How To Make Smoke In Illustrator | Smoke Vector Illustrator Tutorial – How To Create Smoke Effect


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Smoke Vector Illustrator Tutorial - How To Create Smoke Effect


Hello, everybody and this is. Hanna, welcome to another tutorial, Dr. Lillian, marketing. And today I’m going to show you. How can you easily create a simple smokey Vector effect by using Adobe Illustrator? So let’s start now first of all? I am creating in your document. That is around Germline 60 into five sixty pixels wide. Actually, yeah, actually points, why? I’m losing energy, but you want to convert into the pixels. So I want to use this. I’m going to 560 Yes, and now what I’m going to do, I will use the RGB color mark for this design for this effect. Center, I will use the Hundred-percent 200 PPI for resolution. Now what you have to do first of all, you can create a simple background layer that would be wide or you can keep it in a dark blue. I want to leave a job very bitter, Just a blackish blue color, just like this and now. I’m going to press ctrl to do love the layers, so you can unlock it from by using. Come in by coming from here. Okay, so now what you need to do. You just need to create a simple like this like this and simple different because we want to create a different layers of smokes. There’s why we are creating all these or rectangles so now. I’m going to select this rectangle before selecting these rectangle. What I wanted to. I want to select this one and press a as a direct selection tool, and now I will, I will bring it here and now I will click here and now I will press to smooth the layer’s options just by this and here. I have been told secret. Dorothy, I am cooking this mirror, and I want to place this layer here. Okay, so what I will do next, I will take thee. I will select each and everything, and now I will use the mesh tool. Master is here. You can also press you to invoke your brush tool, and now you can create different layers like this. Just click on a point different point in a shape you can roughly select points because we want to create a review that you can imagine how smooth that is roughly or you can say random points that has been selected to create a specific effect, so I’m just selecting a random values of random points, So what, I’m going to do, I will invoke my switch panel, and now I’m going to make it a boy like this, and then I want to create a smoke here, so I have selected all these things. Now what I’m going to do, I will go into the window And then transparency now click a screen from here, and if you want to create a little the opacity. I want to go for the 80% Okay, So what I will do next now? The next step is very important. Now what, I’m going to do, I will just select the shift our turn walk my reverb tool, so over this here, so what you can do, you can just come over here and your web tool and you can define the width and height of the points. I want to use in a very big way, so you can also do the same format if you can play with this and it will. I’m just creating a simple structure like this. Simply create the form of these shapes, just like this to create illusion of simple A smoke. Okay, so what? I’m going to do next. I will just reduce all these to the size of these layers, just like this, and now I want to make a and B like again now. I’m going to the firt, sterilized and then go to further review and look, just see like this. Now what I’m going to do, I will go into the effect and you are cool because Schimper I am using and you can see. So what would be the next step? Next step is to is to combine these layers with each other, just like this, simply wait around and combine it simple in this moment. Now, press ctrl-c ctrl-v to multiply these layers on it simply like this, so you can see a simple layer. A smoker structure has been formed. So let’s see so this is very simple and very easy technique that you can define to connect, create a smoky effect effects and never by using Adobe Illustrator. Thank you so much for watching. I will come back to you and other tutorials. Subscribe to my channel. I have a good table.