How To Make Swirls In Illustrator | Create A Strawberry & Cream Swirl In Illustrator


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Create A Strawberry & Cream Swirl In Illustrator


Hello, there, your ting, danske. The place to be to develop your creative skills in this tutorial. We’re going to learn how to create a strawberry and cream swirl. I don’t know why in Adobe Illustrator [Music] Righty-o. So we’re now in Illustrator, and I’ve created a new document, thousand pixels wide and a thousand pixels high and I’m going to start by going to where the line segment tool is left, clicking and holding going down to polar grid tool. And I’m going to left. Click anywhere on the artboard and you’ll see the polar grid tool options window is displayed now the size will go for 600 by 600 But this can be anything You like. Concentric dividers. Were going to set this to 0 and radial dividers were going to set this to 20 or you can add more or less. It’s entirely up to you, but these are the main options and then lets click. OK, and it creates something like this. So we’ve got this little starburst all in a circle. And at the moment, we have a black stroke, but let’s just drag over this and just swap that fill and the stroke, so we have no stroke now and a black fill. We can go and pick a different color from the color picker, so we’ll go and pick like a and I strawberry red, and we can see all the dividers as well next. We’re going to select the Live Paint Bucket option. It’s usually located under the shape builder tool, so just left-click and hold and we’re just left. Click anywhere to make this a Live Paint group, and then what you can do is you can go and pick some colors and color this up, but wide recommend doing first is just deselect this and go over to the Swatch panel and create those colors now so it doesn’t matter what they are, but the important thing is that we create to global swatches. Now a global Swatch essentially means that once we’ve created these swatches. If we change the Swatch at any point at a later date, it will update every instance of that color Swatch in our document. So for now we’re just going to create a red and let’s say a grey one. We can change the color later, but the fact that they are both created is the important thing so. If we just select this now, we can use the paint bucket tool to pick that red, and we can go and give these color, So I’m just left clicking on all of these, And then I can set the other color to a very, very light. Gray, almost white. I’m just going to fill in all of the other gaps. Now what I can do is I can double Click on those swatches. Check the preview box. And as I adjust this, you’ll see it would just everything in real time. So this is really, really really cool and a very handy time saver as well so. I’m going to fine-tune this. We’re gonna go for that really nice strawberry color. Double, click the other Swatch, check the preview box and I can fine-tune this as well. So a little bit less blue. Now you want to find a balance between the Green and the blue channels, Sorry a little bit less red, but find a balance between the Green and the blue channels. That’s the middle and the bottom one, but of course, these are global swatches, so you can update this at any point, so well click OK for now, So essentially we’ve got the basic shape for our strawberry and cream swirl and what I like to do throughout creating something like this is just create these manual checkpoints, So I’ll grab this hold Alt and shift and drag a copy over there just for safekeeping in case anything goes wrong so next what I’m going to do is grab. The ellipse tool left, click anywhere on the artboard and create an ellipse that is again 600 by 600 so this matches the dimensions of our original shape, so that’s quite important and we’ll just move it over here for now and we can drag over a strawberry and cream swell and then go to object and expand at the moment. This is still a live paint group because we use the live paint bucket tool, so there’s a few things that we can’t do to it. But if we expand it and leave object, fill, stroke selected and click. OK, it’s now no longer a live paint group, and there’s a few other things we can do to it so we could select the. Live Paint Bucket again and start coloring it up. But when you click it, you can see here. It says click to make a. Live Paint group. So it’s important that we make it not a Live. Paint group before we start the next step, so we’re going to affect down to distort and transform and you can distort it in a number of different ways, depending on the strawberry and cream swirl. You’re going for, we’re going to twist this one and just check the preview box and you can see. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this already. You can go totally bonkers or you can start from zero and just just gradually increase the angle on your swirl. This is such a bizarre tutorial and click. OK, and from the appearance panel on the right or at the top under the window menu, you can see. We have two twists listed and you can click this. You can go in. You can adjust the angle further if you want to, but what this is doing is is actually twisting all of our shapes out of lines. We don’t have that smooth circular edge around the outside anymore, but that’s OK, We have our 600 by 600 circle over here, so we’ll just hold Alt and drag a copy of this circle and we’ll just check. All of this is group together yet. This is all moving around as one object. So now we’re just going to position this circle over our other circle and make sure it’s on top if it isn’t just go to object, arrange and bring to front now with this on top, we’re going to go to edit and cut. This removes it from the scene, but it copies it to the clipboard. What we need to do now is just hold shift and alt and scale up a tiny bit from the center. Next we go to edit paste in place, so you can see. We have this around the outside mount and with this circle on top. I’ll just change the color so you can see so we have the green circle on top. Now it doesn’t matter what color it is. We’re going to drag over everything and go to object clipping mask and make and what this will do is it will crop our strawberry and cream swirl inside the green circle. So now we have that nice, smooth edge, and, of course we can double click on the clipping mask, and it will as you can see here. Take us back inside and we can go edit our twist and we can change all these different properties and we can still edit global swatches, so we’ve still got a lot of flexibility, but if we just come back out of that group, we’ve used that green circle to make a clipping mask around the edge, just so we have any nice, smooth outline and this is pretty cool. It’s very, very simple, We’ve got two colors, but we can also do if we want to depending on the star you’re going for and is bring in another circle, so we’ll, just again, go to object, arrange and bring to front, put this one on top, and because this is the same size, it will line up very easily with our clipping mask, just zoom in really, really far, and with this one on top, we can select it and go to the gradient panel, and if we click anywhere on the gradient slider, it applies that default black to white gradient we’re going to change the type from linear to radial. And if yours is the other way around. If you have the darker color, the black on the middle, you can just reverse that gradient here, so we want the black on the outside and we’re going to drag this diamond shape here to adjust the midpoint of our gradient, so we’re going to go for about 80% so we’ve got a lot more white than black, and we can even bring white a bit over as well. You might be thinking well this. What is this? This doesn’t have anything to do with our sweet haha wrong. If you go to the transparency panel on the right and change the blending mode from normal to multiply, it blends this over the strawberry and cream swirl we’ve created now, Of course, this is a little bit too intense that’s shadowing, but we can bring this down ever so slightly and you can see what it does is adding that shadow around the edge and leaving the center. A little bit lighter is it just creates a bit more depth, so it actually makes it almost look a bit more 3d so let’s compare, so here’s our original 2d example, and here’s the one where we added the gradient shadow around the edge and there we go we’re done. That was fun! Wasn’t it and there we go, perhaps hard to create a delicious strawberry cream swirl in Illustrator as always guys, please feel free to leave any questions or comments down below a huge. Thank you to my patrons who support me on the channel. If you’d like to find out more information, there is a link in the description, but like this video, if you enjoyed it, take care and I’ll see you [Music].