How To Make Image Background Transparent In Illustrator | How To Remove Background In Ai Illustrator 2020

Jeremy Mura

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How To Remove Background In Ai Illustrator 2020


[music] In this room, I want to be showing you how you can cut out and remove backgrounds in illustrator. CC, so I mean illustrator, and I’ve got this nice image from Unsplash. Unsplash is always the best you should check it out and it’s what I want to do is cut the background out, so I’ve got this like there’s this accent log here, and I want to cut that out from the background, and you can see he how I cut it out, and then I just created this effect of some texture and some color in the back, so the way we do, this is we need to make a mask so in to make a mask in Illustrator. What you need to do is go to your transparency panel so to open the transparency better, you have to go to window and then go down to transparency, which is located there and you’ll. Get this box pop-up. And then what you can do, you can actually left. Click on the image and click make mask and this will turn it into a mask, but just before we do that. We need to make out a shape from the pen tool first so. I’m just leave this shape here. I’m going to I don’t have to select the image domicile. Lock it for now! I’ll press P for the pen tool and I’ll start to trace over this shape, so I’m gonna zoom in slowly using the alt in my mouse wheel, I’m going to left-click and start to drag out and do the outside of the shape there because we’re gonna use it as our mask and does have to be perfect, trying to go in the inside or inner part of the actual image or the other of the shirt that acts there, but obviously whatever the image you use will be a bit different, so I’m just going through here going along the edge, and if you need help with a pencil, I do have a tutorial that shows you how to use it quickly and efficiently. I’m just gonna press shift x2 just so I can see the stroke where it is zooming in as well clicking. And now you can see we have this shape. I can change the color so you can see what it looks like. This is the shape that we have right, so what I can then do from this is? I want to unlock my background image. I’ll select both and then click make masks. Literally, that’s all you have to do, and it’s now cut out using that shape. It’s cut out the image below. If you want to go tweak the shape. I can click on the image sheet in the transparency section. So you can see the left hand side. I want to click that, and I can press a for the direct selection tool and what I want to do, you can see. You’ve got this left side and then we’ve got the right hand side. If I click the right hand side, you can see it will show me the mask, so I can then move the actual mask as well and it will cut it out as you can see there, so I can adjust it, right, so I’ve pretty much cut out that background, and if you have a more complex image, it will take a little bit longer to cut it out, but that’s fine, so just make sure if you want to edit the mask. You need to select the black and White Square a thumbnail image here. If you want to go back here, click on the left hand side. I’ll select the image so another thing to point out as well. You can see the clip button is on. You want to make sure that it’s on or else? The mask won’t click from the clip it from the background image. I click that I can also invert the mask as well and because the outside is black, It’s it won’t invert it, but you can see that I can also click release and it will unmask of the image and just reset it, so it all just separate it once from the beginning, and it will have a separate shape and the separate image there. I can press ctrl-z to go back one thing to note as well is if I am in the mask mode and I press, I’m going to get a shape, so I’ll just press M and I’ll draw all out of shape. You can see that my shape is white. If I make it black, it will hide and white will reveal, and because I’m in this mask mode, you can see in the thumbnail. It’s adding that white shape into the black square, which is where the image is, so it all pretty much show anything that. I’m putting with the White Square and then if it’s black, you can see it was hiding it. So see that I can delete the shape. So if we want to get out of this, you need to click onto the image and then click off left, just left, click. So now if I make a shape, I can go back to normal creation. How normally create shapes in Illustrator right, but if you’re if you’re inside the mask and then you try and start creating designing stuff, it’s going to show up in the mask and not actually in the artboard space, so just keep that in mind, so that’s pretty much how you move. Remove images from background, and then what you can do. You know, you can create a nice little thing here. I can copy it and drop it here and then maybe. I want to add like a little bit of texture. I’ll go to my texture files from one of my graphics packs, texture packs, which you can download on my website and drag this in and then you can see that cool texture there, and that’s how you do it, so thanks guys for watching, remember to subscribe and hit that notification Bell, so you get updates on all the new content That’s coming out every week. Thanks so much for watching and Ill. See you in the next tour.