume. Now go to their up selection tool and double click on it to bring up and move dialog box and here. I need to set the position Horizontal position 1 to 100 pixels. Why because it’s the leads of the column, which is 70 pixels plus width of the gap, reaches 30 pixels, right, so don’t touch any other sales and click copy to create a duplicate of your column and setup it on this distance of 30 pixels, which is a gap on our bootstrap grid now. I want to use for the comedy to create more duplicates of this command so comment. Deacon, control D. Now I have six and I need to do it. Six more times, let me calculate. I’m good to go right now what I’m gonna do? I want to select everything with control a comment A we have this shortcut here and delete the stroke first of all and set up their color. I want to set it to f4 a six a six, but it’s a matter of taste. Now I want to group it this ctrl G Command G and align it to the Grizz. Anto Align Center, Click this icon and there, is it. This is our grid. You can also adjust the transparency. I am setting it to their 40% Forty is okay. I can delete immediately when I stopped playing the action. We finish, let me delete this whole transparency in setup and theater. This is our option. Let me show you how to use it. Let me create another document. We have our bootstrap function here, and we need to play it. Click this icon to play your current action. This is it! This is how you can create the Bootstrap lead action in in Adobe Illustrator. Now let me show you how to save it in the perm and go and save the action in order to do this. We need to select the bootstrap folder and head over to this menu on the top right and click save action. Now call it as the bootstrap. Save whatever you want, whatever you want. I’m saving it in the particle folder. Boo, stop, click save. And now you need to position it. If you want to permanently store it with your Adobe Illustrator setup, you need to go to the Program Files, Adobe, Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 or 2020 Presets in US. And actions. This is it, thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have a nice day. [music] you [Music]!