How To Remove A White Background In Illustrator | How To Remove Image Background In Illustrator | Tutorial


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How To Remove Image Background In Illustrator | Tutorial


Hi, all here! I will be telling you how to change the background of a raster image in Adobe Illustrator. This topic is very common in Adobe Photoshop, which is a Raster based photo editor, but unlike Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, is a vector based tool to create shapes and illustrations. So what if in any graphic design project, like a brochure or flyer or in banner, we need to incorporate a raster image that has a background and we want it to be transparent, so it can work on any background. This is a bit tricky. Hence using this illustrator secret, you will now be able to remove the backgrounds of raster images and make them transparent in Adobe Illustrator. So let’s start, you see, I have chosen a photo which has white background and created a rectangle with black background to fill the canvas, but this looks too odd. As the image has its own white background, making this image work on any background. We need to extract the group of people from the image shape using Ctrl + 2 so we can easily work on the canvas to do this. Use pen tool from the left toolbar and start tracing the people from one of the side. If you have command on how to use pen tool, Then this won’t be giving you a tough time. You you you leave? All the white areas that fall within people’s group area as is and we will work on these later. You can zoom in and move your canvasses. And when required to complete the tracing, you can also use direct selection tool from the toolbar to make edits of any anchor point that you think not placed correctly. You can also leave some separate path is that doesn’t make much difference. You moving to end and make sure you complete the path, just press ctrl+ why to show the wireframe, you see? A shape of people heads is created now zoom in a bit more in search of any other areas in the image that can serve as the background of the image using the same pen tool start tracing. These areas separately. You you you, you you? When you are finished with all the paths traced, see the wireframe view again using Ctrl + Y to see all your created shapes now select all the path inside and just only leave our big outside path. You go to menu object. Move down to compound. Click on, make you notice all the ins. My paths are now considered as a single path. If you select any of the paths, all paths were selected, now select both the paths, the outside one with people’s head in the inside paths using the Pathfinder panel. Click on – front now. All paths We created are combined into one path. Unlock the picture now using Ctrl +. Alt + 2 or menu object. Unlock selection now select the image in the combined path. Go to menu object, move down to clipping mask and click on, mate. The shortcut is ctrl + 7 here. We have managed to hide the background now as you see. There are some white areas on the edges to remove these use direct selection tool from the toolbar and drag inside the anchor’s points. You see, are a bit out you this way. You will be able to remove the white background edges from the image check for all the image and adjust the anchor points. Nicely inside you. You you you you now? This person’s hair has some white areas to remove them using pen, just create the paths around the white areas and right-click on the image release clipping mask. Then the two paths we just created and using the Pathfinder panel. Click on – front again. Select the path an image go to menu object clipping mask, make this way we’re able to remove the background from a raster image. Now you can see the black background is visible in all areas of the image, you can use any solid or gradient background color as you have a transparent image now to work on any background color. Replacing black background with any other raster image will give us a tremendous look with photo manipulation. Let’s use some nice sceneries as the background. I have selected some natural sceneries from Internet and using these to see how it looks. Wow, amazing! Look using another one you. It looks great. Wow, the third one also looks nice. You let’s make the scenery’s inside the canvas. A better look, move the background image to back using right-click. Arrange, send to back. Background shape appears on front select that shape in the image using menu object clipping mask, click make now double-click on the background and paste all the images one by one to serve as the background. You double-click outside the canvas to get you out from isolated group and you will have amazing Different Looks with each background changing. You thank you for watching hope. You enjoyed the tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more great tutorials, tips and tricks of Adobe, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other design tools visit our website wwwfawziacademycom.