How To Move Artboards In Illustrator | Automatically Rearrange All Artboards In Illustrator

Michael Bullo

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Automatically Rearrange All Artboards In Illustrator


In just a minute. I’ll show you how you can quickly automatically rearrange your up or it’s inside of Illustrator. A couple of quick things. I would like to show you first. If you don’t see your upwards panel up under window, artboard’s is where you’ll find it now. Having clicked on an artboard. If you click on it a second time, it will jump you to that out board. Now it doesn’t have to be a double Click. It’s just two clicks at some point, so for example, if I click on our board for wait a few seconds, if I click on upload 4 again, it would jump me to that out board. This is cool! If you’re trying to do that, this will drive you nuts. If you don’t want to be doing that. Just keep that in mind, guys. If you wish to rename it up board, simply double, click on it, so you can see our board fall if I just double. Click on that, I can easily give that a name and also having zoomed in on an artboard, you can quickly zoom out to get a birds-eye view of all of your up boards by coming up under the View menu and coming down to fit all in window keyboard, shortcut is command option 0 or ctrl Alt 0 so if I click on that very nice jumps me out so I can see all of my out boards, okay, so we’re nearly ready to start automatically rearranging our boards, but the most important thing we have to do is pay attention to the order in which they appear inside of our artboard’s panel. So you can see here, for example. The number one on this out board is here corresponds to artboard one. Here’s our board. Two, which is the second from the top, our board three. Now our board fall all the way down here notice. I have that as fourth from the top within the Artboard’s panel so that way when all of these artboards or automatically rearrange themselves. This guy way down here in the bottom right will be the fourth heart board. So if you need to move your artboards around, so for example, if our board eight. I wish that to be say second in my sequence. I need to grab it and move it so that it’s second from the top, so you can see. I can literally just grab an artboard and move it around there. We go see what happened. Is there so under view? We are looking for fit all in window, so I’ll just move it back to the very bottom, so you can’t again. You can drag and drop just there or you can use these arrows just here as well so I can move them up one position at a time. I’ll just move eighth back down at the bottom there. Okay, that’s great, guys, that’s everything we need to know. Let’s start automatically rearranging some artboards. So the button were looking for is down in the bottom left, just here of the upwards panel Rearrange all artboards. You can also find that from the flat menu, just there rearrange all upwards. Okay, so let’s systematically work our way through all the options. Let’s go with a simple one first. It’s this one just here arranged by row and we’ll arrange from left to right, also notice. I have a spacing 200 pixels. Just here that means all of the artboards will have a spacing of 200 pixels between them. No big surprises just there in this one. Just here. Move artwork with Artboard. I’ll show you that one a little bit later, so we have layout in a row and from left to right, She’s okay, and there we go very nice, pretty much. What we expected and you can see that was done automatically and very nice and fast by illustrator. Let’s dive back in. Keep this organizing the layout by row. Change the order from right to left. Choose okay, and sure enough, it’s now. One on the right eight over here on the left. Very nice diving back in, lets. Choose this one just here arranged by column. It doesn’t matter which way you have the layout order whether it’s left to right or right to left. Just have it arranged by a column. Choose okay, and there’s our column one at the top eight at the bottom. Very nice. Let’s jump back in, lets. Look at this one, just here. The layout of grid by row and I’m going to choose left to right. Okay, so the way you read, this is it will build a row and the number of elements. The number of artboards in a row will be this number Just here columns so again, it would build a row with three elements in there, but since we have eight our boards. I’m thinking I would like for artboard’s per row. Which would you give which should give us two rows? Let’s have a look and sure enough there. We go one through four and then five through eight diving back in, lets. Just change that layout order, choose. Okay, and there we go. It’s just reversed from right to left very nice jump back in and order from left to right again. Let’s choose this one just here grid by a column. So the way this works is the opposite to this one. Just here it will build grid. Excuse me, it will build columns and then the number of elements within a column will be this element. Just here, so lets. Change that back to to choose okay there. We go this time. I goes one, two, three, four and so on, jump back in, let’s reverse that direction, choose. Okay, and there you go from right to left, okay, and then jumping back in. I wanted to show you that one last option just there, which was move artwork with artboard, which we’ve had turned on this whole time so remembering all the content was with was moving with the artboard’s. If I turn that off and we’ll choose something radically different such as the grid just here. Excuse me, such as the column just here. I’ll choose, okay, That’s the result that we get so not sure why you’d ever really want to use that guys, but just in case you do, That’s what it’s going to do to your work, so let’s jump into a more practical example. I have ordered zoom out here with a command option as zero. So I have five artboards just here so you can see. This is my de Su min here so. I was kind of liking this logo that I built just here then. I’ve been building different Variations of that logo, just slightly different color variations. Also, if we jump into my artboard tool with a shift. Oh, and if I click on one of those our boards, you can see over here in my properties panel now. The width of this guy is 2200 pixels, so it’s not huge, but it’s also not small. You’ll see why that’s important in just a minute. Okay, so I’ve got down five artboards. I’m thinking, let’s drag out a couple more variations. So with my artboard tool selected, I’ll just hold down the alt or the option key, drag out a copy, select all of my artwork, jump into my swatches panel and maybe color. All of these are dark blue, and maybe let’s grab another variation. I’ll drag out another artboard. Select all that artwork and color it. Light blue. Okay, so there we go. We have seven artboard’s going on Just now. Let’s jump in and start to automatically rearrange these actually before we do, of course. I need to pay attention to the order of these things, right, so let’s say I’m thinking I really like this all dark blue version, so you can see currently if I click in here, it’s number six inside of my art. Its panel, so let’s bring that to the very south, and maybe I’m liking this light blue version second best. So if I click inside of here, you can see it’s currently at number seven. Let’s bring that up to number two so again if I click in the dark blue version, its number one, the light blue version, its number two, and then I have a version just down here, which is all light blue with some dark blue trim on and let’s see, that’s my least favorite, so I want to make sure that’s at the very bottom of the list, So if I click inside of there sure enough, it’s showing up as number seven, and then I’m not really fast where everything else shows up, OK? So I paid close attention to where everything sits within the Artboard’s panel. Let’s get rearranging, so let’s jump into the rearrange all upwards button. Click on that, and let’s try and put this into a single row going from left to right, and I’ve got this exclamation mark here, and here’s the problem, remember? I showed you that artboard size a few moments ago. I’ll just cancel out of there. So if I zoom right out to see it, you can see with seven artboards. Each of them at was a 2200 pixels wide. Let me double check there. We go! I can’t actually fit all seven of them into a single row. So diving back in there, guys. If you ever see that exclamation mark showing up just there, that’s probably what’s going on. The artboards are actually too big to physically fit into what you’re trying to achieve. So lets maybe go from say left to right then. I’m thinking I’m liking this grid option. Lets maybe throwing four artboards per row, definitely move the artwork with the upward lets. Choose okay and fantastic. That’s our result just there so guys. I hope that helps that’s automatically rearranging your artboard’s inside of Illustrator. Happy designing.